Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is Growing Popular

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Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is Growing Popular

Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is Growing Popular

More property owners are increasingly requesting for dustless floor sanding during the renovation jobs. This is largely because of the convenience and health benefits it brings on board. Let’s delve deeper into this:

Dustless Floor Sanding: How it works

The sanding process itself entails breaking down those layers of finish that are on the floor surface, abrading away the lacquers, polyurethane varnishes, wood stains, and other treatments that may have been applied- getting through to the bare wood underneath. Even the wood itself is ground down- albeit just a thin layer that is sufficient enough to remove scratches, and other blemishes that are on the surface. Through this process, tiny bits of dust are generated in copious amounts. Both fines and coarse sanding dust is problematic. These can end up covering the surrounding surfaces, from the furnishings, to the electronics, reach the sinks and clog them up, getting into the HVAC units- it’s a whole mess. 

The conventional sanders that are in the market- and rented out for the DIY jobs, come with dust bags. The purpose here is to pick up the dust particles that are generated during the process. However, there’s just one problem- plenty of dust still gets away. Sure, there’ll be a huge chunk of dust that gets locked into the dust bag of the sander, but- as DIYers and rookie contractors relying on this machinery will tell you- there’ll still be lots of clean-up work required afterwards. It’s not just about the workload itself. 

For dustless floor sanding, the machinery is hooked up to high-powered vacuuming systems. These suction up the dust particles- both fine and coarse, from the surface the moment they are ground off the wood. Instead of relying on the dust bag system, here the particles are directed off the property through a system of hoses, into containment units, awaiting disposal. The suction involved during the dustless floor sanding is so effective that 99% of the dust that would have otherwise ended up being released into the surrounding environment is captured safely. Certainly, there it’s not completely dust-free, since there will be a tiny amount of dust that escapes during any floor refinishing project- but this approach drastically cuts down the amount, making it highly sought after. 

Benefits Of The Dustless Floor Sanding

First, there are the advantages it brings to the quality of the indoor air. Those fine dust particles that get airborne put the premises at risk. Once they are inhaled, they irritate the respiratory system, causing dust sensitivities and triggering asthma attacks. Coughs, sneezing, watery eyes, conditions like bronchitis getting worsened- these are caused by the particles floating around. What’s more, they are abrasive, and once they get to the lung tissue they can cause scarring- which will be permanent and reduce one’s lung capacity.  Cutting down on the amount of dust that gets released into the airspace is key in preventing things from going down this route. 

Then there is the clean-up. When your furniture, upholstery, shelves, and other surfaces are covered in layers of dust, it increases the amount of work that you will end up doing.  Remember that the floor sanding is the first stage of the refinishing project. Any delays here means that the project will end up lasting for far much longer- and through all this while the room will be out of commission. A monstrous cleaning job smack in the middle of the renovation project can be exasperating. However, with the dustless floor sanding systems, it makes the process easier, and you get to proceed with the finishing stage much sooner.

Questions to ask the floor sanding company


  • Who will handle the job?


Companies have different approaches when it comes to carrying out the actual project. For instance, if you’re dealing with a sole proprietor, he may be taking on the entire task on his own. While this may enable you to get more personalised with the contractor and his business, it also means that the task will take up much more time. It may be a business with a small crew, in which case the task will be expedited, getting you the results faster. On the other hand, you may be engaging a large company that handles the different aspects of the floor restoration project, from the sanding to the refinishing. Here, there are multiple crews that specialise in the different aspects of floor care- an all-under-one-roof deal. In other situations, you may be dealing with a company that specialises in getting clients- where the emphasis is on a strong sale crew, but the actual job gets subcontracted to a different business. Getting this clarified beforehand will ensure that you don’t get surprised by the personnel that show up in your home.  


  • Is the company insured?


Industry best practices emphasise on the need for professional floor sanding companies to have their services insured. After all, accidents happen. Even the most experienced contractors can have a mishap. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re faced with a huge repair bill. Insurance coverage caters to the property itself, and also worker’s compensation in case their personnel get injured while on the job. 


  • Do you remove the furniture?


Floor sanding technicians do not exactly double up as a professional moving service. Sure, they can help with the furniture sets that need to be moved around, but there will be issues such as the insurance coverage not catering damage to the furniture in case of an accident. However, there are companies that include this in the service offing- even charging a mark-up for handling the furniture. It is advisable that you get this clarified beforehand, so that you can take the appropriate steps to handle the furnishings in your household.  


  • What guarantee is offered for the work?


What happens when you’re not satisfied with the job that has been carried out? The structures that have been put in place by the company to address this are key, and are a sign of the level of commitment they put into meeting their clients’ expectations. 


Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is Growing Popular

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