Things you need to know about floor refinishing

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Things you need to know about floor refinishing


Sometimes we may feel the need to change things in our homes and instantly we think we must change the furniture or that we should repaint the walls. But most of the time, we have a very cheap solution, right beneath our feet. Tell me, have you ever considered floor refinishing?

The procedure is one that has the most spectacular outcome you will ever see. If it happens that you live in a house with wooden floors, that you didn’t pay much attention to, most of the time, I think it’s time you refinish them. Give them back their glow.

If you decide to do that you must know a few things.

Firstly, even if you decide to do it yourself, or call floor refinishing professionals to do it, you must know you need to clear the floors. Do not let anything on it, because the floor sanding machine is quite big and needs room to move around.

Since the floor sander works with sand paper it is obvious that you need to keep the doors to the other rooms closed. It will get quite messy, because it discharges a lot of dust, but in the end the result is worthwhile. Also, if you happen to be inside the house while the floor refinishing is done, pay attention not to inhale any of the dust, because is quite dangerous. For safety reasons is best if you wear a mask.

Also, pay attention to have everything ready for the team to get in. you should provide the budget for insulating your floors, and your other rooms as well, because dust has a way of getting everywhere.

Other than that leave it to the floor refinishing professionals, that are paid to do it. You just lay back and relax. It’s probably best if you relax someplace else, not inside the house while they refinish the floors, because it’s quite noisy, so you won’t be getting any relaxation if you choose to relax at home. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself, and go to a spa, for example.