My experience with floor sanding

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My experience with floor sanding

When I first bought my house, an old middle century house, and my mother told me it was disastrous and that she would never come to visit. I realized I had actually bought the title and the walls because anything else, youcould throw out in an instant.

Five months later, after spending a lot of money, I have managed to restore a few things, even my floors. I must tell you, that apart from the walls, there was an oak hard wood floor that I felt could be refinished. Therefore, after a little hard work and a few more money I am able to walk all over oaken floors. Let me tell my whole experience. First, I wanted to inspect them, in order to see if it was worth saving and investing money in it. To my surprise, the floors were in a quite good shape, so I decided to do floor sanding.

I was never a fan of concrete covered with carpets or plastic flooring, and I really loved the color of the oak. I rented a floor sanding machine and stated working, little by little. Since I wasn’t moved in, it was easy to just throw everything I didn’t need and to concentrate on the floors. A week later all the floor, downstairs and upstairs were sanded, they only needed some paint.  Another week into the project and my floors were all shiny and wonderful.

Five months into the project and I was able to move in with my whole family. The whole floor sanding didn’t cost much, but the furniture and appliances kind of dried me. At least now, my house is called HOME and I love it. Even my mother came to visit. She loves it too!

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