Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors- Get It Done Safely

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Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors- Get It Done Safely

 Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors- Get It Done Safely

Hardwood floors are a great investment, bringing their natural flair into the interior space, and enhancing the value of the property. The warmth and aesthetic appeal they are known for has seen buyers and tenants fork out more money to acquire the residential and commercial spaces with hardwood flooring. With the numerous wood species available, plus a wide array of treatments that are later applied onto the installation, it allows one to have the setup that meets their particular needs. The strength of the structure enables it to bear loads of abuse on a daily basis while retaining its structural integrity. This is further enhanced by the protective sealants and finishes that have been applied onto it. However, with time the treatments will wear out and need to be replaced. Floor sanding is carried out, followed by the refinishing, applying the fresh coats to enhance the beauty and elegance of the installation, and continue protecting it for the long haul. There are various signs that indicate when the floor is due for a refinishing. These include:

  • A surface covered in scratches

Scratches are bound to develop on the wood surface, given the traffic that it handles on a daily basis. Spiked footwear, pet’s claws, furniture getting dragged on the floor, metal casters for the wheeled chairs, the kids’ toy cars and trains that are used on the floor as the little ones play- these all contribute to the scratches forming on the floor. Having a few scratches is normal, and shouldn’t worry you much. However, when there are lots of them- even on those sections where you cannot hide them under an area rug, it will be time to consider having your floor refinished.

  • Grey boards

For the floors that have been treated with polyurethane finishes, then they turn grey, it is a sign that the finish is wearing off. This reduces the resistance against wear, hence more moisture is absorbed by the structure If the floor sanding and refinishing is not carried out, the rate of moisture absorption will increase. Gradually, the floorboards will turn black- and by this time you will be forced to replace the affected boards. 

  • Increased moisture damage

The wood floor naturally expands and contracts with the changes in humidity levels in the room. This is expected, with the differences being seen especially during the seasonal changes, such as during the winter where the floor contracts because of the heating being done in the room that dries out the wood- leading to gaps being formed, or the summer months where the increased humidity levels in the room causes more moisture to be absorbed by the wood, where it expands, closing up the gaps. However, when these changes begin showing issues like cupping and crowning, then it is an indication of more moisture being absorbed by the structure. This can be attributed to anything from spills allowed to stand on the floor for long, plumbing leaks, to cases of rinsing damp. Buckling is on the extreme, and this is usually witnessed during cases of flooding. Whichever the case, the source of the moisture problems should first be resolved. The wood is then allowed to dry and acclimate to the environment. After this, cases of unevenness can be resolved by sanding the surface, and protective sealants applied onto the installation.  

The finish dulling, the wood tissue itself fading due to exposure to UV radiation from the sun- having the floors refinished will salvage the situation. It’s recommended that you apply finishes that have resistance to the UV radiation, and which won’t yellow with time. 

Turn to the experts to sand your floor

The sanding process is not a walk in the park. Heavy machinery is utilised, and it requires one to be skilled to properly carry out the task without damaging the floor.  A poorly executed job will result in anything from blemishes like scratches and uneven surface which will distort the finish applied, to serious damage that affects the structural integrity of your installation. Sanding too much into the floor- as is often witnessed during the DIY jobs, reduces the life of the installation. Divots, chatter marks, and similar blemishes will add to your troubles. Then there is the timespan. Remember that the floor sanding is the first step in the renovation process, thus any delays here will disrupt your plans to proceed with the refinishing. Get things done right- and in just a fraction of that time, by dialling up the floor sanding specialists. 

Benefits of the dustless floor sanding system

What of the dust generated during the process? You don’t want to be inconvenienced by the mess that would result if the dust is not effectively controlled. The professionals employ dustless floor sanding systems. The conventional approach of simply fixing dust bags to the sanders is not comparable to the powerful vacuum system that is attached to the sanding machinery the professional companies use.  This is what you can look forward to from them:

  • Healthier airspace

Unlike conventional sanding methods that left dust particles floating around, this approach gets rid of over 99% of the material, thus protecting the contractors themselves, and the rest of the persons on the premises. This prevents allergic reactions and even means that you won’t be forced to vacate your home for days. 

  • Convenient approach

Spending extra time dealing with sheets to cover up the furniture, vents, ducts and other surfaces in the building, the monstrous cleaning job that awaits one after the conventional sanding jobs- these are avoided. The dust here is picked up the moment it is sanded off the floor, and it doesn’t get into the ductwork- so you won’t have to worry about it staying in the HVAC system for months and getting recirculated in the indoor air. 

Even Fluffy gets to benefit from this process, given that the dust generated by traditional floor sanding processes would have added to the distress of your furry friend. This reduces the anxiety of your pet- which is key given that they may be startled by the flurry of activities being carried out in the home during the renovation project.

 Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors- Get It Done Safely


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