Why waste money on something new when you can easily restore the old one

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Why waste money on something new when you can easily restore the old one

You can’t bring back the dead but you can definitely revive your wooden floors. We all know that wood is not really steel but it is strong nonetheless and it is resistant for a long period of time. Some floors can even last up to 19-20 years before starting to look like needing resuscitation.

How can you tell your floor needs to be worked on? It’s simple, you can tell by the discoloring wood underneath the carpets or rugs or furniture and by the amount of scratches it got over the years. Of course it can be hard to recognize scratches on wood, because of its scratchy surface but if it was treated with some varnish, only then it’ll be easier to see them on a shiny surface. Floor refinishing is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have the right skills, practice and equipment, but it can be done without much effort by professionals.

Why going through the whole, difficult process of taking out the “old” floor out and replace it with a new one, which will cost so much more than refinishing the one you already have. Costs like transporting it from the specialty store, hiring a truck to deliver it and the time wasted on research, purchase and the waiting until the experts get to your place to actually start working on putting it together, would never exist if you just choose to refinish the one you already own. The wood can be sanded and polished up to 8 times during its lifelong endurance and that sometimes means a couple’s whole life.

There are many advantages to refinishing your floor and most of them work only in your benefit. The fact that if there’s only a portion of the floor which looks too ragged, scratched or too distanced, that can be repaired on the spot and use sanding or sealing only for that area, without wasting any more time than necessary. Every inch of the floor can be beautifully straightened and leveled, cleaned and then refinished and colored/stained just like you want it to be, looking just like a brand new floor for everyone who doesn’t know it’s not.

It is normal to have lots of questions if you haven’t done any refinishing before, but don’t be shy to fire away when you’re dealing with experts and visit their website for gallery pictures, projects and any details about their services.