Making Your Wood Floor Last Longer With The Tover Idrolak DR 97

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Making Your Wood Floor Last Longer With The Tover Idrolak DR 97

Making Your Wood Floor Last Longer With The Tover Idrolak DR 97

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With all that time and money you have invested into getting the right wood floor for your home or commercial space, you want the installation to last for long, and retain its charm and appeal all through. With wood floors, you get to opt to maintain that look of the pure wood or the natural effect, or have wood stains applied to set your unique tone. Whichever the case, the beauty and structural integrity of the wood floor will be on the line, especially with all the kinds of abuse that the floor receives.

There are different factors that contribute to the deterioration of wood floors. For instance, with foot traffic, the more people there are in the premises, the faster the rate of wear of the underlying floor. This is due to the abrasive effects that are witnessed as the people walk around the premises, grinding at the floor surface with each step. “But isn’t that the purpose of floors?” Yes. They give us a place to walk on. However, without the floor having protective finishes, the surface will rapidly wear down, fading and reducing the lifespan of the floorboards. You can already notice wear effects on the frequently walked on areas as these develop traffic lanes. Sections on the open floor are also duller compared to those under furniture. It’s not just the foot traffic that is an issue. The sun’s radiation affects wood floors. This can be directly with the wood tissue itself, causing it to darken or fade depending on the species involved, or with the finishes that have been applied, such as for the case of oil-based polyurethanes developing a yellow tint over time. 

What about pets? The furry little guys are all warm and cuddly, but their claws are a threat to the wood floor. All those games they play in the house, dashing around from one room to the next, need them to have sufficient traction. For this, they use their claws, digging into the wood surface to give them a solid grip, especially as they make those sudden turns. This results in scratches being made, which ruin the appeal of the floor. Granted, scratches forming on the floor is almost inevitable. However, strong finishes will mitigate how fast this occurs, as well as measures like regularly trimming the claws of your pets. 

Cleaning methods also come into focus. Mistakes such as when too much water is used for the process, drenching the floor, puts the installation at risk of water damage. The particular chemicals used for the cleaning tasks also matter, since the wood tissue is sensitive to the pH of formulations. That’s why it is important that the chemicals used for the cleaning process be particularly suitable for wood floors. 

As you can see, there is plenty that can affect your wood floor. Observing manufacturer recommendations, and adhering to the “Dos and Don’ts of wood floor care” is part and parcel of the maintenance process. For the protective treatments that will be applied, you want to deal with a quality formulation that has been proven to work. One that comes with the mechanical attributes needed to withstand that barrage of attacks that the floor receives, as well as the aesthetics that will accentuate the space. You can get that with the Tover Idrolak DR 97. 

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Formulated to last

The Tover Idrolak DR 97 is a two-component lacquer, that brings enhanced durability to the installation that it is applied on. It can be used on pure solid wood floors to parquet installations, giving them protection against scratches, foot traffic, and even spills from chemicals. The formulation is particularly beneficial for protecting floors in high traffic establishments, as they are exposed to higher levels of wear. This extends the lifespan of your wood floor, and also prolongs the duration between consecutive rounds of floor sanding and refinishing, which has the welcome benefit of reducing the expenses that go into maintaining your wood floor. From restaurant floors and schools to gymnasiums and shopping malls, the lacquer will be up to the task. Two coats of the finish should suffice, though if there is really high traffic on the premises you can proceed to add a third coat.

When it comes to aesthetics, you get to enhance that natural look and feel of the wood floor with the Tover Idrolak DR 97 varnish. You can also use it with different water-based sealers like the Idrofondo H20 and Mito, which are also from the same brand. Working with the Tover Tone-Up allows you to achieve a warm chromatic look to the wood floor. You can also choose to use it with the solvent-based Gran Fondo, or the Fondo Isolante Al impregnating sealer. Each finishing cycle will have its technical requirements, so be sure to go with the particular application instructions of the different sealers.

What’s included in the package: The Tover Idrolak DR 97 comes with two components: A – the lacquer itself, and B – the hardener that it will be mixed with. 

To Apply: Shake both in their respective bottles, then first pour the A component into a clean container, and then slowly pour the B component into it, stirring the blend. Give this mixture around 10 minutes for the required reactions to take place, then proceed to apply it onto the floor. Don’t pour it directly onto the surface. Instead, apply it using tools like rollers, and ensure that you spread it uniformly over the surface. Note that the lacquer/hardener mixture that has been prepared has a pot life of 4 hours, and it should be used within this duration – so only prepare as much as you need for that particular time window. Any product that remains after the four hours should not be used, even though it may still be liquid. Here, another mixture will be prepared.

One of the benefits of using the Tover Idrolak DR 97 is the reduced disruption to the activities of the premises, since this is a fast-drying formulation. It will be dust dry in 1 hour, ready for additional coats to be applied in 4-5 hours, and normal traffic can be allowed back onto the floor in 24 hours.

Making your Wood Floor Last Longer With The Tover Idrolak DR 97

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