Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

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Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


Water based floor lacquers and floor varnishes have changed the way we seal and protect wood floors. More natural finishes are now available from all brands of wood floor care products. But even within this industry, there are leaders and losers. Some of the water based floor lacquers available from well established brands are not that good while some lesser known brands manufacture premium quality water based floor lacquers and water based floor varnishes. You need to know where to look and what to look for when buying a floor finishing product.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Brand


Junckers is one of the most popular brands of wood floors in the world. They manufacture domestic and commercial wood floors. Junckers floors are finished with unique water based and oil based floor finishes from Junckers. It is for this reason that Junckers developed a full range of wood care products suitable to use on all types of wood floors. You can buy hardwax oils, wood stains, lacquers, primers, gap fillers, wood floor cleaners, floor polishes and refreshers. If you have wood floors in your home, you will find a product from Junckers to help you maintain that floor.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Water Based Floor Lacquer


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is a water based floor finish. This product is recommended for use as a domestic floor finish and it can be used to seal new or newly sanded wood floors. The product has no odour, it dries super fast, it looks 100% natural and it lasts for years. All you can ask from a very well priced water based floor lacquer. The product is available in matt & silk matt finishes. You can use it to seal furniture, woodwork & wood floors. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer will not change the natural look of your floors and it will not yellow from sunlight or chemicals. A premium quality water based floor finish.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Application


It is essential to seal only raw wood surfaces or surfaces that were fully sanded and are sealant free. You can try to apply it over pre-existing finishes but compatibility is not guaranteed and the final finish might not be what you have hoped for. Make sure that the wood surface is dust free, dry and in good shape. If you are planning to seal very absorbent wood surfaces, it is recommended that you prime the surface before sealing. 1 coat of Junckers Prelak Floor Primer will seal the wood and will reduce varnish absorption by up to 50%. The primer will level up the wood surface and will create a perfect base for the lacquer. Apply 1 coat of Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer. Wait about 2 hours. Sand lightly with 150 grit sandpaper to remove all small spikes and imperfections. Then apply the last coat of lacquer. The floor will look amazing.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Coverage


All brands of varnishes will have a recommended coverage area. But the truth is that the coverage area varies from surface to surface and it also depends on the skill of the person applying the lacquer. On a primed wood surface, you should be able to cover 12 sq meter per L. If you apply it without a primer, the first coat will only cover around 8 sq meter per L. The second coat and the third coat will always cover more because the surface is already sealed and the wood cannot absorb lacquer anymore. You are only glazing the floor with the last coats. The more coats of lacquer you apply, the smoother the surface will get.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Finishes


Most high quality water based floor lacquers are available in extra matt, matt and silk matt. You want to maintain the natural look of your wood floors without creating an artificial glazing over the floors. A matt finish will offer full protection without creating any type of shine on your floor. A silk matt floor lacquer will create a soft sheen finish on your floor that will facilitate easy care and maintenance. The level of shine in “matt” finishes can vary from brand to brand but with Junckers finishes you can be sure that a matt finish will end up looking 100% matt. If you are looking for a very glossy finish, you can finish your floors with a silk matt and apply one more coat of gloss wood floor polish.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Overcoating stains


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is a water based single pack floor lacquer. Most single pack water based floor lacquers from other brands are not compatible with oil based wood stains but Profinish is 100% compatible with all Junckers Wood Stains. Apply 1-2 coats of wood stain from Junckers, wait 4-6 hours for the stain to dry and then seal it with Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer. It might not be compatible with other oil based wood stains from other brands. No primer is required when overcoating wood stains.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – How to apply


Most floor refinishing companies apply this quality floor lacquer with a roller. There are a few other ways of applying water based floor lacquers but Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is a domestic floor finish and only small areas of up to 100 sq meters will be treated at once. Use a proper varnishing roller and apply thin coats. You are better off applying more thin coats than a few thick coats. Use a small brush to apply around skirting boards and any areas where the roller does not fit. Wash all the tools with warm water after the job is completed. Do not mix different types of floor lacquers to avoid reactions and patchy finishes.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Drying times


The drying period for each coat depends on a few factors. In any case, you need to make sure that the first coat is fully dry before applying the second coat. If you are applying floor lacquer over a primed wood surface, the varnish is likely to dry pretty fast because the lacquer will not penetrate too deep. When sealing a wood surface without a primer, you should expect 2-4 hours until the first coat dries fully. In any other case, the varnish will be ready for re-coating within 2 hours. The weather, lacquer thickness, the wood surface and the quality of the tradesmen applying the lacquer are very important factors in the drying process.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – How many coats?


