What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

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<h1>What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?</h1>

What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


Hardwood floors are a superb addition to any commercial space. The extensive choice of species, colours and finishes allows you to create a warm and inviting interior in office buildings, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, auditoriums, nursing homes, and art galleries, all through to museums and libraries. Whether you want the strong grained Red or White Oak, Maple that’s slightly harder and has light graining for a sleeker look, Rosewood with its distinctive dark brown to violet colouration and black streaks or striping, Hickory that’s so tough that it was once used for wagon wheels in the days of yore, Cumaru which ranges from tannish to deep brown, Bamboo that’s technically a grass, but whose hardness and eco-friendly nature has seen its popularity rise over the years, and Tigerwood with its mottled, wavy or interlocked and irregular grain plus fine texture, or even the Brazilian Cherry with its red colouration that darkens and depends with age, Walnut that comes with smooth graining and brown tones, Heart Pine with its character and knots and is usually installed in wide planks for a rustic look, there are styles to meet diverse décor needs. Wood flooring can be installed over concrete and most subfloors, and works with virtually any grade level. There are also the acoustic benefits. You don’t want to keep hearing the footsteps of the people walking around the premises, rushing in corridors and up and down staircases. You also don’t want the sound from the floors above permeating through to those below, for those in multi-story buildings. The absorbent nature of the wood floor enables it to reduce sound reverberation, reducing noise in the working place and allowing clients and employees to focus on their tasks. The wood is also a highly efficient insulator. It reduces heat loss from the building, which means huge savings when it comes to the energy costs spent to heat up the building’s interior. Wood flooring is particularly suitable for commercial environments because of its durability. With the high level of foot traffic, as a property owner you want to have a structure that does not start crumbling down just a few months after installation. Wood is naturally strong, which enables it to bear the load that is witnessed on the premises- however, it needs to be properly maintained for this to be fully realised. Speaking of which, with wood, repair doesn’t mean that you have to rip out the floorboards and get a new structure. When the surface beings to show signs of wear, or when you simply want to change things and have a new surface treatment with different colouration and gloss level installed, all you need is to have it sanded down and refinished. When the time comes to give your installation a fresh new look, call in our commercial floor sanding and refinishing specialists. What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


Value Of Using Professional Commercial Floor Sanding And Restoration Services


  1. Industrial-grade equipment – What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

Floor finishes are designed to be tough. They’ll be handling loads of abuse on a daily basis, hence their formulations are intended to dry to form strong layers on the surface of the floor. As such, breaking them down to get to the bare wood underneath requires lots of power. Doing it in a fast and timely manner requires machinery that is modernised and well maintained. You also don’t want poorly tuned systems that end up forming chatter marks all over your flooring, causing damage to your investment. With our commercial floor sanding services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Drum marks, scratches, divots and other aspects that are a common feature of the DIY floor sanding processes won’t be a concern. Our crew come on site with highly powered machinery that is designed to deliver on its mandate. The sanders used are top-of-the-range, and easily grind through the multiple layers of finish that are on the floor, exposing the underlying wood. Whether it’s those worn out coats that you want replaced, or you simply want to change things up by installing a whole new finish with different aesthetic attributes, the commercial floor sanding systems used by our personnel get rid of the existing treatment, allowing you to have that fresh start you need. Since it’s the first stage of the floor restoration process, it’s crucial that things go right with the sanding. Any error becomes a glaring anomaly once the finish coats are applied. From the scratches, that come screaming through the finish, to the dips that make walking uncomfortable, the end result ends up being greatly affected. By turning to our professional team, you get to avoid such blunders that come with DIY or rookie commercial floor sanding. What’s more, our expert team fixes existent surface problems. For instance, those gaps that are formed- whether it’s by changes that became permanent after numerous temperature and humidity fluctuations, furniture that was being moved by dragging instead of being lifted, and ended up digging a groove into the floor, or even those cases when one attempts a DIY project and ended up ruining the finish. The issues are resolved, allowing you to get the most out of your flooring. Gaps are filled with filler product being mixed with sanding dust, allowing it to have the same properties, such as the colouration, with the adjacent boards. Scratches are sanded off, and the surface is left smooth and ready to receive the new treatment. With the pores having been opened up, the wood stains and sealants get to be properly absorbed, and the uniform surface allows for even application of varnishes, top coats and other treatments. The enhanced bonding power increases the strength of the finish. What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


