How do you know you need floor sanding?

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How do you know you need floor sanding?

Many people have asked me this question, in the idea that I can give them a few hints on the necessity of floor sanding. I shall not discuss here, what floor sanding is, because I trust you know that already, but I shall give you a few pieces of information that will help you observe if you need any floor sanding at all.

Now there are three types of flooring: there is wooden (and here we count every kind of wood, from the softer ones to the stronger essences), there is stone (this is where we count marble, travertine and other natural stones) and there is parquet (which normally doesn’t need any kind of sanding, since it is already polished. If you happen to observe deterioration on this kind of floor, it is wiser to replace it and not sand it, because it is already a very thin type of floor.)

As I were saying, we shall only talk about wooden and stone floors. One of the first things you will see about your floors is that they start to get very dull. There will no longer be shiny surfaces, even though you clean them and wax them regularly.

Another thing you will start to observe is that, especially wooden floors start to get sticky. And when they get sticky they get really, really dirty. So dirty that no amount of cleaning product will ever take the dirt away.

As for the stone floors, they will lose their shine and will have rough surfaces, like they have been scratched. These tips remind you that you need to get your floors sanded, so that that upper layer of wood or stone is removed, and then the following layer is polished, waxed or varnished.

There are just a few tips on how to understand that your floors need floor sanding, for more tips and tricks, feel free to visit our site.