Renewing Your Wood Floor

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<h1>Renewing Your Wood Floor</h1>

Renewing Your Wood Floor

When it’s all old and forlorn, the wood floor ruins the charm of the residence. That natural appeal that had drawn you to having a wood floor installed is taken away and replaced by a dilapidated setting that negatively affects the rest of the décor. Whether it is a solid wood floor or engineered wood installation, you invested heavily to get the flooring of your choice, and you don’t want it to be the reason why your home appears unkempt. However, as it’s the case with any other surface, the woof floor will also be prone to wear. 

When It’s Time For A New Beginning 

There are different signs that will tell you that your floor is aching to be restored. Take a multitude of scratches for instance. When the surface is covered in loads of scratches – some even having got through the wood stain and exposed the bare wood underneath, the floor sanding here should be carried out as a matter of urgency. Water damage is also an issue. Should you notice that the floor has begun turning grey, this points to the existing coats of protection having worn out, such that they are allowing more moisture to be absorbed into the wood. Unless the floor sanding and refinishing is done, the greying will continue, and eventually the floorboards will turn black. By the time it is getting to this point, the affected boards will need to be replaced, which will be more expensive. Aesthetics come in too, where the floor look old because of the existing treatment becoming dull over time, or fading that is caused by the effects of the sun’s radiation on the installation.

There are also those who simply want to give the floor a new look and feel. With wood flooring, one of the benefits is that you can change the whole look without having to pull out the boards. Having the floor sanding done to remove the current finish and wood stain, then getting different treatment applied, will revitalise the installation. There is a multitude of wood stains to pick from, and finish products that you can work with to give it the desired gloss level – giving it a whole different look. 

Get The Right Team To Work On Your Wood Floor

Just what do you look for when hiring a floor sanding company to work on your installation? The choice you make will be a key determinant in the quality of results that are obtained, and how peaceful or stressful the process is. Here are some considerations that you should make

  • Experience level 

How long has the company been providing the floor sanding and restoration services? It’s a highly competitive industry, and for one to thrive and be successful for eyers, they will need to have been providing quality services and won the trust of their residential and commercial clients. What’s more, the well-established business have the equipment and personnel needed for the task, with large teams and high-capacity machinery. This is as opposed to a week-old company that is still learning the ropes. There isn’t a set rule here of how old the company should be. However, the longer that it has been in operation, the more of a track record that you can go through, and the greater your peace of mind when you hire them.

  • Reviews and ratings

Feedback from previous clients who had hired the services of the company in question gives you valuable insight on the kind of services that you can expect from the firm. Head to the company’s social media pages and go over the comments that the clients have made. If they are generally positive, then that’s a plus for the company. Pay attention to the negative comments, and how they were handled. Ignore the trolls though – they just exist to make everyone’s day difficult. For the complaints by the previous clients, did the company make an effort to address the issue? Genuine complaints are usually looked into by the floor sanding company, and the aggrieved client later on updates their review – which will further show the commitment of the company in ensuring the satisfaction of its clients. Speaking of which, when you engage with the personnel of the firm, ask them about the warranty of their floor sanding and restoration services, and what steps should be taken if you’re not satisfied with the quality of work provided. Having this clear from the word go will enable you to be sure of what you’re signing up for. 

Does the company value you as a customer, or do you have to keep following up on them to do their job? Are the personnel mindful and respectful, or are they dismissive of you? Use your initial engagements with the company to gauge their level of customer care, from when you’re engaging with them via the phone, to when they sent their personnel to your premises for a site visit. You want to deal with a company that treats you right, not one that will be exasperating. Each job is important, whether you’re just having one single room sanded, or it’s for an entire office or shopping mall complex.  

  • Pricing

There are two key things here.  First, “Cheap is expensive” and this is commonly seen when hires a company providing the floor sanding services at rock bottom rates, and it ends up being a poorly done job that needs to be repeated, the floor gets damaged in the process, or it’s even a ‘bait and switch’ tactic that results in the client paying more in the long run. Secondly, you don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for the services provided. The key is getting value for your money. Go through the rates provided by a couple of local floor sanding companies to give you a range of what should be workable for your particular situation. In addition, ensure that you get a quotation for the service in writing, in order to avoid arguments on the charges later on.

Renewing Your Wood Floor

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