What is floor sanding?

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What is floor sanding?

What is floor sanding?

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Wood- popular, elegant and stylish. Years ago, for property owners who wanted to install a wood floor, you had to settle between two options: Maple flooring or Oak flooring. Now, from solid to engineered, the wood floors come in many different finishes and colours, perfect for nearly any style imaginable. And they go anywhere- living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, dens, recreational areas, cafeterias, classrooms and offices. The numerous species, whether Tigerwood, Mahogany, Cherry, Timborana, all through to Chestnut and even Pine, all come with their unique grain patterns. You get to set up the tone you want for your establishment, from a bright look and feel, to a luxurious rustic ambience. When it comes to aesthetics, wood doesn’t disappoint. This has increased the property value of the establishments in which it’s installed. Buyers and tenants are demanding for it, landlords and property managers are raking more from it. It’s a worthy investment, which gives you lucrative returns in both residential and commercial property markets. However, it’s not just the appeal that is a huge selling point. Cleaning wood is also easy. From the accidents at the breakfast table as you prepare to rush out for work, to homes with kids and pets, and even high traffic establishments where dirt is tracked onto the property, wood flooring is a breeze to clean. It also doesn’t hoard grime, like coverings such as carpets. With its non-electromagnetic nature, it won’t be attracting particles like dust and pet dander, while those that inevitably wind up on it as a result of gravity can be easily swept or damp mopped off. This is also good news for persons suffering from respiratory distresse caused by allergies. Pet hair, dust, pollen and other allergens aren’t trapped by the surface, thus enhancing the quality of the indoor air. What is floor sanding?

What is floor sanding?

Moreover, the wood is a renewable resource. It’s natural to think that it contributes to deforestation, what with the number of trees that will need to go down for each building to get an installation. However, the opposite actually happens. It’s a lucrative industry. With the high demand for the flooring, the profits from the business encourage the perpetuation of forests. Furthermore, most of the popular exotic woods are sourced from sustainable forests. Hence, more trees are grown than are cut. On top of this, the wood is a carbon neutral product, further enabling you to take up your role in cutting down the amounts if greenhouse gases getting churned into the atmosphere with each passing day. The production of the floor boards themselves is even cleaner for Mother Nature compared to alternatives like cement and brick. The wood flooring additionally increases the warmth of the interior space, both aesthetically and literally. Its insulating properties, a result of the cellular structure, enable it to retain heat, cutting down on the amount of energy you need running your HVAC units and underground heating for your establishment. Wood is also durable. It can withstand traffic for years, and since it’s not going to go out of style any time soon, adds a timeless appeal to the establishment. In fact, there are properties in which it has lasted for over a century. It doesn’t wear as fast as other material like tiles. They key is proper maintenance. This includes refinishing the floor when the coats of protection that had been previously applied on it wear down. The hardwood floors can be refinished up to even 7 times before they need to be replaced, which extends their lifespan. To get rid of the old and prepare the surface to receive the new, call in the floor sanding Dublin specialists. What is floor sanding?


Factors Causing The Wear And Tear Of Your Floor

So why does your wood floor lose its beauty over time? This is caused by a combination of a wide range of factors including:


  • Soiling – What is floor sanding?

Dirt is the leading cause of damage to your floor. It ranges from particles like asphalt, sand, and grit tracked into the building, to those smudges of food dropped as people were snacking, and even the pet dander. Those fine and coarse particles winding up on the surface don’t just make the place look unkempt. When they are grinded against the surface under people’s feet, they are a direct threat to the finish, wearing it down. It’s like sandpaper. The abrasive action is caused by friction. If your establishment has a higher number of people accessing it, then the rate at which the flooring gets damaged increases. What is floor sanding?


  • Footfall – What is floor sanding?

The floor finish comes under strain from the persons walking on it. Their weight, exerted through the shoes they wear, adds pressure to the surface. High-heels are notorious for the amount of force they apply on a small area of surface with each step. It goes into multiple times the persons own weight, increasing the chances of pock marks being left on the floor. Then there are those other kinds of footwear such as spiked shoes, that can cause scratches, and the rubber soled ones that leave behind marks. Gradually, the effect on your floor becomes more prominent, necessitating the floor sanding Dublin services. What is floor sanding?


  • Heavy items – What is floor sanding?

Sofa sets, dressers, all through to the refrigerator and the freezer can all cause damage to the floor, especially when improperly handled during the move. Failing to lift and carry, instead dragging them across the surface, can cause anything from minor scratches to all out gorges being dug into the surface. Even that dinner chair being sat on and getting slid back when a person wants to get up can leave behind marks on the floor. There are those cases when the furniture has padding, and one pushes it fast, causing the padding to come off, creating the problems that were being avoided in the first place. Even moving the furniture and appliances before cleaning the floor can cause damage. Those dirt and grit particles trapped and dragged under the items will leave scuff marks. Having wheels doesn’t mean that your floor won’t get scratched or dented. They can get stuck in a sideways position, which will make them scrape the floor instead of rolling on it. Even dollies with hard rubber wheels can be a nightmare for your flooring. What is floor sanding?


