When floor refinishing, make it correctly

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When floor refinishing, make it correctly

When floor refinishing, make it correctly

There is no point in doing something, or starting something you do not really have a grip on. It may seem a bit peculiar, but I am sure you know what I am talking about. One of the other days I wanted to start a project on my own. How hard can it be to refinish my own floors, right? When floor refinishing, make it correctly


Since I didn’t have much experience around the house, I am not a very good handy man, I can barely change a light bulb without any accidents, I thought I should first inform myself, a little. I searched for floor refinishing machinery that was out for renting in my town, and I found a square buff sander. Although it seemed fine at the moment, it turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes. I should have chosen a floor sander, it is much smaller, cheaper and more effective in half the time. When floor refinishing, make it correctly

Since every room in my house has edges and corners, I also needed a corners and edges sander, that didn’t turn out to be the friendly machinery I needed, but the sander from hell, to be more exact. It was going ahead to places I didn’t want it to, the sand paper would rip off immediately, and the noise was absolutely unbearable, for such a small piece of machinery.

I must tell you, my experience with floor refinishing was coming to an end, quickly. When floor refinishing, make it correctly

After realizing I am not really any good at this, I decide to call professionals. It turned out they cost less than renting the machinery, they are quicker, more experienced and of, course, they are doing everything, leaving me to rest and enjoy the day. Mark my words, don’t do it yourself, if you can pay and have it done in half the time by someone else. 

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