Taking Care Of Your Wood Floor

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Taking Care Of Your Wood Floor

Taking Care Of Your Wood Floor

No doubt lots of time and energy went into selecting the right wood floor for your home or business premises. With so many wood species available, grain patterns and finish products to choose from, one can easily have the ambience that reflects their personal style at home, and gives their business premises a professional image. Being a highly durable material, it is able to bear the brunt of heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for the modern-day busy home, and the commercial establishments handling lots of people on a daily basis. Trends vary from one establishment to the next. From the light hues that give the room an airy and inviting look, to the dark-stained hardwood that leans more on the formality and sophisticated side, it all depends on the needs of the property owner. The darker one goes, the less of the graining that is visible, and the variations of the hues on the wood planks also become less prominent. However, it gives a more contemporary look. The light colours, on the other hand, are neutral and cheery, and also enable the natural patterns of the wood to be highlighted. Red tones, grey and whitewashed wood floors, the trendy wire-brushed effect- one is spoilt for choice. When applying the wood stains, the floor sanding that is carried out at the onset enables the surface to be ready to receive the treatment, for strong bonding which will last for longer. 

The Time Factor 

Since the floor sanding is the first stage in the restoration project, you don’t want it taking ages. Everything has ground to a halt, and no additional steps can be taken until the process is completed. The more time that is spent here, the longer the delay with the rest of the finishing project. Put in mind that traditional treatments will come with their drying and curing times, where some products may even require waiting times of 24 hours in between the treatment coats that are applied. As such, you wouldn’t want the unnecessary delays at the initial floor sanding stage, as it is key in minimising the amount of time that the entire project will take. 

Here, the skills of the floor sanding crew, and the type of machinery that is used come into consideration. The units that are typically rented from stores have less power compared to the industrial-grade machinery which the professionals use to carry out the sanding. As such, when one goes the DIY route, you will be operating at a considerable disadvantage, prolonging the process. Then there is the sheer amount of cleaning that will be required unless the floor sanding dust is effectively contained. The particles can end up on the different surfaces, from the furnishings and upholstery, the cabinets, and into the sockets, the air conditioning systems all through to the sinks. You don’t want to find yourself in this messy situation. Turn to the professionals, who employ dustless floor sanding systems, that increase the efficiency of the floor restoration project. 

Reasons To Rely On Professional Floor Sanding Services


  • Putting in place safety measures


The sanding process comes with numerous risks. First, there is the danger to the individual carrying out the sanding. When the dust that is generated during the process gets inhaled, it immediately triggers allergic reactions. It irritates the respiratory system, and when it gets to the lungs it can cause issues like scarring of the air sacs, which reduces the life capacity. Remember that the particles being ground off the wood floor include a mixture of the wood itself, plus the chemicals that had been used for the wood stains, lacquers and other treatments used on it. This is a cocktail of irritants, toxins and carcinogens, increasing the risk. There are both coarse and fine sanding dust particles. The fine and light ones can hang around in the air for long, putting the rest of the persons on the premises at risk.  This makes the dustless floor sanding process vital. Here, high-powered vacuuming systems are attached to the sanders, picking up the dust particles immediately, and directing them to containment units off the property through a system of pipes. This makes it a safer process for both the technician and the persons on the premises. 

There is also the risk of a fire outbreak. This can be caused by the inflammable sanding dust, to issues like the sanding belt not being connected to the main electric fuse, triggering faults. Proper waste disposal of the sanding dust that is collected is key. With professional floor sanding services, these risks are abated by the personnel putting in place the required safety measures during the processes, all through to when the waste is being disposed. That way, your property is protected, avoiding unfortunate incidences. 


  • Insured for your protection


With even the most skilled and proficient contractors, there is still at risk of accidents occurring. After all, no one is 100% perfect in what they do. That’s where insurance comes in. Industry standards of professionalism necessitate that the company by offering the floor sanding services be fully insured to protect the client and the company itself. We treat this with the seriousness it deserves. Our services are fully insured, with coverage that caters to your property, our personnel, plus the equipment that is used while on the task. That way, you won’t find yourself facing liabilities in case things go off the rails. Regardless, the chances of these are minimised as earlier indicated, due to the safety measures that are incorporated into the process. What’s more, when dealing with an experienced crew that actually know what they are doing, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands. 


  • Affordable services


Investing in high quality floor sanding machinery, and having a crew that is highly trained and comes with a wealth of experience, translates to enhanced operational efficiency across the board. This is with the sanding systems, how they are used, all through to the waste management. The machinery is also properly tuned, ensuring that it functions optimally. Thus, savings are made in the process, the benefits of which get to be passed on over to you, our client, through a budget-friendly pricing structure. 

Taking Care Of Your Wood Floor

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