  • Spills – What is floor sanding?

Food and drink spills on the floor can lead to a stains forming on the surface. This is especially when too much time is allowed before they are cleaned up. From the mustard spills in the kitchen, splatters as you were preparing dishes, juice and yoghurt spills in the reception area of your business premises as clients were waiting to access your products and services, those frequent wine spills during particles at home or celebrations at your office, all through the to the occasional coffee and tea spills during breakfast at home or the coffee breaks at work- the spots formed ruin the surface. When cleaned up, the floor’s beauty will be restored. However, over time, the numerous spills will cause the finish to dull and it will eventually need to be replaced. There are also those cases when the stains set into the surface, causing patches to pop up all over the premises. These blemishes ruin the flow of colours in the interior space, and are pure eyesore. The floor sanding Dublin services will enable you to get rid of them and revitalise your floor. What is floor sanding?


  • Solar radiation – What is floor sanding?

The sun shining on your wood floor is a threat to it. It leads to colour deterioration, due to overexposure to the ultra violet (UV) light and the infrared (IR) light. The UV rays have the most impact, causing bleaching or darkening depending on the type of flooring. For instance, the Brazilian Cherry will darken fast, while Maple will bleach out at a slower rate. It’s just like how direct exposure to the sun affects people in different ways, some getting darker and tanning, while others will get sunburnt. Ultimately, overexposure to the radiation will lead to all kinds of skin ailments. The type of finish that has been applied on the floor also determines the result of the sun’s effects. For instance, the UV rays combined with IR radiation causes the finishing to turn yellowish. What is floor sanding?


  • Mats and rugs – What is floor sanding?

Yes, they are essential to reducing the amount of dirt tracked into the building, and also for keeping spills from reaching the wood floor. However, going for the wrong floor coverings will actually damage the finish. They can end up staining your wood floor. The main problem is caused by the adhesives they are coated with. They are meant to enhance grip, but can contain a combination of toxic chemicals that react with those in the floor finish. For instance, phthalates in numerous plastic rug pads are dissolving agents, which is not what you want on your finished flooring. Then there are those with adhesives designed to shore up their non-slip grip. However, instead of gripping the surface, they end up actually sticking to it. There are also those products that use clay fillers in place of natural rubber, to lower manufacturing costs and provide cheaper rug pads. Unfortunately, this causes premature shedding and powered formation, especially when used in high traffic establishments. What is floor sanding?


  • Human error – What is floor sanding?

Plenty of mistakes can be made during the regular floor maintenance, which damage the finish. For instance, when you’re cleaning the floor you can have used harsh chemicals such as ammonia and vinegar on the surface. Even all-purpose cleaners and dish washing detergents that are suitable and convenient for other surfaces around the establishment will damage the wood. In addition, mistakes made during the DIY finishing process can lead to the coats that have been applied not yielding the desired results. There may have been poor wetting of the finish, it can have been applied under cold temperatures, or even the coats may have been rapidly spread on each other, without allowing for sufficient drying time. One could have applied a heavier coat than is recommended, or used thinners which caused the finish to dry too quickly. It can even be a case of the finish getting contaminated, mixing it with the wrong chemicals, or even dirt and other particles getting trapped in it. Consequently, the finish begins pulling away from itself, forming ridges like those on an alligator’s skin- in fact, the problem is usually referred to as “alligatoring”. Using an applicator tool that is dirty or has hardened spots, not applying the coat evenly, applying the lacquers and top coats without stirring properly, or even using an improper spread rate, where too much or too little finish is applied, can lead to streaks forming on the surface. You don’t have to endure living or working in a flooring that does not meet your taste and is unsightly to even look at. Get floor sanding Dublin services to fix the problem, and enable you to get back to the bare wood to apply a new, proper finish. What is floor sanding?


How DIY Floor Sanding Puts Your Investment At Risk


With the YouTube craze and quick tutorials on how to get things done by yourself, people all over are taking up projects around the home to get that extra skill and cut on costs. It’s commendable too, seeing that one gets to have a sense of satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. However, a DIY floor sanding job is really more trouble than it’s worth. You get exposed to various troubles and risks including:


  • Damage to equipment – What is floor sanding?