  1. Dustless process – What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

You don’t want your business premises being covered in the sanding dust that is generated during the process. Not only does this make the persons on the premises uncomfortable, but it also leaves you with an intensive cleaning to do. You don’t want the items in your building, from the cabinets and lighting fixtures, to the furniture, workstations, draperies and upholstery, plus the windowsills getting covered in the dust. Your activities are already on the clock, and the last thing you want being added onto your plate is hours of intensive cleaning. Powerful suction delivered from vacuums attached to the sanders through hoses gets rid of the particles-both coarse and fine- the moment they are chipped off from the floor. This is more than just a timely convenience. When the dust gets into systems such as the sinks and drainage, or the HVAC units in the building, it can lead to blockage or structural damage. By utilising dustless commercial floor sanding systems, our team enables you to avoid such a scenario. The dust is also a threat when inhaled. For starters, its very nature makes it an allergen. It irritates the respiratory tract when inhaled. Coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes are just a tip of the iceberg. Remember that the sanding dust is not just composed of those tiny bits of wood that are getting grinded off the surface. There’s there finish products themselves. The chemicals used in the formulations are safe while dried onto the floor- after all, that’s where they are intended to be. However, when inhaled, they can lead to a variety of effects. Some are carcinogens, and others are outright toxins. There are also those particles that are so fine that they end up getting absorbed through body systems- like from the respiratory and digestive tract right into the bloodstream, leading to an assortment of complications. Light particles can remain suspended into the air for long and be wafted around by air currents, increasing the chances of being inhaled. You don’t want to expose the customers and employees in your business premises to such danger. Investing in commercial floor sanding with dustless systems enables you to avoid it. What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


  1. Strengthen the floor – What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

In business premises, foot traffic is a huge factor. There can be hundreds of people walking up and about every day. Coming from the outdoors, they are bringing in dirt and debris, from the soiling that’s picked up from the sidewalks and parks, to the asphalt from out on the driveway and parking lots. This grit can wear down the surface, eating away at its finish, reducing the lifespan of the wood. What’s more, while at home people may take off their shoes and wear slippers or different kinds of softer footwear, people in commercial establishments will keep them on. This means that the rate of soiling increases dramatically, and one also has to factor in the kind of shoes that are being worn. Issues like metal heels and spikes shoes can cause scratches. Those with rubber soles are notorious for leaving behind unsightly marks. Speaking of heels, people on stilettos exert huge loads of strain on the surface. All that body weight getting applied on the floor through a tiny section of the heel multiplies the pressure, thus affecting the flooring. From office buildings, entertainment centres such as art galleries, to the heart of the dance floor in clubs, foot traffic causes wear and tear. In addition, there people will occasionally be snacking, whether it’s as they walk about in the hallways, wait to be served at the reception area, or it’s your employees taking their coffee break at the employee lounge. In food service joints such as hotels and restaurants, this is an around-the-clock concern. With the spills, there both issues of stains and risk of water damage due to increase in moisture content, in addition to the already existent humidity fluctuations in the interior space. Ensuring that your floor is protected from these aspects is vital to preserve its structural integrity and enhance its life. That is possible with professional commercial floor sanding and refinishing services. What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


  1. Enhance the aesthetic appeal – What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

Once clients, suppliers, potential partners and business associates walk into your business premises, one of the first things to get noticed is the flooring. While they may not take time to scrutinise the colouration and grain patterns, whey will definitely note how it looks and feels, and whether it appears properly maintained and cared for. You don’t want them being greeted by a dull, scuffed and damaged surface, that reflects negatively on your business’ image. In fact, with the flooring setting the tone for the rest of the style and décor of the interior space, it can build it up or bring it crashing down. You want to be able to impress your customers, not have them doubting the quality of products and services you offer- which they will once they find the flooring in a dilapidated state. From office buildings and restaurants, to recreational facilities like gyms, and entertainment centres such as art galleries, image goes a long way- especially when you want to make a great first impression in order to win repeated business and customer loyalty. With our commercial floor sanding and restoration services, you will be able to take away that forlorn look and replace it with the elegance and sophistication that wood flooring is renowned for. That way you get to enhance the ambience of the interior space, charming your way into the hearts of your customers. What’s more, it sets a conducive working atmosphere. The dull and worn out flooring impacts creativity, and reduces employee morale. The floor sanding and refinishing has the opposite effect, showing your employees that you care about the conditions that they carry out their duties in, and setting a warm and calming ambience that gets their creative juices flowing, thus enhancing their productivity. This has a positive impact on your business growth. What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


  1. Cost friendly – What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

You want to bring back the elegance to your establishment without punching a hole through your balance sheet. Our commercial floor sanding services have been affordably priced. The cost itself takes into account factors that are unique to your establishment- such as the size of the floor space, the type of wood installation, plus the existing condition of the floor. That way you get to align your floor care with the rest of the building’s maintenance program without straining your business budget. What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?


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What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?