Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is The Way To Go

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Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is The Way To Go

Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is The Way To Go

While the goal of the floor sanding process is to prepare the surface for the application of new finishes, how one goes about it also matters. One of the main issues about the task is the loads of dust that are generated. As the old finishes are being sanded away- and the wood tissue as well, in order to open up the wood grain and enable it to bond strongly with the treatments that will be applied, those coarse and fine dust particles can end up messing up the whole interior space. 

The dust nuisance

It gets everywhere- on the furniture, window sills, on electronics, in the vents and ducts, clogging up the sinks and plumbing system, coating the insides of the closets and shelves, getting into the sockets and onto the chandeliers- the cleaning job that will be required afterwards is huge. One can spend up to an entire day just with the cleaning itself, and it doesn’t it mean that it will be complete. There have been cases of dust remaining in the HVAC units for months later, still affecting the buildings’ occupants. 

Those particles that get airborne gradually settle on the surface. This means that after the finish has been applied, there will be a high concentration of dust building up on it- which is problematic because the finish coats will be wet, hence they will trap the dust. This causes blemishes as the finish coats dry, ruining the quality of the results. 

Health risks involved

Dust itself is both an irritant and an allergen. Once the particles are inhaled by the contractors and household members, it triggers reactions. It can be anything from coughs and sneezes, watery eyes irritated throats, to asthma attacks. Those with existing respiratory conditions, like bronchitis have the conditions getting worsened. Some of the wood species are also sensitizers, meaning that prolonged exposure will cause the affected individual to become more sensitive and develop adverse reactions. With the skin, the particles can also cause irritation, and issues of dermatitis can result. 

What of the toxins and carcinogens? First, the wood species tissue itself that is ground off the surface contains compounds that contribute to development of cancers – such as nasal cancer. This is particularly a concern within the entire wood product’s industry, and more so with the floor sanding, hence the need to protect the contractors themselves from the dust as they provide the services. Note that the wood dust also contaminates the finishes that are being ground of the surface. These include the wood stains, sealants, varnishes and other products that it has been treated with. The oil-based and water-based products come with their different formulations- providing protective attributes to the floor. However, once these get into the body system, they pose a wide range of health risks to the individual. 

Why dustless floor sanding is the cleaner and healthier approach

Here, high powered suction is used to get rid of the dust. Basically, a specialised vacuum is connected to the sander, and the suction picks up the coarse and fine dust particles immediately they are sanded off the floor surface. These particles are then directed out of the room through a series of hoses, right into a containment unit. With this approach, 99% of the dust is effectively removed, preventing the particles from escaping into the indoor environment and putting the occupants of the building at risk.

It also speeds up the process in different ways. For starters, it cuts down the preparation time for the floor sanding process, since you won’t have to focus too much on getting plastic sheets and covering up every visible surface in the household. The workload during the clean-up that is carried out afterwards is reduced. 

When it comes to the finishing process, going the dustless floor sanding routine also aids in enhancing the quality of the results. Issues revolving around dust particles settling on the wet finish coats later on are avoided, further enhancing the effectiveness of the restoration process. 

Give Your Floors A New Beginning

The core reason behind the floor sanding job is to give your installation a fresh start. When the hardwood floor shows signs of wear- from a dull and forlorn surface, scratches all over the floor, cracks and gouges that have been created on the unit, cases of peeling finish- the floor sanding comes in to get rid of the old treatments. It gets to the bare wood, setting the stage for fresh new coats to be applied, enhancing the beauty and appeal of your installation. 

Ensuring that the floor sanding is done appropriately is key to getting quality results with the renovation process. Mistakes made at this stage will ruin the outcome. For instance, during DIY tasks it is common to find cases of scratches being left behind on the floor. While these may appear minuscule, when the new layers of finish are applied, the scratches will collect more of the product, making the spot more prominent. Chatter marks, divots- they will all make a mockery of your floor renovation efforts, hence the emphasis on getting professionals to handle the task. 

The professionals come on site with industrial-grade equipment to get the task done. This packs a punch, with more power and capacity ratings compared to the sanders that are available from the dealership stores. They are also well-maintained and finely tuned, to enhance the efficacy of the process. After all, professional contractors have multiple residential and commercial establishments to work on, and having quality equipment and sufficient manpower is necessary for them to meet the needs of the different clients and keep the business running. When hiring a company, ensure that you have gone through its reviews to assess the quality of services that were rendered to its previous clients. It is important that you engage with a licensed and insured company. While safety measures are put in place for the process, the insurance coverage comes in to protect you in the event of an accident on your property. Customer service is also key, as you want to have a pleasant experience all through. 

Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is The Way To Go

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