Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer

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Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer

Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer


Some floor refinishing contractors ignore the importance of priming a surface before varnishing. Most domestic DIY experts have never even heard of a primer. But priming a wood surface is essential before varnishing for a few good reasons.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – What is a primer?


A wood primer is usually a combination of acrylic components and other leveling chemicals that are designed to be applied over new or newly sanded wood surfaces. The primer will level up all the small imperfections and will create a perfect base for varnishing. You will achieve a much smoother finish with less coats. The wood floor primers dries faster and it costs less than the varnish.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – Can I not just use the varnish as a primer?


Well, you can but it will cost you more and it will take longer to dry. Junckers Prelak has a thick cream like composition and it levels up very nicely. It dries in less than 30 minutes and it reduces varnish absorption by up to 50%. If you are priming the floor with a varnish, the varnish will penetrate very deep and it will take more than two hours to dry. Also, the varnish is very thin and it will require 4+ coats to achieve what you can achieve with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of varnish. Very hardwood floors might not need priming.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – What types of wood primers are available?


There are two types of wood primers available. Solvent based and water based. The solvent based wood floor primers will darken the wood surface and will create a “peachy” finish on bright wood surfaces. It dries much faster than the water based primers but it has an oily odour. Most people prefer to use water based wood floor primers because they have no odour and do not alter the natural look of the wood.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – What is the coverage area?


The recommended coverage area for most types of wood floor primers is anything between 8 to 14 square meters per L. It all depends on the type of wood being treated. Very soft wood surfaces are likely to absorb more so you will only achieve 8 sq meter per L but hard wood or less absorbent wood surfaces will have a much better coverage area in the region of 14 sq meters per L. One coat of primer is usually enough but in some cases, two coats can be applied.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – Is the primer a finish as well?


Junckers Prelak and all other water based wood floor primers are not suitable for finishing wood surfaces. The product is only designed as a primer and has to be sealed with at least two coats of oil or water based finish. If left unsealed, it will wash away in a matter of weeks. The primers only job is to create a perfect base for the varnish.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – Can I use the primer before a matt finish?


Of course you can. Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer has no shine at all. The product is 100% ultra matt. Apply 1 coat of Prelak and two coats of varnish over it. If you are looking for a perfect matt finish, you should use a water based lacquer. Solvent based lacquers even if called matt finish, is not really ultra matt. Natural finishes can only be achieved when the surface is sealed with water based finishes.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – Can I use any varnish over it?


All manufacturers of floor finishing products will recommend that you use a primer and a finish from the same brand. If this is possible, you should respect the manufacturer recommendation. But many floor refinishing companies are using a few brands of primers, stains, gap fillers or lacquers. Junckers Prelak is compatible with Tover & Bona varnishes. We cannot guarantee that it will work with all other brands but it is highly likely. Pre-testing is highly recommended. You can use any of Junckers Lacquers as an overcoat over Prelak.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – It is suitable for commercial?


As we have just mentioned above, a primer has no protective qualities. The coats that are sealing the primer will make the difference. If the wood surface is dry and clean, Junckers Prelak is the ideal wood floor primer. You can seal it with two pack or single pack floor lacquers. Solvent or water based. It is very important to make sure that the surface is fully dry before sealing it with a varnish. Applying another coat over a wet primer will create many issues like very long drying times and exfoliation over time.The coat that you are applying now needs to attach to another surface.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – I primed the floor & now I can see black stains


You are using a water based floor primer. This primer will only bond with the wood surface if that particular surface is water free. If you have just primed a floor or some other wood surface and now after it has dried, you can notice black stains and markings under the primer, it can mean only 1 thing. The wood is wet. When the primer penetrates a wet wood surface, it reacts instantly and it creates water damage on the wood. If this happens, you have two options. Sand the floor again, dry the floor for a few days and then prime it again or, sand the floor and seal it with a solvent based primer. When the black stains appear under the primer, you need to do something to sort it out. It will not dry and disappear. This issue can appear when the floors that got primed are new and not fully dry or when a plasterer or some tradesman has wet the floor for a period of time. The floor might look dry at the top but it could be wet at the bottom.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – Cost effective


If you are only varnishing a chair or something very small, you are not likely to save a lot by using a primer. But if you are varnishing 100 sq meter of wood floor you could save 50% in varnishing costs. If you apply 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of varnish, you will finish the project faster and you will use around 10L of varnish less. The finish will be smoother and more natural as well.


100 sq meter of floor – 2 primers & 3 varnishes (if you prime the floor)

100 sq meter of floor – 6 varnishes will be required (without a primer)


When you prime the floor and then varnish, with 5L of varnish you will cover 70 sq meter of wood floor. Without a primer, you will only cover 8-10 in the first coat & 10-12 in the second coat. Then the 3rd coat you will cover 14 sq meters per L.


Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer – Recommendation


Don`t make your like any harder. Use a professional wood floor primer and achieve better results with less work. Doing the job right is essential for its final finish and durability. Junckers Prelak Wood Floor Primer is a premium quality wood floor primer. Thousands of professional contractors all over the world use it daily and achieve amazing results.


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