Here's How To Tell If Your Floor Is In Need Of A Sanding

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Here's How To Tell If Your Floor Is In Need Of A Sanding

Here’s How To Tell If Your Floor Is In Need Of A Sanding

Homeowners with wood floors already know the importance of getting the installations sanded and refinished. While the core structure is strong and durable, it is still susceptible to staining plus the wear and tear from everyday life, hence the need to have layers of protective finishes applied. However, even the finishes themselves come under the same barrage of abuse, with the foot traffic being handled in the building, spills and smears, scratches from footwear and pet’s paws, the furniture being dragged on it, casters of the chairs and tables leaving marks, to effects of solar radiation that cause the colour of the treatment to change. After some time- it can be years even, no amount of thorough scrubbing will change the appearance of the floor.  The current finish will simply need to be removed and replaced with a new one. There’s no escaping this turn of events. However, how do you know if a floor sanding and refinishing is due for your installation?

Signs To Look Out For


  • Worn out finish


This is usually one of the most common signs. Due to heavy footfall and everyday usage, the finish experiences wear and tear. Measures like the routine vacuuming and mopping ward this off, slowing down the rate at which it happens- but it doesn’t stop it completely. Areas where the protective finish has weakened- especially the zones that are frequently walked on, will be the most affected. If the cleaning itself is neglected, the wearing down happens at a faster rate, and you will begin noting the spots and patches of bare wood much sooner. 

The finish may be chipping or flaking, a sign that is in increasingly coming under duress. While its job is to protect the underlying flooring, the weaker it gets the more risk that the wood will be exposed to. Finish treatments are key in increasing the durability of the surface and aspects such as wear resistance.  If the finish is compromised, then the risk to your installation greatly increases. The next maintenance steps would be to do away with the current treatment, and have it replaced with a fresh new one. 


  • Scratches galore


These will be hard to miss. When the elegant wood flooring, with its characteristic hue and deep tone, gets gradually covered in lots of scratches, the aesthetic appeal takes a hit. Scratches are caused by a myriad of issues, ranging from casters- especially for chairs and tables which have metal wheels, the pet’s claws as they run across the surface with the claws drawn out, footwear- the likes of those with spiked shoes, kids’ toys- be they the tiny cars or all-out rail tracks that have been set up on the floor, to cases of furniture being dragged across the surface, leaving behind marks.   


  • Cracks and gouges


They are hard to miss, being an eyesore and ruining the appeal of the floor. These are taken care of during the sanding and refinishing process, with the dust that is ground off the floor surface being mixed with specialised filler products that are then placed into the cracks and gouges. These makes them uniform with the rest of the flooring. 

Time for a makeover

There are those who choose to have the floor sanded and refinished in order to change the look and feel of things. Perhaps you want a new wood stain applied, you’re not comfortable with the existing finish and want one with a gloss level that accentuates the space, or those cases where the property owner wants to make the natural look of the underlying wood more prominent. In these situations as well, the current layers of wood stans and varnishes will need to be sanded away. 

How The Floor Sanding Helps

In a nutshell, that old and tired layer of finish is removed, exposing the bare wood underneath. Here, a new treatment can be applied. The process opens up the pores of the wood, allowing the new treatments to bond more strongly with it. The layer of wood that is removed depends on the level of damage- and the thickness available to be sanded. Solid wood floors can be sanded more times than engineered wood flooring, where for the later the veneer puts a stricter limit on the number of refinishings that can be carried out. For instance, the solid wood can be sanded even up to 7 times, while for the engineered wood floor it is usually for a maximum of 4 times in its life. 

Getting ready for the floor sanding process

After you schedule the floor sanding process, there are a couple of things that you will need to take care of before the team arrives. Firstly, ensure that you have made adequate plans for the household occupants- especially the kids and pets. During the sanding process, the house will be a beehive of activity, with the personnel up and about the premises, plus the heavy and noisy machinery. Pets especially tend to get distressed with the commotion, hence making arrangements for them to be housed elsewhere during the duration of the process will be ideal. From keeping them in the kernels, having them stay with friends or neighbours, or even taking them out for a stroll at the nearby parks- it will help in avoiding situations whether they get all anxious. 

Next is moving the objects that are on the floor to be worked on, from the fragile items to the toys, kids’ rail tracks, furniture and other items that would be an obstruction. Professional sanding services can help in moving the heavy furniture- just ensure that you have notified them of this beforehand so that proper arrangements can be made, and for it to be factored into the time that will be spent. It’s also recommended that you cover up the different surfaces, from the shelves to the electronics and sinks, in the building. This is to protect them from any dust getting into the system. Plastic sheets can come in handy for this. Speaking of dust, being keen on hiring a company that uses dustless floor sanding systems will enable you to drastically reduce the mess that is generated during the activity. 

Here’s How To Tell If Your Floor Is In Need Of A Sanding

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