How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

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<h1>How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding</h1>

How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding 

Floor sanding is usually a long and very messy affair. More often than not, your role as the home owner is to find the crew, point at the mess and get out of the way. However, there are a few things that you can do to help speed up the process and contribute to the success. This is usually during the preparation phase. Below is all you as the client need to know about how to prepare your floor for the floor sanding crew. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

Your Role In The Preparation Process

1.Removing the furniture

Floor sanding demands full access to all corners of the floors. The very first step in preparation is therefore removal of furniture. You may choose to do this or to solicit some help. Either way, getting it done before the crew arrives ensures that their job is a lot easier and faster. It is also always a great idea to do this on your own as it ensures that delicate pieces get handled with the tender loving care that only you as the owner can provide. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

  1. Covering fixed accessories or furniture

In some cases, you might have furniture and other home accessories that are fixed either to the floor or to the wall. In this case, moving is not an option. The best thing to do then is to cover the items with either plastic or cloth covers. This helps to protect them from getting covered with dust from the floor sanding process. However, when you hire professionals who use dustless systems, you won’t have to worry about this. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

  1. Removing mats, rugs and light carpets

In addition to the furniture, you will also have to relocate carpets and rugs from the room being worked on. This is also done to provide clear access to the floor surface. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

  1. Covering sockets and light fixtures

Electricity and dust are not the best of friends and it is therefore important for you to cover sockets and light fixtures in your home before floor sanding. This is the case especially with low-lying sockets. For this, all you need is some adhesive tape and paper which are easy to apply and remove. Again, your appliances will be safe when you opt for professionals who employ dustless floor sanding systems for their operations. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

  1. Ventilation, dust control and humidity control

If you have a HVAC system in your home, then this is one time you will need to learn how to use it. Floor sanding and restoration involving wooden flooring requires regulation of heat and humidity. This is because wood is porous and when exposed during the restoration will most likely soak up any excess humidity in the atmosphere. Ventilation and dust control on the other hand come in handy ensuring that the crew and residents in the house get to enjoy clean dustless air during the project. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

  1. Offer storage space for the crew’s equipment

You do not have to do this but if you can it will make life a lot easier for you and the crew. Some businesses take their equipment with them at the end of the day and bring it back the next day to continue the project. This may be time-consuming and inconvenient. Curving out a storage nook for them somewhere in your home makes things easier for them not only at the end of the business day but also during the actual sanding. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding


With all these tips and guidelines in mind, it goes without saying that you do not have to be a floor sanding guru in order to lend a hand. The steps highlighted above may seem simple but they make all the difference when it comes to speedy completion of the project. In conclusion, if you do not mind getting your hands a little dirty, helping the crew prepare the work site as described above will give you the satisfaction you need. How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding