Make Your Floor Shine Again With Floor Sanding

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Make Your Floor Shine Again With Floor Sanding

Make Your Floor Shine Again With Floor Sanding

Solid wood flooring (parquet, the floor) I am indeed very beautiful and warm house, but, besides constant care, require periodic reconditioning.

The big problem is that the floors of old houses is unstable and squeaky, parallels what bothers while the owner and creates discomfort.

To solve this problem we can intervene to floor sanding that is placed floor (so-called blind floor). Depending on the severity of the problem we can accomplish this action in three ways:

  1. Remove all old flooring, we strengthen the substrate, and replace old flooring bonded with adhesive. Then refinished the whole work (plasters, primers, applying two coats)
  1. Identify areas that screech and injecting the resin layer special fixing substrate. Then the final refinishing the surface.
  1. Full replacement (the most expensive solution)

Today we can tell how reconditioned wood flooring in home conditions and without the help of specialists, in 10 steps.

  1. Sand the surface you wish was a reconditioned with sandpaper grit 150.
  2. Clean the dust layer formed and wash the floor or floor surfaces with water and detergent timber.
  3. Apply a coat of primer wood in the right shade of paint or lake that you will use to finish.
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly primer (minimum 24 hours).
  5. After drying the floor sanding Dublin with sandpaper grit 220 for smoothing.
  6. Wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in alcohol waste.
  7. Apply the first coat of paint or varnish with a brush (experts recommend using a roller brush and not to obtain a smooth and uniform paint layer, grain less).
  8. Wait at least 24 hours to complete drying of the first layer of paint.
  9. Apply second and third coat of paint, the drying interval of 24 hours between them.

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Make Your Floor Shine Again With Floor Sanding