What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

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What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Value Of Dustless Floor Sanding


With wood floors, it’s all about the style and glamour. So elegant are the installations that the demand for wood as a flooring product has seen its popularity increase dramatically all around the world. That luxurious look and feel is not just a preserve of the who’s who in society anymore. Reduced costs of production, and the wide array of options available, means that there is an installation for different budgets and décor needs. This is from the wood species themselves- Mahogany, White Oak, Red Oak, Chestnut, Brazilian Cherry, Cumaru, Maple, Hickory, Sapele, Walnut, Pine, Douglas Fir, Birch, Ash, Tigerwood, Kempas, Rosewood and Teak, to the surface treatment and finish products available that enable you to achieve different colourations and gloss levels. What’s more, the wood floors never go out of style. Decades later, they will still be trendy. Since they blend with different styles, you can decide to change up your furnishings, and wall painting later on and not have to worry about it clashing with the floor. In domestic and commercial establishments alike, wood flooring has seen the surge in real estate value, with persons rushing for property that has it installed. In fact, this makes it a worthwhile investment in case you’re planning to put the house out on the market later on in life, or you’re a realtor with several projects in the pipeline and you want to make lucrative returns from your venture. Why the craze for wood floors? First is the undeniable beauty that they bring to the interior space. They enhance the décor, with the colourations, grain patterns, swirl marks, and warm look and feel setting different tones depending on the desire of the property owner. Then there’s the acoustics. Wood has superb sound absorption abilities. That’s why it’s used in establishments like dance studios and music halls. Its structure reduces sound reverberation, cutting down on noise levels. When properly installed, you won’t even have to worry about echoes. The warmth that they provide is not only visual, but also literal. As an insulator, wood prevents heat loss, which is welcome news to your monthly energy bills. It’s also easy to clean. Quick vacuuming and mopping will get rid of the dirt and grime that winds up on it, as you won’t have to worry about issues like grout lines, fibres, or electrostatic charges holding onto the particles. This is also beneficial when it comes to maintaining the quality of the indoor air. Then there’s the strength of the wood. It’s highly durable, a feature that makes it a top option for high traffic establishments. Wood can take on heavy use and still retain its structural integrity. However, this will only be the case when it is properly maintained. This includes everything from the cleaning to the finishing of the surface. When the existing layers of surface treatment begin wearing down, and the surface continues to be dull even after thorough cleaning, or you simply a fresh new look with different colouration and gloss for your installation, then it’s time to bringing in the specialist dustless floor sanding team. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Benefits Of Dustless Floor Sanding Done Professionally – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

  1. State-of-the-art equipment – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Our crew uses industrial-grade machinery when working on your dustless floor sanding project. The high powered gear easily breaks through multiple layers of tough floor finish products that had been applied. The surface gets smoothened, scratches removed, and gaps filled. Since the process opens up the pores of the wood, the surface treatments that are applied are able to form stronger bonds with the structure, which increases its durability and wear resistance attributes. The high efficiency of the machinery, in addition to the capacity they have, enables the process to take a fraction of the time that would have been consumed going the DIY route or using a rookie contractor. Huge floor areas are covered fast, without compromising on the quality that is expected. Issues like chatter marks, drum marks, divots and even dips are avoided. The well-maintained gear ensures that the underlying wood floor is not at risk throughout the process, thus protecting your investment. The smooth surface that results makes subsequent application of uniform coats of finish products easier, which enhances the quality of the results. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

  1. Dustless process – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

The dust from sanding processes comes with loads of risks. It’s a mixture of wood particles plus the finish that is being removed from the surface. This is a cocktail of allergens, carcinogens and toxins. You don’t want those fine particles hanging in the air, waiting to be inhaled. They will result in a myriad of health complications for persons in the residential or commercial establishment. You want to restore the glamour and strength to your floor, not land your family members in hospital, or deal with health complaints from the clients and employees in your business premises. Then there’s the issue of the cleaning that will be needed to be carried out once the furnishings, artwork, electrical appliances, cabinets, and other surfaces around the establishment are covered in dust. That extends the length of the restoration project, increasing the amount of time that the floor remains out of commission, affecting your daily activities. There’s also the actual labour that will be needed to get the place all cleaned up. Why endure all this? Simply bring in our professionals, who use dustless floor sanding systems, which walk the talk. As sanders grind down the treatments, the dust particles generated are picked up by suction delivered by vacuum systems, which are attached to the sanders through a series of hoses. The dust is directed to collection units, that way you won’t have to worry about it filling up the interior space, covering your items and exposing the persons on the premises to health risks. This further speeds up the operations, allowing normalcy to resume in your establishment in moments. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

