How To Tell You're Dealing With A Quality Floor Sanding Company

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How To Tell You're Dealing With A Quality Floor Sanding Company

How To Tell You’re Dealing With A Quality Floor Sanding Company

When it comes to taking care of your wood floors, you want to be sure that your installation is in safe hands. There are different companies providing the floor sanding services, and getting the right team is key to ensure that you obtain the desired results from the process. Here are some of the signs to look out for that will let you know that you’re engaging with a quality contractor: 

Certifications and Accreditation

What kind of professional training have the personnel of the floor sanding company had, and do they have the certifications to prove it? Note that this is an industry with rapid advancements in technology, so it will be important for the company itself to also invest in the regular training of their personnel to keep them up to date with the new systems used.

Long experience

“Long” here is relative, but generally speaking you will have more confidence when hiring a company that has been providing the floor care services for several years compared to one that was launched a few months or weeks ago. This is not to take away from the importance of start-ups. We all understand that one has to start from somewhere, right? However, the younger that a business is, the greater the level of risk, especially for the contractors who are still learning their footing the industry. Definitely, you don’t want to go for a company that has no track recorded, or a fly-by-night type that you only learnt of from one post on Facebook. Dig through the track record of the company, including its ratings and reviews that have been left behind by clients on their social media pages, or business directory listings that have the review feature. 

Dustless floor sanding

You want there to be as minimal dust as possible during the floor sanding process. That’s what dustless systems have been developed for. Unlike the conventional sanders where the unit has a dust bag, the dustless systems have the sanders being hooked up to powerful suction vacuums that extract the dust the moment it is grinded off the floor These are then directed through tubes to containment units off the property. This means that you won’t find yourself faced with a messy space, and it also cuts down the amount of time me taken for the entire refinishing process. 

Liability insurance

Even the most experienced contractors are not 100% immune to accidents. They can occur even after placing stringent safety measures in place, which makes it important to have a property liability insurance policy in place. That way, as the client you will be protected in case an accident occurs when the floor sanding is being carried out. While on this, you can ask about how many claims the company has had in its history of service delivery. The fewer the claims, the more confidence that you can have in the safety measures that are put in place. 

Workers compensation insurance

This is to show you that the personnel of the floor sanding company were taken care of as well. The compensation insurance provides the coverage in case of an accident while they work on your floor. When a company takes care of its staff, this will be a positive sign that they will take proper care of your needs as well.

Signs That A Floor Sanding Is Needed

So how do you know that your floor is due for a sanding and restoration project? One often most common signs of wear is excessive scratches on the floor. When few, scratches can be ignored, but it reaches a point when they appear to have taken over most of the floor surface, which drags down the appeal of the installation. The scratches can be caused by a myriad of things, from the debris that is grinded against the floor surface by foot traffic, scratches from pets for those with cats and dogs running around in the household, the kids’ toys especially the cars and train tracks that are set up on the floor, all through to furniture movement, especially in areas like under the dining table. There can also be the occasional deep scratches from heavy furniture and/or appliances being dragged across the floor. Deep scratches that have got through the wood stain and exposed the bare wood underneath are particularly problematic. This is because they provide an entry point of more water into the wood tissue, which increases the risk of damage. 

Water damage is particularly an issue that greatly affects wood floors. It can be due to spills that were neglected causing the wood to soak in more of the liquid, plumbing issues like a leak from the pipework in the house, all through to changes from the cyclic humidity conditions in the area becoming more intense and causing permanent changes in the wood structure. Before carrying out any renovation on the floor, ensure that the cause of the moisture problem has been addressed and the floor allowed to stabilise to the environmental conditions before getting the sanding done. This is to avoid sanding a floor that has cupped or crowned, then later on as it dries you end up with an uneven surface. Should you notice that the floorboards have begun turning grey, this is a sign that the existing treatment has worn out to a point of allowing increased moisture absorption into the wood. Here, the floor sanding and refinishing should be carried out as soon as possible. If the boards end up becoming black, they will need to be replaced, which will end up costing you far much more in the process. 

Then there are those who simply desire a new look and feel. In this case, the goal is to replace the wood stain that had been applied, and even the type of lacquer used if needed. Here the floor sanding will be required to remove the existing treatment, and the property owner can then proceed to have the preferred stain applied. There is a wide range of colours to pick from, and the finish coats also offer different gloss levels. As such, one is able to end up with the final result that suits their particular desires.

How To Tell You’re Dealing With A Quality Floor Sanding Company

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