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Our finishes

There are two types of finishes available. You can go for a domestic or light commercial floor finish or you can go for a heavy duty high traffic floor finish. Each type of finish is suitable for a particular type of floor.

Domestic Floor Finishes – Single Pack

Just because a varnish or a wax is labelled “domestic” it does not mean that it is low quality and will wear off within weeks. A domestic floor finish was designed to last for up to 10 years on a domestic floor with average traffic. Most domestic floor finishes are single pack. Also, most domestic floor finishes are suitable for light commercial floors. There are many offices, shops, art galleries etc. with medium traffic where the use of very high traffic floor finishes would not be justified or necessary.

Commercial Floor Finishes – Two Pack

Most commercial floor finishes are available in two pack. Two pack means that the product itself comes with an extra hardener that needs to be mixed with the floor finish before the product is used on a floor. The hardener more than doubles the durability of the floor finish but it costs about 50% more than domestic finishes. If you are planning to refinish a very high traffic floor, you should use two pack high traffic floor finishes.

Why use domestic finishes at all?

A domestic floor finish was designed to last for many years under medium to low daily traffic. There is no need to spend a lot of money to refinish your bedroom floors with the strongest floor varnishes or hardwax. A normal domestic floor finish will provide the same protection for less money. If you have many kids, pets and a lot of daily traffic maybe you should consider using a high traffic varnish. But for average homes with average traffic, a domestic floor finish will be most suitable.

The most popular type of floor finish is varnish. However, many people still love oils or hardwax, others prefer polishes and others floor paints. There is something to suit everyone.

Finishes Available:

Solvent or water based Floor Varnishes


Floor Polishes

Floor Paints

Wood Stains

Water Based Floor Varnishes

Most of the local floor sanding companies use water based floor finishes only. Dublin Floor Sanding uses water based floor finishes from Chimiver range. Our most popular floor varnishes are Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer and Chimiver Ecostar Polyurethane Floor Lacquer. These two products are available in matt and satin finishes. Both types of varnishes are water based, low odour and 100% natural. We have one main varnish for domestic and one high traffic varnish for commercial floors. Chimiver floor care products are highly regarded, very long lasting and give an amazing finished result.

Solvent Based Floor Varnishes

The majority of our customers are looking for water based floor varnishes, but for those demanding solvent finishes we have Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer. This beautiful two pack solvent floor lacquer dries in a matter of minutes, looks great and it is known to outlast its competition. Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer has low odour (much less than similar products) and the odour disappears in full when the varnish dries. This outstanding floor lacquer is highly recommended for commercial wood floors. Its great resistance to chemicals has made it one of the most widely used floor varnishes within the pub industry.

Floor Oils

Nothing provides a more natural finish than floor oil. Dublin floor sanding works with floor oils from Chimiver. We can finish your floor with a clear or coloured floor oil. For high traffic floors we can use a hardwax oil from Chimiver with added hardener. If you are having your floors waxed you should expect at least 24 hours drying time.

Floor Polishes

A large number of our customers are looking for floor polishes instead of floor oils or floor varnishes. A floor polish is not as durable as other finishes but it keeps the wood natural looking and it dries in less than 30 minutes. We can use Cleanfast Floor Polish 25% Acrylic or we can use Bona Wood Floor Polish. Both types of floor polishes are high traffic.

Wood Stains

If you want to change of colour of your floors you can go for one of our wood stains. We use Chimiver Wood Stains and Tover Wood Stains. We can offer you over 40 colours of wood stain. We can also mix wood stains to achieve unique colours.

Any wood floor can be stained. Wood stain can look different on different types of wood. A wood stain has no protective quality and it needs to be finished with a hardwax oil or a two pack floor varnish. A wood stain requires time to dry before finishing.

Floor Paints

We never recommend floor paints for wood floors unless the floors are in very bad shape and sanding alone would not improve the look. A floor paint is permanent and removing a floor paint from wood can be a nightmare. We use Tover Uniqua Floor Paint to finish all our jobs where floor painting is required.

If you require more information about our floor finishes, please just give us a call or just email us.

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<h1>Our Finishes<h1>
There are two types of finishes available. You can go for a domestic or light commercial floor finish or you can go for a heavy duty high traffic floor finish.
<h1>Our Stains</h1>
The biggest and best benefit of having wood floors is the huge number of finishes available. Wood floors are very easy to work with and the colour of it can be changed in many colours.
<h1>Gap Filling</h1>
Filling the gaps between your floor boards is more than just a beautiful improvement. By filling the gaps upstairs, you water proof the floors and you prevent moisture spillages from leaking onto the ceiling beneath.
<h1>Floor Repairs</h1>
If you have wood floors you will most likely need some type of floor repairs at some time. Tradesmen such as plumbers or electricians can cause damage to old floor boards in the course of their work.
<h1>Dustless Sanding</h1>
Sanding of any type will generate dust. Finer sandpaper will create the worst type of dust as the fine dust particles settle everywhere and can be difficult to entirely remove.
<h1>Stairs Sanding</h1>
In many houses the stairs can make or break the look of the whole hall. Old stairs are much better built than what it is available today on the market and even the wood looks like it was better quality.