Why You Should Hire A Professional Company To Sand Your Floor

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<h1>Why You Should Hire A Professional Company To Sand Your Floor</h1>

Why You Should Hire A Professional Company To Sand Your Floor

The wood floor is one of the largest structures in the house, and lots of time, money and sweat equity went into installing it. You don’t want to run the risks of a DIY job that results in it getting ruined, or dealing with a rookie company that does a shoddy job, leaving you frustrated. There are different benefits of going the professional route with the task, including:



After catering to floor sanding jobs for years, dealing with both residential and commercial clients, the personnel develop a better understanding of the different client needs. This allows the company to optimize its services to be in tune with addressing the requirements of each particular job. What’s more, working on the diverse floor sanding tasks, including the wood species, finishes involved, plus the machinery required for the different scenarios, enables them to quickly determine the appropriate approach to take for your particular situation. This, coupled with the training that they are given, plus investments in professional development to ensure that they are up to date with the latest in floor sanding technology and techniques means you will be certain that your installation will receive quality care, and that you will get value for your money’s worth. 


  • Adherence to schedule


No one likes being inconvenienced. Time is valuable, both on the client’s side and that of the contractor. With a professional company, they have different projects to work on, and they cannot afford to be lax, otherwise it will mess up their plans for the jobs that are to follow. As the client, you also have your itinerary planned out on your end, and want things to go as scheduled- from the punctuality with which the floor sanding session has been booked, all through to the time that will be taken to complete the task. 


  • High-powered machinery


The success of the floor sanding job is tied to the machines that are used. From belt sanders, planetary sanders, edgers and the like, the capacity and power ratings of the units, all through to the sandpaper and abrasive discs required- the professional company invests heavily in quality tools that will deliver on their mandate. Powerful machinery enables the sanding to be carried out in a fraction of the time that it should have taken a rookie company or a DIYer relying on the rented sanders from dealership stores. Granted, the industrial-grade machinery that the processionals use is expensive- and requires high skill levels to maintain, but it is prudent for the company to obtain in order to meet its client’s needs. 

When selecting the company that you will hire for the task, there are various aspects to consider. Firstly, is it licensed? Then, what is its track record? Going through customer reviews and testimonials- from those that have been made online such as on the social media platforms, to offline testimonials where you ask for the contacts of their references and get in touch with them to ask about their experience, will go a long way in ascertaining that the company can be trusted with the job. Insurance is also key, given that accidents can happen even with the most professional and experienced of companies. In fact, industry best practices stipulate that the company should have insurance coverage that covers the property of the client being worked on, and workers compensation for the technicians who have been mandated with the floor sanding jobs. After the sanding and finishing, focus then shifts to how you, as the property owner will protect your installation. 

Wood Floor Care Tips

While it’s a given that the floor will change colour over time, get some scratches and dents- you don’t have to accelerate the process. There are measures that you can put in place to ensure that your installation is protected. These include:

  • Keeping a mat at the entrance into the household. The goal here is to minimise the rate of dirt build-up. Soiling is gritty and abrades the floor surface under foot traffic. It’s like walking around with sandpaper at the bottom of the shoes. Reducing how much dirt winds up on the floor in the first place aids in protecting it, and this can be achieved by placing walk-off mats at the entrance points- from the front door, to the doors leading in from the garage and backyard.
  • Regularly sweep and vacuum the floor. This also aims to reduce the rate of dirt build-up, thus fewer scratches end up being formed all over your installation. 
  • When vacuuming, ensure that you work with the appropriate vacuum attachments. Ensure that you clarify with the manufacturer about which vacuum attachment will be suitable for your particular type of flooring, in order to prevent issues like scratches or gouges being formed. 
  • Be careful about the amount of water that is used during the floor cleaning process. Remember that water is a threat to the wood, since it is a hygroscopic material. It is affected by fluctuations in moisture levels, and aspects such as wet mopping put your installation at risk. Damp mopping is recommended. Don’t soak the surface with water. 
  • Ensure that any drink or water spills are wiped up immediately. 
  • When it comes to the pets, trimming the nails of your furry friend will be key to prevent them from creating scratches on the surface. Each time they run around, they draw their claws, which dig into the floor to give them traction. Routine trimming will aid in protecting your hardwood floor installation. 
  • It’s recommended that you invest in quality furniture pads. From the sofa sliding slightly when people sit on it, to the chairs and stools that are frequently moved, using furniture pads will reduce the rate of wear that will be meted out to the flooring underneath. 
  • Do not put off the routine floor maintenance. From the cleaning to the occasional floor sanding and refinishing, ensuring these are attended to appropriately will prolong the life of your installation, and prevent you from incurring huge expenses in making repairs for damages that could have been avoided.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Company To Sand Your Floor

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