Preparing Your Home For The Floor Sanding Service

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Preparing Your Home For The Floor Sanding Service

Preparing Your Home For The Floor Sanding Service

Is it time to sand your floor? Perhaps it has accumulated lots of scratches on the surface- some that may have even made it through the wood stain and exposed the wood underneath. Scratching is normal- with all the furniture movement, foot traffic and pets running around clawing up the surface. However, it reaches a point when it cannot be ignored, ruining the appearance of your installation. Kids’ toys, that rail track that they set up on the floor as they play with the model trains, metal casters for the chairs and tables with wheels- they all contribute to the marks being formed on the surface of your floor. Then there is the gradually dulling of the finish, caused by everyday wear. Those frequently walked on areas tend to be the most affected. The gloss weakens- and it can occasionally be touched up with some light polishing, but it will reach a point where the entire finish needs to be removed. With a dull and deteriorating surface, even the most thorough cleaning does not restore the appeal to your wood floor- calling for a complete overhaul of the current finish. If the boards have begun turning grey, it is particularly a sign of the polyurethane treatment wearing off, causing the floor to absorb more water- it can be from spilled drinks, snow that is tracked in, or even water from the routine mopping. These continue seeping into the floor and can even make the wood turn black- at which point the only recourse you will have it so replace the flooring itself- so prudent steps are needed to salvage the situation before it gets dire. There are those homeowners who simply want to switch things up- have a new style for the décor, which will involve renovating the floor to change the wood stain and finish to one that is more suited to their needs. Whichever the case, it is advisable to hire professionals for the job. 

First things first- Get A Reputable Company

When looking for floor sanding services, there are several factors to consider. Take the experience and track record of the company for instance.  This is a laborious and sensitive job. Lots of manpower, powerful equipment and skill is needed for the task. You don’t want to deal with a fly-by-night company whose only appeal is the rock-bottom price that it offers you. Go through the reviews and testimonials of the company- from those on its site, social media platforms to business directories that provide the feature. Rookie companies that reel you in with low costs often end up frustrating you in the long run. When they are working with inexperienced personnel or low capacity machinery, it means that the task will not be carried out to the required standards, or it may get drawn out, delaying the rest of the refinishing process. Since the floor sanding is the first stage of the renovation, you don’t want a bottleneck being created here. There are those which skip out on getting insurance, which means that you will be exposed to liabilities should there be accidents during the work itself, or damage to your property. Then there are the bait-and-switch antics that some companies employ, where you get an attractive price at the start, only for additional expenses to crop up down the road. To ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into, insist on getting a full quotation beforehand. A site visit will be required to determine the exact scope of the project. When all is ready for the task to commence and a date has been set, there are a few things that you will need to cover to enable the process to go smoothly. These include:


  • Clearing the furniture


The area that will be worked on should be clear of furniture, toys, books, curtains and other items. It is particularly recommended that you deal with the fragile items. For the heavy units, from the sofas to the beds that may require extra muscle, please let the contractors know for them to plan ahead and allow for the extra time that will be taken to move the furniture. Why is this important? Firstly, the presence of objects in the room is an inconvenience to everyone involved. Secondly, moving them protects the items from being covered in dust. Things brings us to the next point.


  • Covering your belongings


From the electronics to the shelves, sinks- it’s advisable to have them covered. Plastic sheets come in handy for this, that way you won’t have to worry about dust getting into your HVAC systems or clogging up your sinks. In order to reduce the amount of clean-up that is required, and also to protect the interior space, it is highly recommended that you hire dustless floor sanding services. Here, powerful vacuuming systems are attached to the sanders being used, and they pick up both the coarse and fine dust particles the moment that they are generated from the sanding process. These are then directed out of the building through a system of hoses. This is as opposed to simply relying on the dust bags that come with the conventional sanders. The dustless floor sanding is also beneficial in making the process safer for the contractors, since the particles that would have winded up in the air space would have resulted in health complications once inhaled. 


  • Dealing with pets


They may get startled. The floor sanding can get noisy, with all the machinery being used. The presence of multiple contractors on the premises may also distress your furry friend. It is recommended that you house the pet in its kernel for the duration in which the floor sanding will be taking place, or have it stay at a friend or neighbour’s place. There are also those who choose to take the pets for a day out – like at the dog park, as the renovation works continue being carried out in the home. 

Preparing Your Home For The Floor Sanding Service

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