Refurbish Your Hardwood Floor

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Refurbish Your Hardwood Floor

Refurbish Your Hardwood Floor

Is it time to give your hardwood floors a fresh start? When the existing finishes have been worn down, there are those that simply be touched up by adding another layer of the product, extending the duration in between consecutive floor sanding and refinishing cycles. However, over the years, the existing coat will need to be completely overhauled, and a new one applied.  

During the floor sanding, powerful machinery is used to grind away the protective treatments, and expose the bare wood underneath.  During this period imperfections like scratches, cracks and gaps are dealt with, smoothing the surface. After this, a fresh treatment is applied depending on the aesthetic and abrasion-resistant properties desired. The task may sound simple, but it is one of the most labour-intensive renovation products to undertake. It’s recommended that you bring in the professionals to handle it, that way it can be completed quickly, without putting the installation at risk. 


What To Look For When Hiring A Floor Sanding Contractor

Given that the quality of the floor restoration process is directly tied to the workmanship of the company hired for the task, you need to carefully evaluate the different options you have before settling on a contractor for the task.  Some of the things you should consider include:

  • Going over their online presence

In today’s digital world, serious businesses have an online footprint that you can use to assess their services, as well as their interaction with their previous clients. This ranges from the website, social media presence, to business directory listings. It can be any combination of them, depending on which mode the company deems is most suitable to interact with their clients. Whichever the case, when you go through the online reviews, comments left behind on their social handles, as well as the ratings from the business directory listings, you will be able to gauge the kind of level of quality that you can expect from the company. Going over the comments will also give you the opportunity to see how the company deals with complaints from disgruntled customers. Usually, if there is a complaint, the company follows it up and rectifies the issue, after which the aggrieved client updates their comment. This will be another pointer to the level of commitment that the company has to ensuring client’s satisfaction. 

  • Experience

Here you’re after a company that can handle a wide range of floors, under all conditions. Floor sanding and refinishing is not always a smooth process, and hiccups can occur along the way – so you want to have a contractor at hand who can deal with any issues that arise, as well as ensure that the installation has been properly cared for to deliver the desired results.  Ask about the kind of training that they have had all through to how long the company has been providing the services. “Before And After” pictures of previous projects that the company has worked on will also come in handy, and these are usually posted on the gallery section of the company’s website. 

When discussing your project with the company representative, ask about the kind of approach that they will take, and any measures that you will need to undertake on your part to prepare for the floor sanding and refinishing process. This considers the kinds of sanders they will use, as well as how they intend to deal with all the dirt that will be generated. If they will be removing installations like carpets that have been stapled to the floor, will it come at an extra cost? What kind of guarantee is in place for the service that will be provided? Getting such issues cleared up at the onset will be great for your peace of mind. 

Extra note: Get clarification from the company representative on whether they do the job themselves, or subcontract it to a third party. There isn’t anything illegal with subcontracting, but it does come with its risks since the contractors that the task is delegated to may not have the requisite qualifications. One also tends to be more comfortable when using a company that has its own in-house employees who are certified for the job. 

The company should also be licensed. This should be the bare minimum requirement before you hire them. After all, you don’t want to invite an unknown contractor into your home, as this would expose you to plenty of risks, from damage to the property without reparations, all through to security problems. Not every page on Facebook that claims to be a floor sanding business is actually one. Some simply want to scout out your place and plan for break-ins later on. You want to deal with a duly licensed business whose owners and official business location can be tracked down. 

It’s always wise to get different quotes from multiple local floor sanding and restoration companies. Sure, it can make the process take longer, but in the end, it helps you get more value for your money’s worth. So unless you have a very urgent reason to skip this bit, it is recommended that you look through the different offerings and prices from potential companies that you can hire. Your goal is to get the ideal range for your particular project, since it will have its unique requirements – from the size of the floors being worked on, the condition of the existing finish, the types of imperfections that will need to be addressed, and repairs that will have to be made.  Going for companies with very low prices is ill-advised, since this will be a pointer that shortcuts have been taken – such as working with low-capacity machinery, unskilled personnel, or simply not being insured. On the other hand, you don’t want to overpay for the task due to hiring a company that is too pricey.   Weigh what you’re willing to pay, compared to what you get. You don’t want to be in a position where you end up regretting the restoration job that has been done, and even have to spend more time and resources to repair damages that have been made. 

Refurbish Your Hardwood Floor

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