Gap Filling

Gap Filling


Filling the gaps between your floor boards is more than just a beautiful improvement. By filling the gaps upstairs, you water proof the floors and you prevent moisture spillages from leaking onto the ceiling beneath. Gap filling will also sound proof your home. If you fill the gaps between the floor boards downstairs, you will insulate the floor and you will stop draft. Of course, gap filling will make your floor look better as well.

Gap filling has become more and more popular over the past years and the gap fillers have improved a lot. Dublin Floor Sanding uses two types of gap fillers that are sure to do the job fast and well. We use a water based gap filler from Bona and a solvent based gap filler from Tover. Both are very efficient and dry very fast.

Is the gap filling going to look different than the floor?

No. We will mix up dust created from sanding your floors with our gap filler. The gap filler itself has no colour at all and the floor will look no different with the gap filling done. The gap filler will look like the floor itself. If you want the gap filler to look a different colour we can change the colour of it.

Is the gap filler going to break fast?

No. The gap filler is made from very flexible materials and it will last for many years. There are many types of gap fillers available out there but we have selected two of the best ones. We can guarantee that your gap filler will last for years.

Can any floor have gaps filled?

No. Gaps up to 0.5 cm can be gap filled with ease but gaps over 0.5 cm can be risky. We will assess the job and we will let you know as soon as we have seen the floors. We will only do gap filling if we are 100% confident that it will last.

Is gap filling a professional job?

It can be done by professionals or by you yourself if you are confident in your diy skills. It is very important to mix gap filler with the dust created from the wood itself to end up with the same colour gaps. Remove the existing finish and then re sand the floor one more time. Mix the dust with the gap filler until you have created a semi hard paste. Apply it with a silicon gun ideally or with a scraper. Allow 2 hours to dry and sand the gaps. Job done.

Can I varnish over the gap filler?

Of course you can. We can work with your floor as normal even if the gaps were filled.

Gap filling is an extra service and it is not included in our quotations. It will cost 2 to 3€ per square meter.