You rent it, it’s in your care. Any damage to the sanding equipment is your responsibility- and plenty of things can go wrong. A simple oversight like forgetting to countersink nails that are showing themselves on the surface can destroy the sanding belt passing over it. On top of the huge expenses of renting the machinery, you’ll have the additional burden or arranging for repairs and shouldering the price. It’s not like the equipment is easy to get in the first place in any case. You have to dig through loads of information to be able to get the specific sanders you need for your floor project. On top of that, you need to find out the store where you can rent it from-and they are in limited number- and have to wait for when it is next available for you to be able to acquire it. This puts your plans into disarray- and it’s just the first step in the floor restoration journey. What is floor sanding?


  • Ruining your wood floor – What is floor sanding?

The last thing you want is for your floor restoration project to end in shambles, with you being made to make expensive repairs. But without the necessary skills and powerful machines to get the job done fast and right, there is plenty of room or mistakes. For instance, you can acquire poorly maintained sanders, which will leave chatter and drum marks all over the surface of your floor. The scratches, streaks, and wave-like features forming on the surface will make the floor uneven, affecting not only the latter coats that will be applied, but also normal activities like walking on the surface, or even you’re cleaning efforts. Those dents and ridges on the floorboards will form collection sites for dirt, hoarding it and making it difficult to remove. Even before that happens, while you are still applying the finish coats, they will collect more of the product, causing uneven colouration and blotches to form. A common mistake that is made during DIY and rookie projects is forgetting that the drum should not be in contact with the floor when the sander is being turned on or off. This can cause divots to form, or you can straight out create a hole in your floor. In some cases, the dips can be invisible to the naked eye, but you will definitely feel them underfoot. What’s more, in case of any spills in future, the liquids will flow naturally to those dips, drastically increasing the potential of water damage. Then there are those effects of using the floor sanding equipment wrongly. Take for instance pushing the sander slowly across the surface. . You will end up eating more into the wood surface than you intended to, which affects the uniformity with adjacent boards. It also reduces the number of times that you will be able to have the floor sanded and refinished in future, cutting down its lifespan. In average, you may have about 5mm of flooring to work with when sanding, and taking the entire of it off the wood will be going too deep. There are also those cases when a person goes over the surface at a fast pace- whether it’s intended to save on time, or for fear of going too deep into the wood. Remember that the goal of the sanding was to remove the old coats entirely, and in this scenario that won’t have been achieved. You end up with patches of previous treatments being left on the surface, which will affect how the new coats that you will apply will be able to bond with the wood. One of the issues with the floor restoration job is that most mistakes are highlighted once the task is complete. You don’t want to be seeing scratches and other marks on the surface being more pronounced through the finish that you’ll have applied. By then it’s too late to tweak it, and you’ll be forced to have the entire new finish sanded down again for you to rectify the mistakes made. When you bring together the cost of hiring the machinery, the difficulty of the process plus the cost of repairing any damage should the process go wrong with the DIY project, then hiring professional floor sanding Dublin services becomes the most convenient path to take. What is floor sanding?


  • Body injury – What is floor sanding?

You yourself are at risk. When the floor sanding equipment that you have rented doesn’t have proper dust containment mechanisms, the particles will end up being spread around the premises, and those fine light ones will be hanging in the air. They will get inhaled, leading to allergic reactions and all manners of complications. The sawdust from the wood is not the only issue. As the previous finish coats are being broken down, their chemicals get mixed with the dust. They contain different substances, from solvents and adhesives, to volatile organic compounds. These end up being inhaled too, exposing you to organ and system damage plus other health issues. You don’t want your nervous or reproductive system getting affected because you spent a week sanding your house. Even your eyes are not safe from harm. Without goggles, there is always that chance that some wood chips can find their way to them, posing a real threat to your vision. This is in addition to the thousands of particles that will be ending up in the atmosphere and irritating the eyes. It doesn’t end there. Those sanding particles can be irritating to the skin. Direct contact with some flooring products such as those with high solvent content can lead to adverse reactions. And all this while you’re breaking your back pushing around the heavy sander on your floor, for hours on end. Sometimes you may even be forced to get down and do some manual sanding for those tricky spots around the establishment. Why go through all this when you can have the floor sanding Dublin crew take care of the project for you? What is floor sanding?


Benefits Of Calling In The Floor Sanding Dublin Professionals – What is floor sanding?


