How to do floor refinishing on stone floors

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How to do floor refinishing on stone floors

Marble and stone of many kinds have been used for many years as flooring. You can still find them, especially in old houses, but they have quite an ascending trend in recent years. Therefore, I feel obliged to tell you a few things about the process that goes around when you decide to sand the marble floors. Don’t forget all kinds of stone is proper for sanding, therefore you should not throw it away and replace it with something else. Stone is a bit different from hardwood floors. The process is a bit different, since there is no need for painting, but for repeated polishing, in different measures.

If you happen to have such floors, take good care of them, because they’ll stay with you forever.

A floor refinishing process starts with the sanding of the surface. Using sandpaper the specialists are able to straighten the level of the floors, and should be able to erase all scratches. If there are missing parts, now is the time to replace it. Measure perfectly the blank spaces and place new blocks of stone, instead. It is a very exact process so you should let professionals deal with it.

After that they go to the next step where they refinish the surface making it levelled and matte. The polishing that follows is a more thorough process needed to be done several times until the floors begin to shine. Since the floors are stoned, the floor refinishing process does not include painting it with a polishing it. The shine is given be repeated sand and dust polishing.