Why You Should Get Your Floor Sanded And Refinished

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Why You Should Get Your Floor Sanded And Refinished

Why You Should Get Your Floor Sanded And Refinished

Are you constantly frustrated by the dull and dilapidated floor? Does it ruin your mood the moment you get into the house due to the stains that are adhered to its surface and the scratches that are all over the installation? Do you long for that elegant look that the flooring had when it was first installed and new coats applied on it? The charm that it brought to the space, with the wood stain complimenting your style and the final finish gloss accentuating the décor? With wood floors, you get the chance to give the installation fresh start. All that’s required is sanding down to the bare wood, and then having new treatments applied. Here are reasons why you should have it done occasionally:


  • Gets rid of the scratches


Even with the most stringent care, the floor will eventually get scratched. It’s part of life. Scratches can be caused by a myriad of issues. From abrasive soiling that gets grinded against the floor underfoot, the occasional oversight where a family member drags furniture across the surface, kids with their toy cars and rail tracks in the house, cases of dining sets that are frequently moved, all through to scratches from pets running around the rooms with their claws drawn out. One or two scratches on the floor are not really a point of concern. However, when there are excessive scratches all over the installation .it makes it look worn out, and drags down the décor of the space. Deep scratches are a problem too, especially when they get through the sealant and wood stain. This is because they provide access points for water to get in directly into the wood, which increases the risks of water damage. A floor sanding removes the scratches, buffing away the imperfections as it prepares the surface to be treated. The goal is to have a smooth floor onto which the new wood stains, sealants and finishes will be applied. 


  • Removed those old stains


Those occasional stains that are not attended to in time end up adhering to the floor. The liquids are absorbed by the wood, forming patches that are in stark contrast to the rest of the installation, which will ruin the décor in the process. Even when one is constantly cautions, there will be those occasional slipups that happen, resulting in spills. This also extends to issues like pet urine accidents, where the pH of the liquids itself is a threat to the finish coats and wood tissue. Given that the floor sanding removes those top layers of the wood tissue, the process gets rid of the stains before the new treatments are applied. 


  • Protects the floor from damage


Wood by itself is a durable material, but the floor installation still needs the extra measures to protect it from the barrage of abuse it receives day after day. This is where the sealants and lacquers come in. These formulations are developed to provide a layer of protection from the foot traffic, spills, and even the sun’s radiation, thus preserving the structural integrity of the underlying wood, and keeping the installation looking elegant for longer. A proper floor sanding is required to ensure that these protective treatments are able to bond strongly with the wood. 

Turn To The Professionals For The Floor Sanding And Refinishing

The task itself is laborious, and you want to ensure that it is done to quality standards. Note that any mistake that is made during the floor sanding stage will impact the rest of the process. For instance, not sanding enough such that there are patches of the old finish that remain, will prevent the new coats from bonding well with the wood floor. Under-sanding usually occurs being of the individual not wanting to sand too much into the wood, such that they end up barely sanding enough in the first place. It is an intricate balance. On the other hand, over sanding will grind away too much of the wood tissue, such that the floor will actually become weaker, and it will also reduce the number of times that the refinishing can be done in future. The goal is to sand the minimal required content, such that the old finish coats and treatments are completely removed, without going too much into the wood. Other DIY blunders like skipping grit sequences causes the surface to be rough. Imperfections like scratches that are left on the installation will be highlighted more prominently when the finish coats are applied – and the only recourse here will be to have the floor sanding repeated to remove the imperfections. 

What of the dust? While the professionals work with dustless floor sanding systems, DIYers are usually limited to sanders with dust bags on the unit. This is not enough to capture the copious amounts of the dust that are generated. The professionals, working with the industrial-grade dustless sanding units, are able to remove as much as 99% of the dust immediately it is grinded off the floor, and this is then directed off the property through a series of tubes, into waiting containment units. 

When you hire a professional contractor for the floor sanding process, you get to ensure that the task is carried out appropriately, without putting your installation at risk. After all, getting the wood floor installed in the first place must have cost you a pretty penny, and you don’t want a rookie coming to “sharpen their skills” on your floor. Rather, you want to deal with a contractor who already has the training and experience needed for the task. In this regard, it is recommended that you ask the company you’re hiring about the certification and accreditations that the personnel and business have. Also look into their track record, especially reviews left behind by other clients who have engaged them for their services. What’s more, going the professional route means that the task will be completed far much faster than it would with the DIY route. This reduces the disruption to your day-to-day activities. With a professionally refinished floor, the treatment gets to last for longer, meaning that you will spend less on maintenance down the road. 

Why You Should Get Your Floor Sanded And Refinished

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