Pointers To Picking A Floor Sanding Company

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Pointers To Picking A Floor Sanding Company

Pointers To Picking A Floor Sanding Company

Wood floors are sanded for a myriad of reasons the most common being a restoration project. Over time, the floor gets worn out. While today’s finish products are actually formulated to provide longer lasting protection, they aren’t “invincible”. The barrage of abuse that they protect the underlying flooring from will inevitably lead to their own deterioration. As the finish coats weaken, it will be important to sand them out and replace them with fresh new coats, to continue protecting the floor. 

The look and feel also change – from greying of the finish coats, the original hue of the wood stain getting altered with the routine cleaning and even furniture movements, and cases of yellowing caused by interaction with the sun’s radiation. There are also those who want to change the décor, by altering the colour of the wood stain, and have a new one that meets their style needs. The floor sanding provides a fresh start by getting to the bare wood and enabling new treatments to be applied – but the success of this is tied to the quality of the sanding. Here, it is prudent to get a professional for the task. How do you pick a company? Issues to look for include: 



Sure, almost anyone can buy and try and install a wood floor in their house. However, the installation and finishing process will definitely not be to the standards that the professionals carry out the task to. The entire process, from the installation, the floor sanding and staining, all through to the finishing, requires lots of experience to get it done right. It’s a craft that takes a lot of work to sharpen and deliver the desired final result. What’s more, mistakes made can be costly, especially when you hire a rookie company for the task, or carry it out as a DIY process. For instance, imperfections that are made during the floor sanding stage – which can be anything from the surface not being evened out, to dents and divots being made in the planks, or too much of the wood being sanded off, will impact the final result of the finish and the life of the installation. Patches of old finish being left behind because of not being properly sanded off will prevent the new coats that are to be applied from properly bonding with the underlying wood, you end up with an unsightly floor. Excessively sanding into the wood reduces the number of maintenance cycles that it can be taken through in future, meaning that the boards themselves will need to be replaced much earlier than had been anticipated. All of this forces you to dig deeper into your wallet – and that’s definitely not the path that you want things taking. 

Look through the history of the company. How long has the wood floor maintenance business been in operation? Is the history good or bad? What do other clients who have hired their services have to say about them? Go through the reviews in the different platforms, from social media to asking around almost your friends and colleagues – especially those in the locality. You can even check out business directories that come with review sections. All this will enable you to gauge the expected quality of service that you will obtain from the business. 



While there are different ways that a company can go about this, it is one of the areas that show you how much has been invested in the customer care, visibility and information dissemination. Having a resource-rich website and catalogue, plus well-staffed with professional crew who are both knowledgeable and passionate about their tasks, then there are high chances that the company that you’re dealing with will provide you with top quality floor sanding services at optimal market rates. By providing the clients with different resources to help educate them – from how-to’s, maintenance guides, explanatory articles on the different kinds of flood flooring and measures that their owners should take when dealing with them, queries and concerns, especially those related to the floor sanding process, and what the clients can expect from the jobs being carried out, how they can prepare for the sanding and issues to avoid – these all enable the clients to get well-versed with the processes, to enable them make informed decisions. In fact, it contributes to making that first call less stressful, since the visitors to the website will already have a wealth of resources at their disposal. 



Being unexpected, accidents can occur even when you’re dealing with businesses that have been around for decades, with the highest-grade safety precautions in place. It’s just the way life is, thus the need to ensure that you’re protected in the event of an accident. Insurance provision by floor sanding businesses has become an industry best practice, with the protection catering to both the client’s property, and the company crew carrying out the job. Finding out if the business has been insured will give you peace of mind that you’ve been covered. 


  • Pricing


Here, the focus is on getting value for the price being paid for the floor sanding services. You don’t want to pay exorbitant charges or find yourself with huge repair bills due to going for the cheapest services on the market. Quality is one aspect that you shouldn’t compromise on. Sure, in some cases you may find yourself being made to slightly increase your budget especially after you’ve settled on a top-quality company after going through all the pointers listed above. Professional companies are worth it – but how do you ensure that you’re not paying more than you should? A good starting point is comparing the rates of the companies offering the local floor sanding services. This gives you an estimate of the expected price range which you can then set the limits of your budget. After this sift out between the selected companies, working down to the one that meets your criteria most, from the services being rendered, the professionalism of the crew, all through to the customer support that the floor sanding firm provides. 

Pointers To Picking A Floor Sanding Company

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