Wood Floor Restoration and Repairs

Wood Floor Restoration and Repairs


If you have wood floors you will most likely need some type of floor repairs at some time. Tradesmen such as plumbers or electricians can cause damage to old floor boards in the course of their work. In many cases the boards are cut off messily and will need repair. We will remove all the imperfect floor boards and we will cut the boards at the right angle to make it nearly invisible after the floor is finished. Some floor boards that have a special patina and age will require special old floors to match the existing finish. We have many types of old floor boards in our storage and if we cant 100% match what is on the floor, we will certainly be pretty close. Some floor boards are very rare and we might not have it in our store but we work with a few reclaimed wood floor centres so in most cases we can find a match. Our standard quotation per square meter will not cover wood repairs and the supply of floor boards. This is an extra service and it will cost extra, depending on the job complexity and wood tracking difficulty. If you require floor repairs before sanding please give us a call today!

Breathe Life into Your Floors with Our Expert Wood Floor Restoration Services

Do you have a wooden floor that needs a touch of TLC to look its best? Have your wooden floors lost the lustre and are looking dull? At Dublin Floor Sanding, we have the resources and tools to restore your hardwood floors to their original condition. Whether you have a Victorian terraced house or a country cottage, our team can expertly work on all floor types. Moreover, our restoration services can add years to the life of your wooden floors. We can change dull floor surfaces into something you can be proud of. Our restoration service is quick and simple. Your floors can achieve the maximum effect in a short span of time. Give your floors a new lease of life with our wood floor restoration services.

Specialty in Restoring All Types of Wooden Floors

We specialise in restoring all types of wooden floors. Listed are the common wooden floor types we can restore in Ireland.
  • Engineered wooden floors
  • Solid wood floors
  • Granwood
  • Pine
  • Parquet
If you want to get an upfront hardwood refinishing, contact us at the earliest.

Why Choose Us for Wood Floor Restoration in Ireland?

At Dublin Floor Restoration, we take a customised approach to breathe life into your old floors. Listed are the reasons to choose us for restoring your wooden floors. We have the tools and expertise to secure loose floorboards and replace them Our crew will fill the gaps between the floorboards with slivers or resin Sanding, buffing, and stripping are the integral components of the wooden floor restoration process in Dublin Our team will seal the floor by applying wax, oil, or lacquer We only use approved and proven products to restore your wooden floors. Schedule an appointment for wood floor restoration and see how our expert team restores your floor.