The Beauty Of Dustless Floor Sanding

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The Beauty Of Dustless Floor Sanding

The Beauty Of Dustless Floor Sanding

This approach to sanding has become widely popular for the benefits that it brings to the floor restoration process. Professionals are incorporating it into the systems, due to the benefits that it brings for both their clients and the sanding company. Let’s look at why it is the go-to method for floor sanding and refinishing. 

What Dustless Floor Sanding Entails

When you look up conventional sanders that are available for rent form dealerships, you’ll notice that most of them have dust bags. Here, the approach is that the dust is captured during the sanding process and housed in the dust bag that is on the machine, which can then be disposed of afterwards. While it helps in reducing the levels of dust, there will be quite a load that escapes into the indoor environment. There will be a mixture of coarse and fine dust particles that will require lots of cleaning to get rid of, as well as pose health risks to the persons in the facility, especially when the fine dust particles are inhaled. 

On the other hand, with dustless floor sanding, the sanders are hooked up to high powered vacuum units that suction off the dust immediately it is sanded off the floor, with this approach capturing over 99% of the dust. It’s so effective that there is usually no need of covering the furniture or sending of your kids to the neighbours for days as you wait for the process to be completed, or spend days with an ardours cleaning chore. 

Why Dustless Floor Sanding Is Popular

Here are the benefits that you get from the process:


  • Environmentally friendly


Wood dust is a threat to the household members, and quite troublesome to deal with. Those fine particles that remain airborne can be inhaled, triggering allergic reactions, and scarring the respiratory tract as they move through it. That’s just a tip of the iceberg. Remember that the wood dust contains a mixture of whatever was on the floor, including chemical agents that were used in the development of the wood stain and old finish products that are being removed. Many of these are carcinogens, and will cause increased risk to the household members especially since the dust particles can be recirculated through the vents and ducts into the different rooms for months. Dustless floor sanding comes in to preserve the indoor air quality, which is key for the safety of your family members. 


  • Enhanced results


One of the issues that affects the finish coats that are applied after the floor sanding is the lingering dust particles. These particles are trapped by the wet wood stains and lacquers, and ruin the quality of the finish. However, with the dustless floor sanding, that will not be a concern. The source of the problem will have already been removed, allowing the finish coats to be applied as intended. 


  • Convenient approach


Since this is a safer and less messy approach to the floor sanding and restoration, you will be able to remain at home through the duration of the project – which also takes a shorter time compared to the conventional sanding. You won’t have to worry about the floor being out of commission for a whole week, since the wood stains and finish products can be applied within a shorter time, as opposed to alternative methods where one needs to schedule even a whole day for the cleaning alone. 


  • Reduced costs


For starters, you get to avoid the hefty costs that would have gone into getting cleaning supplies to deal with the copious amounts of dust that are generated during the process. The sanding process itself means that you don’t have to get stripping agents to remove those old stains and finishes that are on the installation. Since you don’t have to relocate your kids, or spend money finding alternative arrangements to board the pets, it also aids in reducing the costs that are incurred in the floor restoration process. 

Extra Measures To Protect Your Wood Floor

In addition to the regular cleaning plus the occasional floor sanding and refinishing, there are steps that you can take keep your floor looking elegant for longer. This is especially for those areas that handle high levels of traffic, which are prone to take a beating over time. These include:

  • Using area rugs

Having a rug at the entryway, a long runner for the hallways, all through to placing some at the dining room and family room will go a long way in protecting the underlying floor. 

  • Door mats

That outdoor mat will reduce the amount of dirt and pebbles that gets tracked into the household. What’s more this unique position encourages the family members and guests coming over to wipe off their shoes each time they enter. Even when they don’t do it, the action of walking on the mat alone will help in removing some of the dirt that is at the bottom of their shoes, which would have otherwise ended up on your floor. 

Due to the weight of the furniture, plus the occasional movements that they make – no matter how minuscule, it is important to get felt pads for them. All it takes is one case of a heavy sofa set being dragged across the floor – whether it is consciously while people were moving it, or accidentally for those household where kids are known to get all rowdy and riled up, for a large scratch to be formed. Placing felt pads on the furniture legs will help prevent these scratches and gouges from being formed on your installation.

  • Institute a No-Shoe Policy

Given that the soiling that is tracked in by people on their shoes is a leading source of the debris in the household, preventing people from walking all over the house in them will be great. Having a pair of slippers or indoor sandals close to the door will encourage them to make the switch the moment they enter. This is also helpful in avoiding the damage that shoes like stilettos and other narrow high heels cause on the floor.

The Beauty Of Dustless Floor Sanding

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