Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine

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Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine

Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


There are a few things you need to know before hiring floor sanding equipment. In most cases the machines for hire are old, de-calibrated and past their usage period. You may be able to achieve great results but it will involve A LOT more effort than necessary i.e. with old, out-dated machines you will have to work much harder than needed. Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


Most of the floor sanding machines from hire centres are old and overused. These machines can be very de-calibrated and as a result can streak your floors. Many untrained people are using the same machines and a lot of the time they are using them wrong. You cannot afford mistakes on your floor. Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


We have hired many professional floor sanding machines from hire centres and in 80% of the cases the machines were ok. But in 20% of the cases we have hired badly de-calibrated floor sanders that were not fit for their purpose. If you are not an expert in floor sanding and you end up with one of these floor sanding machines you will always believe that you did something wrong but in fact you didn`t. Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


Here are few tips when you are hiring a floor sanding machine:


a.            Ask for a report of the machines service history – if is over 30 days old, don`t hire it

b.            Order floor sanding sheets online (you will save a lot of money)

c.             Henry Hoover bags fit most edge sanders and cost 9 euro for 10 bags!

d.            Inspect the machine before you hire it, don`t just trust the company


From our reports, about 50% of DIY floor sanding projects end up bad with floors needing professional repair work afterwards. The floor can look ok but not as it should, the work can take much longer than needed and believe it or not, floor sanding is very hard and time consuming. We would recommend that you hire a professional floor sanding company and have your floors finished properly. You can take care of painting, window cleaning and other house DIY jobs. Floor sanding is a trade for professionals only. Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


Add up all your hire costs, sandpaper, the varnish, the diesel/petrol you need to drive to the hire centre, your time off, plus all the dust and see if it is worth it. A floor sanding company will charge you more or less the same! Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine


Hiring A Floor Sanding Machine In Dublin