Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer

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Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer

Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer


Commercial floors and wood floors with high footfall, will require industrial finishes. Floor refinishing projects can be very disruptive and in some types of wood floors, nearly impossible to do more than 2-3 times. For these types of high traffic wood floors Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer was invented. This product is known to outlast its competition, to be resistant to chemical reactions and to protect against scratches. Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer is a water based two pack commercial floor finish recommended for schools, pubs, restaurants, sport rooms, public buildings, etc. It looks great, it dries fast and it can be applied over oil based wood stain. Very few floor lacquers come close to this outstanding finish.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Two pack


Most single pack water based floor lacquers are suitable for domestic and light commercial floors. There are some single pack floor lacquers that are also suitable for heavy duty commercial & industrial floors (Junckers Strong Premium). But nothing is as durable and as resistant as Junckers two pack commercial varnish.


-it does not react with cleaning products

-it can be applied over oil based wood stain

-safe to use on areas with high humidity

-very hard to scratch or penetrate

-highly recommended for sport rooms


The lacquer is sold in two bottles, 4.5L the lacquer itself and 0.5l hardener. When the two components are mixed, it transforms into a quick drying composition with an amazing increase in its durability.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Finishes


Junckers does not make glossy finishes. HP Commercial is available in extra matt finish or semi gloss finish. The ultra matt finish will fully protect the floor without creating any shine on the floor. The satin or semi gloss finish will create a soft sheen finish but nothing artificial. A semi gloss might look a bit glossy on the floor initially but it will dull up a few months later. The level of shine in a varnish does not affect its durability. All Junckers floor lacquers are available in ultra matt and semi gloss.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Application


You need to assess your floor and you need to make sure that you really need to use a commercial two pack floor lacquer. If you decide to use it, you need to follow these steps:


-sand the wood surface well until there are no more old finishes

-prime the floor to reduce absorption & increase the protection

-apply 1 coat of floor lacquer, wait 1 hour, sand lightly again

-apply the second coat and wait around 2-3 hours to fully dry


If you are applying Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer over stained wood surfaces, you need to make sure that the stain is fully dry. Do not over lacquer the floor. 1 primer and two coats of lacquer is more than enough. If you are sealing very hard wood, two coats of Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer without a primer, would do the job.

The lacquer can be applied with a paint brush around the edges and with a varnishing roller for bigger areas like floors. Wash the tools well after you are done with it.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Coverage area


Like any professional floor lacquer, Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer will cover between 8 to 14 sq meters per L. The coverage area will vary from surface to surface and day to day. It is highly recommended that you use a solvent or water based floor primer before varnishing. The primer will even up the wood surface and will create a perfect base for the varnish. A primed floor will use 20% to 30% less lacquer. First coat will always absorb more, usually 8 to 10 sq meter per L while the second coat will cover around 12 to 14 square meter per L. Very absorbent wood surfaces like pine will need much more floor sealant to even up and to create a perfect smooth surface.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Drying time


For a commercial water based floor lacquer to be called “professional”, it has to dry in under 2 hours. Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer has an amazing drying time and amazing natural finish. The final drying period can vary from surface to surface and day to day. If you are varnishing a floor or some wood furniture on a cold and wet day the drying period will be up to 2 hours. If you are varnishing a well ventilated area on a warm day, the drying period can be under 1 hour. If you are finishing a primed floor, the drying period will also reduce. It is very important to respect the drying period for few very good reasons. Each coat has to be nice and hard before the next coat is applied. Varnishing over a wet finish can create bonding issues and reduce the product durability. If the first coat is not fully dry, you will create permanent damage when attempting to sand between the coats.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Advice


As you are already aware, this product comes in two pack. It is very important to only mix up what you need for up to 4 hours. When you mix the lacquer with the hardener, a chemical reaction happens and it triggers a fast drying process. The mixture has to be used in maximum 4 hours after it was mixed. After 4 hours, it will get hard inside the bottle and it will be useless.You need to be very careful not to touch other surfaces with lacquer. Do not varnish a surface and then open the doors. The draft will bring dust to the wet surface and it will alter the final finish. Do not mix a few types of lacquers and do not add hardener to any other type of floor lacquer from Junckers. It will not work.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Maintenance


Your floors are like new and you want to keep it like that for as long as possible. The first job you need to do is to get rid of all the old mops and old cleaning products and start maintaining your wood floors with Junckers Sylva Clean and flat mops. Standard cleaning products will remove the dirt but it will also dull and possibly damage your floors over time. Do not use the same mop to clean bathroom and kitchen floors and then clean your wood floors. Traces of bleach or harsh chemical products can still exist on the mop and could cause damage to your floors. Deep clean your wood floor once in a while and maintain your wood floors daily with neutral wood floor cleaners. The secret of durability is in maintenance. If over time the floor will lose a bit of its shine and areas with more traffic will look duller than the rest, you can refresh it with Junckers Refresh. This is a liquid wax that will rebuild the lost lacquer.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer – Cost effective


If you are sealing big wood floors, you can save a lot of money if you use Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer. 5L of floor lacquer will cover 70 sq meter of floor if applied over a primer. Most other brands will cover around 50 sq meter per 5L. If you are varnishing a sport room or a big restaurant, you could save a few hundred euros and you will be using a premium quality two pack water based floor lacquer. This product is highly recommended for the commercial floor sanding and floor refinishing industry. You will use less product and you will cover more. A win win situation.


Have your floors or your furniture sealed with quality lacquers.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer


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