I Need Floor Refinishing Services

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I Need Floor Refinishing Services

Recently I have moved into a new house. I am saying new, because it’ s new for me, but it has been standing for at least 60 years, so it’s much older than me. However, I liked it since the first moment I saw it and I knew I had to have to, without thinking I should pay more attention to details. One of these details is the floors. I couldn’t help, but see they needed a bit refinishing but I told myself it was easy to be done.

Once I moved in, I wanted to refinish it myself. Need less to say, it was barely possible to refinish one square inch of it, so I decided to hire someone to do it for me.  So, after I called the floor refinishing team they said they would come the following week, so all I had to do is wait. To my surprise, they came in with massive technology pieces, they explained how it works and they started the job. However, they did warn me it will be quite noisy, so I would do best to go out that day and enjoy the weather.

I thought to myself it would take more than a day, so I planned an entire week of going out with friends and family I wasn’t able to see lately. I must mention the house has two stories and the floors were wooden with a little bit of marble, so you understand why I thought it would take all week.

They surprised my again, when I came home the next day and all my floors were shining in the dusk light. It was amazing. The walnut floors were dark and glittery and the white marble was absolutely spectacular. I was amazed! They have finished the floor refinishing in just a day and a half, with great result, that I didn’t think were possible, and now everyone who visits me is dazzled by my home. Exactly the way I dreamt it would be.