Oiled Floor Refreshing Services in Dublin

Oiled Floor Refreshing Services in Dublin


Revive Your Floors with Our Oiled Floor Refreshing Services in Dublin 

Do you know that your hardwood floors are the canvas that sets the tone for your interior décor and ambience? After a period of time, even the most beautifully oiled floors can look dull, scratched, and dilapidated from daily wear and tear. However, there is no need to endure unsightly hardwood floors or bear the expense of complete sanding and refinishing. 

At Dublin Floor Sanding, we provide oiled floor refreshing services to breathe new life into your existing wood floors. Besides improving the overall aesthetics of your floors, oiling hardwood floors increases their durability. For most homeowners, flooring is a one-time investment. Choose our hardwood floor oiling services to improve your space’s appeal. 

What is Oiled Floor Refreshing?

Oiled floor refreshing is a specialised process for reviving the appeal of your hardwood floors without the hassle of sanding. At Dublin Floor Sanding, our technicians rely on a flexible buffing system along with the best commercial-grade oil to clean and condition your floors. 

The outcome is getting a new hardwood floor without the lengthy downtime involved with sanding. Refreshing extends the lifespan of your floors for years. It allows you to completely avoid expense floor sanding and refinishing projects. 

The Top Reasons to Choose Our Floor Refreshing Services 

Compared to dull sanding and refinishing, there are numerous reasons to choose our floor refreshing services. Some of the common reasons are as follows. 

  • Cost-Effective: Note that our floor refreshing services cost just a fraction of sanding and refinishing your floors. So, if you have a tight budget, consider opting for our floor refreshing services. 
  • Fast Turnaround: At Dublin Floor Sanding, we specialise in oiling your hardwood floors in a day. However, floor sanding can take more than one week. 


  • A Sustainable Solution: With floor refreshing, you can completely avoid dust or chemical fumes. Our floor refreshing services are designed with homeowners in mind. 


  • Superior Results: Our floor refreshing services will make your floors look refreshed, revived, and restored to their original condition. 

The Right Time to Refresh Your Hardwood Floors 

So, how can you identify the right time to refresh your hardwood floors? Here are the symptoms that indicate that your floor needs professional oiled floor refreshing. 

  • The areas that bear the maximum traffic are looking dull, scratched, and damaged 
  • The oiled finish of the hardwood floors looks uneven in various areas 
  • You want to revive the stain that has faded with time 
  • It has been more than four years since you re-oiled your floors 

We recommend you not to wait until your floors are in bad condition. Preventive maintenance can make your hardwood floors last for years. Reach out to us for an initial inspection. 

How Often Should You Refresh Your Floor?

Besides floor sanding Dublin, it is crucial to invest in floor refreshing to extend its lifespan. Any floor maintenance activity can be a major disruption to your daily routine. Therefore, we suggest that you refresh your floors every two to three years. However, this recommendation is for informative purposes only. 

The actual period of floor refreshing varies from one floor to another. There are specific factors that influence the duration between floor refreshing sessions. For instance, the level of direct sunlight, the type of cleaning products used, and the number of kids and pets can influence the ageing of your hardwood floors. 

For more recommendations of floor refreshing services, get in touch with us today. 

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