Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

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Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

Junckers Prefill Gap Filler


Cracks in wooden floors or gaps between wooden floorboards cannot be filled with standard filler. The floorboards are flexible and normal wood filler will just crack. For these kinds of jobs Junckers Prefill Gap Filler was invented. It is flexible, it looks natural and it dries in no time. The ideal gap filler for gaps up to 0.5 cm


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Does it look different?


This professional gap filler from Junckers has no colour at all. The product will be mixed with dust from the floor itself. In theory, it should not look different. The biggest mistake most people and contractors make, is that they mix the gap filler with the first dust generated from sanding the floor. That first dust contains the old finishes and all the dirt. Sand the floor well with 40 grit sandpaper and after all old finishes are removed in full, sand the floor one more time with 60 grit sandpaper. Use the last sanding dust to mix up the composition for gap filling. It will look the same colour as the floor.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – How do you do it?


Sand the floor well and expose the wood. Assess the floor and if the gaps between the floorboards are around 0.5 cm, you are ready to go. In a bucket add 5L of Junckers Prefill and start adding wood dust until the solution looks like a thick cream. Let it rest for about 10 min to thicken and then apply the first coat of gap filler. The composition is very sticky so it will attach well to the floorboards. Put a bit of pressure on the gap filler to make sure that it penetrates the gaps fully. Remove any excess. Make sure that the composition is only in the gaps, not on the floorboard. Wait around 2 hours. Now repeat the process but this time the composition does not have to be as thick. In the drying period, some of the first gap filler will retract a bit while drying and you want to make sure that the surface and all the gaps are fully filled. Use the composition one more time to repair imperfections and fill up all the gaps. Wait about 1 hour and you are ready for sanding. Sand the floor 1 more time with 40 grit sandpaper to remove any gap filler from the top of the floorboards. If the job was done correctly, you should end up with a perfect flat surface and all gaps sealed.


***only mix small amounts of Prefill if you are only working on small areas. You should be able to do about 2-4 sq meter of floor per L of gap filler***


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – What is the point of the gap filler?


By sealing the gaps between the floorboards you will stop draft, you will stop dirt getting stuck in the gaps, you will reduce the risk of spillages reaching the ceiling downstairs and you will improve the look of the floor. Joining the floorboards with a professional gap filler like Junckers Prefill will also create a more compact floor surface and it will reduce squeaky noises that can arise from movement. This is not a job that you have to get done but it is highly recommended. Your home will lose less heat, you will clean your floors less often and the whole room will achieve a more contemporary finish.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – It is smelly?


No. There is a light odour but it is not overwhelming. Junckers Prefill Gap Filler is a water based product. The odour will disappear in full after the filler dries. It is safe to use around kids, pets, sick people and old people. The product complies with all EU regulations.


Junckers Prefill Gap Fill – How long will it last?


The smaller the gaps between the floorboards, the longer the durability. If the job is done right, the gap filler will last as long as the floor. There are few factors that could reduce the durability:


  1. High traffic – a lot of people walking on the same floor daily will put a bit of pressure on the gap filler and over time cracks will appear
  2. Shocks – if there are a lot of shocks on the floors, like kids jumping up and down or if some very heavy items are dropped on the floor, it could crack
  3. Maintenance – if you use a lot of water to deep clean the floor, the floorboard itself could get wet and the connection between the gap filler and the floorboard could get damaged
  4. Shoes – if you are wearing high heeled shoes with very sharp heels you could penetrate the gap filler


Other than that, it should last for many years.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Varnish absorption


The gap filler will behave like any normal wood surface. It can be sanded and stained at the same time as the whole surface. It will absorb the stain and the lacquer 100% the same as the rest of the surface. There is no need for extra coatings or special attention.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Drying times


There is a recommended drying period for all gap fillers from all brands but that recommended period is informative only. The final drying period will vary from job to job and day to day. The most important factor in the drying process is the thickness of the gap filler. If you are filling up gaps 0.1-0.2 cm, you will find that it dries in less than 30 minutes. When you are filling bigger gaps, the drying period will increase. Either way, the maximum drying period should be around 2 hours. The weather or the room temperature is also an important factor. If you are filling gaps in a room with no heating in the middle of the winter, you will be waiting a longer time for the gap filler to dry. If you are filling the gaps in a room that is 25C hot, the gap filler will dry as you apply it. You can increase or decrease the drying periods in a few easy steps. Never fill up gaps when it is below 5C.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Can I fill up gaps without sanding the floor?


No. You can try but there is a high chance of failure. The gap fillers composition has to attach to a clean wood surface. This is the only way it will create a perfect bonding between the floorboards. The gap filler gets into the gap, attaches to the sides of the boards, the wood absorbs the moisture and the gap filler dries. The gap filler has to be sanded after it dries so you will have to sand the floor either way. Remove all the pre-existing finishes before applying Junckers Prefill Gap Filler.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Can I re-use the gap filler that I did not use?


If the composition is already mixed, you will need to use it in less than 4 hours, otherwise it will dry even inside a container. The gap filler that is left over but was not mixed up with wood dust can be reused up to 10 years if maintained in a cool and dry storage area. Make sure that you put the lid on after you are done with it.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Safety


The product is pretty safe to use and no major precautions are required. Use your common sense and wear a pair of gloves, do not mix the gap filler with other brands of gap fillers to avoid reactions and wash your tools after you are done. If you have touched other surfaces with the composition, clean well before it dries. Once dry, it will be very hard to remove from any surface. Wear a mask if you have any breathing issues.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler – Interior use


This product was designed for interior use only. Do not use it outside and do not apply over wet surfaces. Do not seal gaps bigger than 0.5 cm. Wait for the product to dry fully before applying other finishes over it.


You are about to use one of the most highly recommended and most efficient wood gap fillers available. Junckers is a well known brand of wood floors and all Junckers products are suitable for domestic and professional use. Respect the application guidelines and recommendations and you will achieve amazing results with little effort.


Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

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