Dustless Sanding

Dustless Sanding


Dustless Floor Sanding

Sanding of any type will generate dust. Finer sandpaper will create the worst type of dust as the fine dust particles settle everywhere and can be difficult to entirely remove. Wooden surfaces that require sanding usually have some sort of finishing product such as varnish applied that could negatively impact on your health. When removed during the sanding process the varnish etc. along with the sanded wood will be transformed into a fine dust which can be inhaled and can be a danger to the health of your lungs. Of course, you can wear a dust mask or some other type of dust filter which will offer protection, but your home will be covered in dust. You will find dust on the tops of your doors, all over your walls, ceilings, woodwork, furniture, etc.

Dublin Floor sanding only uses the best, most efficient and most technologically advanced dustless floor sanding systems. Our machines collect 98% of the dust generated but in some cases, where manual sanding is required in narrow areas, the amount of dust generated is much less.

There are two types of dust collection systems, bags and extractors. Some heavy duty floor sanders are connected to special dust extractors (hoovers). When sanding highly sensitive floor areas like food shops, pharmacy floors, high traffic commercial floor areas etc., 100% dust collection is required. In these cases vacuuming systems will be used. In all other cases, special dust collecting bags will be used.

The dustless floor sanding technology applies to edgers also. Just like the big floor sanders, the edgers are fitted with either dust bags or vacuuming systems. Professional edgers with no dust bags can fill up your home or business with fine dust.

Heavier dust generated while sanding with 24 to 60 grit sandpaper can be easily removed with a vacuum. The issue is the fine grit dust generated with the finishing pads. This type of dust is miniscule and can settle in impossible to reach places. This fine dust can be very harmful to your health. Use only floor sanding contractors that use dustless floor sanding technology

Hire professional floor sanding companies using professional dustless floor sanding equipment only.

Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin