Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

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Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Get Your Floor Sanding Dublin Needs Met By The Professionals


Everyone marvels at the beauty of a home with a fine hardwood floor. It’s a natural appeal that accentuates the interior of the establishment, whether it’s a residential setup or a business premises. The different species add unique character to the decor, giving you that wow factor that you desire. You get to bring your premises to life, and the beauty never goes out of style. In fact, the wood increases the resale value of the property. Hence, it’s a smart investment choice. For landlords and property managers, attracting those new buyers and tenants will be a walk in the park, and you will be able to justify the higher premiums for the premises. They’ll even be willing to pay more for the property simply due to the floor- and bid for it. There is a wood floor for every taste. With the numerous options of stains, finishes and inlays to choose from, you can get to have the installation that matches your particular needs. Whenever you want to change it and spruce things up, a quick refinishing will suffice. The wood is also easier to clean compared to other flooring types. With a few swivels of the mop, plus the occasional spray, you can keep the surface clean, in less time too, compared to others where you’d be vacuuming, scrubbing and shampooing to get the grime off. Wood is not electromagnetic, so it doesn’t trap dust like carpets, and you won’t have to worry about issues like mould in the grout, as is the case with tiles. Less chemicals are needed for the cleaning too. This also means that it’s an ideal choice for households where there are persons with allergies. Since we spend plenty of our time indoors, the flooring has a huge impact on the air quality we breathe. The wood won’t be harbouring dust, mites or fumes. Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

In addition, wood is eco-friendly. Not only is it a carbon neutral product, but its production is much more cleaner and safer for the environment. For instance, concrete results in 6 times more pollutants during manufacture compared to wood, brick produces 4 times, and steel an astounding 40 times more Wood even contributes less to the waste in landfills compared to the other options. It’s also a renewable resource, reducing the strain on the planet as a whole. For example, the bulk of the exotic woods that are used for the floor installation come from certified sustainable forests. More is grown than is cut. Since they are a high-end use of forest products and a consistent revenue stream, perpetuation of the forest is ensured. What’s more, as the trees grow, they help in reducing the greenhouse gases, since the young trees use up more carbon dioxide than the older ones. It’s just like how kids and teens gobble up more food than adults do. By investing in a wood floor, you’ll be contributing to these chain of events, hence reducing your carbon footprint. Then there’s the warmth that it brings into the heart of the home and commercial environment. The cellular structure of the wood enables it to trap more air, enhancing its insulation abilities. This makes it a more energy efficient option. For instance, the insulation that you get from about 1 inch of wood will require 15 inches of concrete. Then comes the durability. Wood flooring can last a lifetime, even being passed down to coming generations. All around the world, there are people walking on floors that are older that their own countries. It just needs proper maintenance. Instead of ripping them out and adding to the landfills, you can easily have the finish repaired or completely redone. When time comes to give your floor a fresh start, by getting rid of the old finish coats and applying new ones, call in the floor sanding experts. Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

How Life Affects Your Floor – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

The elegance of your floor is worn down due to the constant attacks that it receives on a daily basis. These include:


  • Grit – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Sand, dirt and other particles get tracked from the outside onto the floor surface by the normal foot traffic. They get compressed under people’s shoes and act as an abrasive agent. It’s basically like the action of sandpaper on the floor. Over time, and with more people trouping about the establishment, the finish wears down, and also develops scuff marks. Failing to remove the grit by sweeping and mopping regularly increases the rate at which this wearing down occurs, transforming the stylish surface into a dull, forlorn floor. You don’t want to wait until the finish has been completely worn down and risk damaging the wood. In fact, if you can pour some water on its surface and it disappears into the wood leaving behind a dark spot, then the finish has been severely depleted and a floor sanding is overdue.


  • Furniture – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Lack of felt glides, or some other form of protection under the legs of furniture is a recipe for scratches forming on your floor. You can even have the glides but fail to clean them, in which case dust and grit get imbedded, causing the very scratches that were being avoided. The largest risk with furniture comes when you need to move it. Failing to lift it, and rather sliding or pushing it across the floor, scratches the wood, sometimes digging out gouges. From the heavy sofa sets to the dressers, they end up ruining the floor. Then there are those cases where people slide back while on the chairs- such as happens often at the dining room. Heavy appliances like the refrigerator and piano also cause similar distress to your floor. Some of them may actually have wheels, buy their weight compresses the finish and wood grain, and they may leave behind dents. Plastic or metal casters also leave behind marks that damage the floor.


  • Shoes – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Footwear is a leading threat to floors. From the spiked shoes that scratch the surface, to the high heels on those petite ladies that will leave pock marks on the floor, the wood comes under a load of strain. The higher the number of persons in your establishment, the faster the rate at which the finish coats lose their appeal. There are even those with shoes that have metal heel supports, which can dent the floor. To put things into perspective, a 125-pound lady in stilettos, will exert more than 8000 pounds in the floor. This is because the entire body weight is concentrated on a small section of the surface. With this happening on a daily basis, the finish will gradually get worn down and be in need of replacement.


  • Area rugs and mats – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

These are usually put in areas like at the kitchen sink where spills are likely to occur, and inside doorways to prevent dirt from being trekked in. The rugs with rubber or vinyl backing can affect the finish, reacting with them and discolouring the surface. On the other hand, using damp rugs on the floor disturb the moisture balance with the wood, which directly affects the finish coats that had been applied.


  • The sun – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Solar radiation can bleach out your floor or darken it, depending on the wood species in question. Just like people’s reaction with the sun on exposure- some will tan rapidly, others will get sunburns. The finish applied on the wood is also affected. The disparities are more prominent when you compare the sections that are covered by rugs or even under furniture, and those out in the open. You can have a applied a polish on your floor that was glossy and bringing out the hue of the wild, but over time develops an amber tint due to the effects of the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun. Call in the floor sanding Dublin professionals to remove those old and changed layers to enable you apply a fresh new coat that accentuates the character of the underlying wood.


  • Stains – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

These come from all over- food smudges pressed into the floor as people walk on it leaving behind unsightly spots, drink spills at the breakfast table as your kids were hurriedly preparing for school, or at the office as you were taking a break from your daily duties, juice and wine stains during those events at your commercial establishments, parties at home, or perhaps as you were enjoying the company of your dashing date, all through to the urine stains from your pet. When left to stand, the stains set into the finish. The discolorations on the surface of the flooring are both unsightly and frustrating. When they build up all over, they destroy the blend of colours that you had worked so hard to set up. Fortunately, you can give your establishment a fresh new start with expert floor sanding Dublin services.


  • Mistakes during regular maintenance – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Using the wrong approach when cleaning or finishing your floor can lead to damage and undesirable results respectively. For instance, going for an upright vacuum that has beater bars will dent the floor’s finish. Exposing the floor to oils and solvents in substances like nail polish remover, liquor and perfume can leach into the surface and cause it to stain. Then there are those products that are useful in other cleaning areas, but detrimental for your wood floor- such as ammonia and vinegar. They can react with the finish that has been applied, and the swings in acidity and alkalinity will actually damage the wood itself. When it comes to the finishing process, there are many blunders that can occur. For instance, you can have failed to apply even coats causing blotches of the lacquers on the surface. One may have even applied the coasts too rapidly, without allowing the immediate former coats to dry and be lightly sanded. The quick build up will distort the drying and curing process, and you end up with a floor that appears too aged. Contamination of the finish can also occur, whether it has been caused by using dirty applicator tools, or the floor was not properly vacuumed and cleaned before the finishes were applied. On the other hand, heavy coats may have been spread out onto the surface, increasing the drying time and allowing dirt particles to stick on the wet coats. You end up with a dull and forlorn looking floor, irking and frustrating you. Things don’t have to remain like this. Fortunately, with floor sanding Dublin service, you get to have a second chance. The damaged finish will be removed, allowing you to apply fresh coats and get it done right.


Why DIY Floor Sanding Is A Bad Idea – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services


DIY projects give you the thrill and joy of accomplishing something with your bare hands- that spark of knowing that you had a hidden talent within you. For other aspects around the home, they are invigorating. However, when it comes to floor sanding, you may find yourself biting more than you can chew. Here’s why:


  • The hustle involved – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

First, you have to get the right equipment, depending on the specific needs of your floor restoration project. You need quality tools, otherwise you could end up spending weeks dealing with your floor. Equipment that is beat up or ineffective is more trouble than it’s worth. So you’ll need to dig through mounds of information on the internet, scouting for referrals till you narrow down the store to rent the sanding gear from. Then wait in line to get it, and arrange for the transport to your establishment. Then there’s the amount of finances involved to get it, and the liabilities in case the machinery gets damaged. Something as minuscule as a nail popping out of the floor can cause serious harm to the sander passing over it. You don’t want to deal with all these stresses and frustrations, and you haven’t even got to the sanding itself yet. Moreover, the sanding is just the first step of the floor restoration process. There’s the finish that’s to come, since you can’t leave the floor with its bare wood exposed. Hence, enough time and resources have to be allocated to get the entire task completed. Note that the sanding in itself is a complicated task. You don’t want to end up with an uneven or unstable surface. Sometimes you will be forced to make repeated passes over an area to ensure that the surface is properly levelled. How big is the area you intend to work on? The workload involved can also cause one to make simple faults that will lead to heavy losses, such as overlooking all those cables found near the floor, like the TVs, internet and alarm cables. The floor restoration project is an investment. Your time, effort and money are on the line. Getting professional floor sanding Dublin services will enable you to save on the three.


  • Risking damaging your floor – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Hiring the floor sanding equipment and learning how to use it are not the same thing. First off, if the machinery that you had rented was not properly maintained, then you are already at a disadvantage. How much power do the sanders deliver? This is the backbone of the process, seeing that you will be breaking down layers of tough finish coats. Getting equipment that is out of tune means that chatter marks will end up being formed on the floor. Assuming that you got quality machines (and no doubt parted with a pretty penny for them), then comes the skills to manoeuvre them on the floor. The walking speed factors in. It should be even, and not too slow, otherwise you risk forming sanding marks on your floor. When you go too fast, then you’ll have barely scraped though the finish coats, meaning there will be patches all over your floor. If you proceed to apply the wood stain, lacquers and topcoats on the surface, then the result will be an unsightly blend of colours, and the entire job will need to be repeated. You also don’t want to dig a dent into your floor because you hovered on one spot for far too long. The sanding direction also has to be determined based on the type of flooring and how the boards have been laid. Take parquet flooring for instance. They rows of blocks are placed in opposite direction. You need to figure out how to sand with the grain of one side, without simultaneously going against that of the other. The grit levels of the sand paper that you should be orderly, otherwise you will end up wasting the paper and taking more time that you need. In addition finishing with the rough sandpaper will also mean that the surface will not be ready to accept the wood treatments that you are planning to apply. You can go through the entire sanding process, jumping through the hoops and performing all the juggling acts, and still wind up with unsatisfactory results. The thing with wood is that even the light blemish that was ignored- whether it’s a scratch, raised grain, or minor dent- will end up being enhanced by the finish coats that you apply. Not only will it frustrate you, but the fact that you’ll have to go back to the beginning, sanding the floor and doing it all over again, may drive you over the edge. Why strain yourself? Leave the task to the floor sanding Dublin professionals.


  • Potential of body injury – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Without the proper safety precautions in place, you risk harming yourself and other persons in the establishment. When it comes to floor sanding, you need protection from the possible incidences that could occur during the process, plus also keeping safe from exposure to the chemicals that are in the floor treatment and finishing products. For starters, the sanding equipment that you have rented can produce a lot of noise. Considering that the project will take a lengthy time, then the prolonged exposure will lead to ear damage if you don’t have ear plugs or defenders. Then there’s the dust generated. The particles are a mixture of the wood itself, plus the chemicals that had been applied on it during the previous finishing. Without dust masks and similar protection gear, the fine particles could end up being inhaled, exposing you to respiratory complications and other health risks. There’s also that possibility of wood chips finding its way into your eye, or that of someone walking by- especially during the rough edge sanding. Needless to say, your vision won’t be the same again. Moreover, without a protective suit and gloves, you may end up getting bruised, and some of the flooring products may lead to adverse effects when they getting into contact with your skin. For instance, the high solvent content in some floor treatments will lead to skin irritation. On top of all this is the sheer workload involved. The floor sanding is an involving task, from pushing around the heavy machinery to remaining on your feet for extended periods. There are also those tricky areas that will require you to get on your knees and sand them manually. Avoid all these troubles by letting the professional floor sanding Dublin team take care of the task for you.


Value Of Expert Floor Sanding Dublin Services – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services


  1. High quality equipment – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

The floor sanding job requires power and efficiency, and that’s what the machinery that our team used comes packed with. The sanding gear is state-of-the-art, and properly maintained to ensure that it delivers quality results each time. The sanders break through those multiple layers of finish, from the top coats through to the lacquers, sealants and wood stains, revealing the bare wood underneath. This opens up its pores, making it ready to leave the fresh new coats that are to be applied. The high efficacy of the process ensures that minimal time is spent, and that even the tough coats are abraded through. Moreover, the surface is left smooth and level, to enable the coming coats to be applied uniformly, to ensure that you get the outcome you desire from your floor restoration project. Even the dust is dealt with effectively. Powerful vacuuming systems are attached to the sanding equipment, sucking up those coarse and fine particles before they get a chance to escape into the environment and cover your stuff. That way, you won’t have to worry about a dust storm in your establishment, and the furnishings and electrical appliances in you premises will be kept safe. Your HVAC units, sinks, light fixtures and other items in your home or business will not be at risk, and the air quality will be preserved, enabling you to protect the health of your loved ones at home, plus the staff and customers in your commercial establishment.


  1. Experienced team – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

We have been providing floor sanding Dublin service for years, and our team has the necessary experience to take care of your specific needs. The testimonials, reviews and referrals are proof of the satisfaction we provide. These are our own crew, fully trained and with the skill set required to ensure that everything goes as planned. From residential establishments such as apartment blocks and townhouses, to commercial facilities like office buildings, retail stores, malls, restaurants, clubs and bars, dance studios, gyms and other fitness centres, all through to institutions like school classrooms and their cafeterias and even nursing homes, our floor sanding Dublin team will treat your property as their own, and you can rest assured that it is in safe hands. The personnel will arrive on site in time and treat you with the utmost courtesy, and also offer advice on how to maintain your flooring, pointing out factors in your establishment that may be causing damage. This will enable you avoid further losses down the road.


  1. Free yourself – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Floor sanding is a taxing job. Without the requisite skills and machinery to get it done efficiently, it will drain you physically and even psychologically. It’s the most laborious part of the floor restoration process. The frustration from making blunders, to the heavy sweating and dust involved are more trouble than they’re worth. You could spend an entire weekend dealing with just the bedroom of your house, then begin wondering what to with the rest of the house. Some start and give up midway due to the sheer amount of work that is involved. You don’t want this to be how you spend your days off from work or your weekends. Your vacation should be left open to do things you love- going outdoors for walks and jogs, getting a drum kit and working out a groove, taking part in community sports like cricket or baseball, catching the league games on TV, binge-watching your favourite TV show, spending quality time with your kids and significant other, going site-seeing, learning that new recipe, camping, exploring new places and trying out their cuisines-not having it all chomped up by the arduous floor sanding task. For business owners, your activities are literally on the clock. Are you preparing the new office space so that you can move it? Perhaps you have even organised an opening event to launch, celebrate and showcase your products to the local community. You don’t want to be forced to cancel or postpone you plans because the premises is not ready. Getting professional floor sanding Dublin services will enable you to keep things on schedule. A similar scenario plays out for persons in the property market. Planning an open house? Are you constructing multiple units for clients and have promised them that they will be able to take up residence by a specific time? You don’t want to let them down and ruin your business image. Homeowners planning to move into a new house already have a lot of things to take care of-researching the new community and schools and arranging to transfer records, scouting and settling for moving companies, going through your organization’s moving policy for those getting transferred, transferring your medical, property, fire and auto insurance policies, notifying your doctors and dentists of moves, and seeking referrals, disconnecting cable, internet, electric and any other services you currently use and arranged for the services at your new home, dealing with the end-of lease agreement with your landlord, all through to cancelling or redirecting all scheduled deliveries (such as newspaper, milk, etc.) plus carrying out the packing itself. Adding floor sanding to the pile will strain you. Leave the task to our floor sanding Dublin professionals.


  1. Protect your investment – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Your floor is one of the major components of the property, and you paid hefty sums to have it installed. You don’t want it getting damaged. The floor restoration process will enable you to reverse the wear and tear effects, and restore that natural look and feel. The floor sanding will have set the foundation for the treatments coats that you apply to adhere strongly to the surface, enhancing the strength and abradability attributes of the wood. This will keep it elegant for longer, and enable you to enjoy it all through. Your peace of mind is restored, since you won’t keep getting distracted by the stains on the surface of the floor. The mood in the interior space is brightened, and you will be able to host your guests with confidence. Those scratches that were fouling your mood the moment you walked through the front door will be removed. You get to have a spruced up space that even has a therapeutic effect on you and other persons in the premises. This goes to further improve the quality of your living and working conditions. Even the cleaning efforts become easier. The uniform surface after the coats are applied will prevent dirt and grime from collecting in ridges and grooves, making the sweeping and mopping process to be carried out with minimal effort on your part. As such, you get to enjoy the most out of your investment. Moreover, as manufacturers insist that the floor maintenance projects be carried out using professional services, you will be able to retain the warranty of the flooring.


  1. Cost friendly – Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Services

Our floor sanding Dublin services have been priced with your in mind. Everyone is unique, and so are your floor are needs. The structure of the costs factors in your particular situation, including aspects such as the size of the area being worked on, all through to the finish coats that are to be removed and the type of flooring involved. The prices are also affordable, without compromising on the required quality that should be delivered. That way, you get to save on costs, and carry on with your floor restoration project without breaking the bank.


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