Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin

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Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin

Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


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Floor Sanding  Dublin

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We provide professional floor sanding  services in Dublin and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Dublin Floor Sanding provides two types of floor sanding services, commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding. On the commercial floor sanding side of the business we deal with many pubs , restaurants , sport rooms , gyms, offices , etc. Our floor sanding prices are affordable and our service quality is second to none. We cover the whole Co Dublin but for bigger floor sanding jobs we can also travel outside the capital. All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and very nice to deal with. We use dustless floor sanding machines with 99.8% dust recovery. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding deals , our covered area and our latest projects. Our minimum order is 600€ and we dont take on jobs under 30 square meter (300 sq feet) .Our company uses some of the best floor varnishes and only eco friendly products will be used. Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin



Floor Sanding Experts You Can Rely On – Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


You don’t want to ruin your wood floor, which has high chances of being the case when one takes the DIY route. First, you need to ensure that you get quality machinery. Belt sanders that are out of tune leave chatter marks on the surface of the floor, ruining the result. Then there’s getting the right equipment for the task. Belt sanders, planetary and orbital sanders, and even the edger sanders each have their role to play in the process, and you can’t simply go interchanging them, as it can result in issues like dragging out the process, or even affecting component parts. Then there’s actually using the machinery. For instance, when it comes to belt sanders, if you drop the drum with the sander not in motion and start it, it will end up spinning on one spot, forming a divot. Even the smallest discrepancy, like a scratch on the floor, will be a glaring mistake once the floor is finished. Improper edging means that the floor won’t be smoothened out, which also affects the quality of the results. For the rental equipment, you get less power compared to the machinery used by the professional crew. Without the aggressiveness to cut though the old finish fast, you end up spending days- or even weeks- on the task. Through all this time the floor will be out of commission. This is an inconvenience whether it’s preventing you from using specific rooms in your home, or sealing off sections of your business premises and grinding your operations to a halt. Then there’s the dust factor. Loads of dust particles are generated as the old finish coats are being grinded down. Without proper dust control mechanisms, the particles will wind up on your systems, furnishings, windowsills, get into your sinks and HVAC units, and the minute particles will be suspended in the air, and easily get inhaled. Avoid the huge balancing act and get professional results by bringing in our qualified team. Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


Why You Should Hire The Floor Sanding Professionals – Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


The goal is to give your floor a fresh start. Getting rid of that old and dilapidated look, replacing it with an elegant surface that accentuates the interior decor. Our professional floor sanding and restoration services enable you to achieve that. The powerful machinery used sands away the existing layers of finish, getting through to the bare wood underneath. The process opens up the pores and smoothens the surface. Issues like scratches and claw marks in the flooring are also dealt with. Gap filling is also carried out, with the gap filler being mixed with the sanding dust of the adjacent floor board in order to obtain its attributes and blend in. The dust that is generated during the process is sucked up the instant is it grinded off the floor, using vacuum systems attached to the sanders. This makes the process get carried out faster and in a cleaner manner, as the surfaces in the interior environment are protected from the invasive dust. Thereafter, your preferred finish products are applied, that way you get to have the outcome that matches your particular taste and style. Our services are fully licensed and insured, with your property, our personnel and equipment being covered in case of any eventuality. This goes to further show the high level of professionalism applied in our services. Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin



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