  1. Industrial-grade equipment – What is floor sanding?

We have heavily invested in modernised floor sanding gear and innovative technology to deliver quality results in a timely manner. The high powered machinery breaks through the top coats, polishes and other treatments on your floor with ease, getting to the bare wood underneath and opening up its pores. This gives it a fresh start and allows the wood stains, sealants, lacquers and the rest of the coats that will be applied to bond firmly with the surface. This will accentuate the features of the wood floor, and enhance its ability to withstand daily wear and tear. As such, its lifespan will be extended, and you’ll get to enjoy your investment for longer. Moreover, the sanding process leaves behind a level surface, onto which you will be able to apply even coats, which enhances the quality of the results. The process also takes care of damages such as scratches on the surface. The floor sanding Dublin processes are also dustless. You won’t have to clear out your wardrobes and shelves to protect your valuable items, or be forced to spend more hours sweeping walls and floors, wiping your cupboards and washing the surfaces. Powerful vacuuming technology is used to protect the environment of your establishment from the invasive dust. Your HVAC unit, furniture and other items will be safe, and so will be the interior air quality of the premises. What is floor sanding?


  1. Trusted to deliver – What is floor sanding?

This is your investment, and you want to ensure that it is properly cared for. With our professionally-trained crew, with years of experience to boot, you can have the peace of mind that your property is in capable hands. We attend to clients across the board- from residential units like apartments and townhouses, and those in the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants to office buildings, nursing homes, schools, government facilities, art galleries to shopping areas like malls and retails stores. From strip and plank to parquet flooring, whether you have oak, maple, cherry, chestnut, timborana, or even walnut flooring, we’ve got you covered. The floor sanding services will breathe new life into your installation, kick-starting your floor restoration project on the right trajectory. Our floor sanding Dublin team will arrive as per schedule, get to the task and complete it in minimal time. Moreover, they will be able to point out areas of concern in your establishment that are affecting the flooring in order for you to take the necessary steps to rectify them and prevent potential losses. It will even help you to preserve the warranty with the floor’s manufacturer, as they usually insist on having the floor sanded by certified professionals. Our floor sanding Dublin crew will also uphold professional standards when addressing you, and treat your property as their own, to leave you with a smile and win your loyalty. After all, the survival of our business depends on your satisfaction. What is floor sanding?


  1. Avoid the hustle – What is floor sanding?

Time is a crucial resource, and comes in limited supply. You don’t want to spend your vacation, or those precious days-off from work dealing with a laborious floor sanding job. Not only is it physically straining, but without the necessary equipment plus the skills to get it done fast, you will end up spending more time than you had budgeted for. For instance, while an entire house job that could have taken just a day, a DIY or rookie process can chomp up an entire weekend just getting through the bedroom. What of the rest of the premises? You end up being disadvantaged, and your plans getting thrown into confusion. That’s not how you envisioned your free time going. Let our professional floor sanding team take the burden off your back, leaving you to do what you love- going out bike riding on a camp, hitting the beach and making merry with your friends and family, binge watching complete seasons of those TV shows that you were unable to keep up with due to work demands, going bowling, doing some gardening, getting involved in community events, all through to learning a new skill like juggling. After all, you earned a break from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life, so you might as well enjoy it- not use it all on the floor sanding and still risk unsatisfactory results. For business owners, time loss is a crippling factor for your enterprise. Your operations are halted as the rooms whose floors are being sanded are sealed off during the process. You don’t want them being inaccessible for longer than necessary. Mistakes from the DIY projects could end up taking the sections of your commercial establishment out of commission, hampering your activities. The last thing you want is losing out on sales, or customer’s trust in your reliability, because they can’t get the products and services that they seek from you comfortably, prompting them to head out to your competitors. Perhaps you’re in the process of moving, and you want to have your new house or business premises ready for the day you want to relocate. It may be time to settle in a new location, you may have got a job transfer, or you just want to experience new cultures. Your company may have grown, and it time to get into a bigger space, or open up a new branch. For homeowners, you are already juggling a lot of things, from the packing itself, finding a moving company and arranging an on-site visit for estimation, organizing to have your kid’s school records transferred, even alerting your brokerage firm, company’s HR departments, insurance companies and utility service providers about your move, forwarding medical records to your new healthcare providers, and dealing with the property owner of your current residence to sort out the terms of the end-of-lease, to taking inventory and dealing with the timelines of the actual move. Adding the floor sanding and restoration process to the list only complicates things. In businesses, being forced to postpone your plans to open the new office or retail outlet is not going to reflect well on your financial position. Cancelling and rescheduling portrays you in negative light to your customers. With the property market, with its cut-throat competition, and you don’t want to miss out on lucrative deals because of the delays. Get things done as planned using specialist floor sanding services. What is floor sanding?


  1. Budget friendly services – What is floor sanding?

Costs also factor in. You want to carry out your floor restoration in an economical manner. You don’t want to punch a hole through your wallet at the sanding stage. Our affordable services ensure that you don’t strain your finances. The pricing structure has been designed to take into account your particular needs, such as the type of wood in question, the amount of sanding that is required and the size of the area. There are no hidden charges to fret about. You will have known the full costs before-hand. What is floor sanding?


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