The Homeowner’s Guide To The Professional Floor Sanding Process

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The Homeowner’s Guide To The Professional Floor Sanding Process


The Homeowner’s Guide To The Professional Floor Sanding Process 


One of the most important things for you as a client in a floor sanding project is to stay informed. Knowing what is happening and when it is happening is a great way to ensure that you get full value for your money. Below is a comprehensive guide to the entire process. It involves description of the main steps involved in the entire project from the initial meeting to you getting back to your normal routine. That way, you should have a great idea of exactly what to expect from your crew in terms of timeline and sequence of events.

Steps Involved In Floor Sanding

  • Step 1- Initial assessment

Once you have identified the need for servicing and you have settled on the right business for you, the first step is usually the initial assessment. Here, the professional inspects the floor in order to identify damaged areas. During this step is where the decision of what needs to be done is made. It is also where you as the client get an idea of how much it will cost you to get all the work done.

  • Step 2- Planning

Planning involves coming up with a structured timeline that the crew will use during the entire project. This is especially important when there is a large work space involved. It is also important as it allows you to get organised in order to avoid any inconvenience. It also involves the team identifying and gathering all the equipment they will need for the project.

  • Step 3- Work site preparation

One of the most important activities during this part of the project is cleaning the room. This is where you remove all the furniture and carpeting if there is any. More often than not, the crew handles this. However, there are some that might require you to make your own arrangements. It is also here that the professionals get their tools and all their equipment ready for the task ahead.

  • Step 4- Floor servicing and restoration

The term floor servicing is general and refers to basically whatever service you are receiving from the floor sanding professionals. It is here where the experts get down and dirty whether it involves simple sanding and varnishing or fully ripping out the floor for replacement. It goes without saying that this is usually the longest part of the entire project and may take anywhere between a few hours and several weeks.

  • Step 5- Application of finishing and other sealants

Despite the differences in the floor restoration step, most services end with the finishing step. This is where the floor is cleaned, varnished and sealed. This is done to ensure that it is not only aesthetically appealing but also that the results last for a very long time.

  • Step 6- Work site clearance

The project may be messy, and it is important for the crew to ensure that they clear up all the debris. This is usually done after the finishing step but there are some who prefer to do it before. Whatever the case, you as the client should ensure that the crew does their part. The last thing you want is to be left with unsightly debris raining on your parade.

  • Step 7- Final assessment

Final assessment involves inspecting the floor to ensure that the restoration and the finishing are both flawless. After this step, the professional will usually give you an estimate of the amount of time you need to give the surface to settle before moving all your furniture and accessories back in. By the end of this step, you should have your floor perfect and ready for you to use and show off.


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