  1. Protect your floor – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

It’s under attack around the clock. Foot traffic, mounds of dirt collecting on its surface, pets claws, all through to the sun’s radiation all pose a risk to floors in commercial and residential establishments alike. All those people trooping around the premises grind the dirt particles against the floor, causing the finish to wear down over time. That’s why those frequented areas, from hallways to reception areas in business premises, and the family room at home, end up developing traffic lanes. Areas such as the attendant’s desk in retail stores and malls, public libraries and those in educational institutions, the laundry room in apartment blocks, cafeteria, all through to the halls of residence in campuses quickly get sections of the floor that have their colour faded compared to the adjacent floor boards. That’s mainly because of the foot traffic. Motorised carts, luggage bags with wheels, furniture that gets dragged instead of being lifted as it’s moved across the room, plus those incidences when the furniture, electrical appliances like refrigerators, and other heavy items are put in place before the new finish coats have dried and cured, all end up damaging the floor. Scratches and scuffs are common. High heeled shoes straining the floor, footwear with metal parts and even those rubber soled ones that leave marks on the surface cause it to be unsightly. As your furry friend plays around the house, those claws that are drawn out easily scratch the floor, ruining its elegance. The same case applied to kids with their toy cars as they do their drag races on the flooring. Then there’s the issue of food and drink spills. Whether its coffee at the breakfast table at home, or in the employee lounge at work, wine and beer spills during those parties that get out of hand, some mustard in the kitchen, ink blots from the working areas at the office, urine stains and vomit accidents, or simply some food falling over the dinner table at home or as clients enjoy their meals at your restaurant- they all pose different levels of risk to the wood floor- especially if they are not cleaned up fast enough. You don’t want to get into a panic attack each time there’s a spill. There should be a firm barrier preventing it from getting to the wood. The main goal of dustless floor sanding is to give your installation a fresh start, so that the preferred finish products can be applied onto its surface. These enhance the floor’s protection, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear effects of everyday life, and prevent issues like spills from causing permanent stains and even water damage. With the smooth finish that results, dirt spots are also easier to notice, allowing for quick cleaning, thus making maintenance a breeze. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

  1. Bring back the beauty to the premises – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

You don’t want to live or work in a dilapidated environment. At home, dull, scratches and worn out floors ruin the mood of the interior space. This has a negative impact in how you carry out your activities. Concentrating becomes difficult when you’re being distracted by the poor state of the floor. Even your hosting abilities get affected. How will you keep justifying the conditions of your home to the friends dropping by to say hi? What of the ever-critical in-laws? You’ll have a difficult time convincing that dashing date you’ve invited over of your admirable traits when the floor is reflecting poorly on your personality. For those in the property market, image is everything. You want tenants and buyers interested in the establishment to take a liking of it, which won’t be the case when what greets them the moment they walk into the premises is a floor that’s worse for wear. It makes them question the structural integrity of the rest of the property, which puts a dent in your market efforts and eventual sales. Things can be preventing from going down this route by using professional and dustless floor sanding and refinishing services, that will bring back the glamour to your establishment. For commercial premises, sprucing up the interior goes a long way in increasing your customers’ confidence in your brand. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they will notice the state of the floor while they are on the premises, and it will have a bearing on how much they will trust the products and services that you’re offering them. Your employees too want to work in an environment that enhances their creativity and boosts their productivity. The sanding and refinishing of the floor makes that a reality, showing your staff that you are concerned about their working space, thus promoting your business’ growth. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

  1. Professional crew – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Our team has been taken through intensive training, and have had years of experience in the floor care industry. This means that you can trust them to apply the most appropriate measures when dealing with your installation. They are punctual and cordial, arriving at your premises at the stipulated time thus allowing you to plan accurately, and addressing you courteously all through. They will treat your property with the respect and care it deserves- in fact, as if it were their own. Our dustless floor sanding crew will also note aspects in your establishment that are impacting on the installation, and bring this to your attention so that you can arrange to have the issues resolved, hence preventing losses down the road. They will also offer you tips on measures you can put in place in your premises to ensure the longevity of your flooring. What’s more, our services are fully insured, covering our crew and equipment, plus your property in case of any eventuality. This is further testament of the level of professionalism that we employ in our business. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

  1. Budget friendly – What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Every situation is unique. Floor care is not a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, our dustless floor sanding prices consider aspects that are unique to your particular project. This includes the total square footage of the area being attended to, and the condition of the floor, as it affects the amount of prep work needed. Even the type of finish is considered. For instance, sanding floorboards with a stain finish is different compared to one with a glossy finish. There are no hidden charges to worry about. You’ll know the full cost beforehand. What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

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What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?