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Why Wood Floors Deteriorate Over Time


Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional dust free floor sanding services in County Dublin and the surrounding area. Our floor sanding services are highly regarded and 90% of our jobs come from referrals. Our floor sanding system is very efficient and relatively dust free. All our floor sanding equipment is German made and designed to achieve high quality results.

Whatever type of solid or semi solid floor you might have we can make it look like new again. Sometimes, after removing old carpets or vinyl you may find old looking floor boards with little or no hope of ever looking well again. Well, we can make it look like new. We will sand a few mm from  your existing floor and if the wood is not a one tone colour we can stain it for you and following that apply a varnish. We can show you over 50 colours of staining. If the wood is in good shape you can just pick a good quality varnish.

We provide floor sanding services to a wide range of commercial and domestic customers. Our customers are schools, pubs, restaurants, gyms, private houses etc.



If the floor is in a good shape floor sanding may not be required and just one or two new coats of varnish can make your floor look like new again. We will advise you on the best option. Re-varnishing your floors once every 2 years can save you hundreds of euro in the long run.

Sometimes the gap between the floor boards is too big and it might look bad after sanding. We can repair it in two ways. If the gaps are under 3 mm we can use special resins made from the wood dust and a glue. If the gaps are over 3 mm we will have to use wood strips. Both techniques are very efficient and give great results.


If you wish to change the colour of your floors we can do it by using a wood stain. There are many types of staining so please pick one from the catalogue attached. We will apply the staining prior to sealing and then 3 coats of the highest quality sealant will be applied. Your floors will look brand new again.

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<h1>Our Finishes<h1>
There are two types of finishes available. You can go for a domestic or light commercial floor finish or you can go for a heavy duty high traffic floor finish.
<h1>Our Stains</h1>
The biggest and best benefit of having wood floors is the huge number of finishes available. Wood floors are very easy to work with and the colour of it can be changed in many colours.
<h1>Gap Filling</h1>
Filling the gaps between your floor boards is more than just a beautiful improvement. By filling the gaps upstairs, you water proof the floors and you prevent moisture spillages from leaking onto the ceiling beneath.
<h1>Floor Repairs</h1>
If you have wood floors you will most likely need some type of floor repairs at some time. Tradesmen such as plumbers or electricians can cause damage to old floor boards in the course of their work.
<h1>Dustless Sanding</h1>
Sanding of any type will generate dust. Finer sandpaper will create the worst type of dust as the fine dust particles settle everywhere and can be difficult to entirely remove.
<h1>Stairs Sanding</h1>
In many houses the stairs can make or break the look of the whole hall. Old stairs are much better built than what it is available today on the market and even the wood looks like it was better quality.