The more coats the better is the classic opinion. But that is not the case at all. It all depends on the quality of your water based floor lacquer and the type of floor that you need to seal. Some water based varnishes or lacquers are very thin, like water while others are like a cream. Junckers Profinish Water Based Floor Lacquer is a thick cream that levels with ease and with only 1 coat it already looks finished. But at least two coats are required for full protection. Even if a varnish is labelled as “domestic”, it does not mean that it will wash away a few weeks later. Some domestic households have huge amounts of traffic, pets, kids and many parties. For a varnish to last and offer full protection, it has to be done right and it has to be be applied with the recommended breaks between coats.


If you are sealing pine wood, we recommend that you use 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of lacquer. Pine floors are soft and absorbent. If you are sealing hardwood or parquet, you can just apply 2 coats of Profinish without a primer. Always re-sand the surface after the first coat to avoid having a rough feeling on your floors or furniture. You do not want to keep applying coats of varnish. The idea of a water based floor varnish or lacquer is to protect but to maintain the natural look of the wood. More than 3 coats of varnish will just glaze the floor way too much and you will lose that natural beauty. If you are worried about the amount of traffic on your floor and you think that Junckers Profinish is not suitable in 3 coats, go for a commercial floor lacquer like Junckers Strong Premium or Junckers HP Commercial. But do not apply more than 3 coats.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – How do I pick the right varnish?


Well, you will need to assess your floors. Like in anything else, you get what you pay for. There are shoes great for running but not great in the rain and there are shoes great in the rain but bad for running. Make your decision. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is a professional heavy duty floor finish suitable to use on domestic floors and light commercial floors. The varnish will protect your floors very well and will last for up to 10 years with regular and proper maintenance. Paying double to buy a commercial floor lacquer to seal your living room floor is a waste of money. You just don`t need it. Junckers sells 3 types of water based floor varnishes by level of quality:


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – single pack, domestic use, very durable, affordable

Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer – single pack, commercial , very durable

Junckers HP Commercial – two pack, commercial use, super durable, well priced


It is your own personal choice, assess your floors and decide on the best option for you. Consider traffic, area, finish required and the budget. 100 sq meter of floor can cost 250 euro to seal with Profinish, 360 euro with Strong Premium or 480 euro with HP Commercial.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Eco


You want to make sure that the products you use to seal your floors are as eco as possible. Well, Junckers is one of the most eco orientated brands. Unlike other brands, Junckers has a few single pack floor lacquers that can be used over oil stain without the need for using two pack sealants. The varnishes have no odour, low VOC, low pollution rate. By being so thick, Junckers floor lacquers will use less product to achieve the same results that can only be achieved with 3 coats if you are using other brands.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer – Anti Slip


It is only natural for you to be looking for a durable floor finish that is safe, long-lasting and that does not become very slippery when wet. Well, with Junckers you are in good hands. Junckers is the world’s largest manufacturer of wooden floors and they cannot sell floors that are hazardous for people. All Junckers floor lacquers are manufactured with anti slip materials. Junckers varnishes will create a great grip even when it gets wet.


Many people are worried about the level of gloss in a lacquer. Just because a floor looks glossy, it does not mean that the floor is slippy. The level of gloss does not affect durability and the grip level. It is just an acrylic component to make a finish look more shiny. Some people love matt finishes, others love satin finishes while others love super glossy finishes.


Always use quality products. Do not cut corners and do not start making savings when buying floor finishes. A proper floor finish will last for 10 years while a cheap floor finish will wear off in less than 2 years. See a floor lacquer as a long time investment. The more you spend now and the more you research the products, the longer it will last. Semi solid wood floors and engineered wood floors cannot be sanded many times. You want it done right from the first time and you want it finished with the most durable floor lacquer possible. Getting a floor sanded is a pretty disruptive process and you do not want to do it each year.


Check out Junckers range of professional floor lacquers and floor finishes. Order Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer right now and enjoy premium results.


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

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