Why Hardwood Floors Are Popular

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Why Hardwood Floors Are Popular

Why Hardwood Floors Are Popular

Wood flooring is highly sought after, with its natural beauty and characteristic charm even leading to increases in property values. Flooring showrooms are full of the different styles that one can have set up, and this is an installation of choice for numerous homes and business premises across the planet. Wood has been used as a flooring choice for centuries, and its spot at the top is not being taken away any time soon.  So why are they in demand? Let’s delve into it:



When it comes to aesthetics, wood floors are in a class of their own. That natural charm simply cannot be replicated with other types of flooring. Every little swirl mark, the grain pattern, and the numerous hues that come with the different types of wood species- they enhance the décor of the interior space. Whether you want a modern look, a rustic feel, the Scandinavian touch, some shabby chic, bohemian effect- there are wood floors that match the different tastes and designs. The colours of the installation, its textures and effects, coupled with the versatility that is provided by the different treatment options that are available- this gives you more space to work with. After the floor sanding, the wood can be treated with an assortment of wood stains and polishes that will enable you get the desired outcome that brings out your personality at home, and gives business premises a professional image. 


  • The durability


Wood is tough. Its solid and sturdy construction allows it to be used for flooring in high traffic establishments, where it withstands the barrage of abuse that it receives on a daily basis. The additional finishing that is applied onto the material provides more protection, preserving the structural integrity on the installation. With wood floors, you get to have an installation that can last as long as the building itself. This, however, does not mean that you can neglect it. Routine care measures are still needed- from the regular cleaning, to the occasional floor sanding and refinishing. This brings us to the next point:


  • The floors can be repaired


With wood floors, you won’t need to rip out the entire structure and replace it in case there has been damage. Granted, wood is strong enough to take a beating and keep on going. However, accidents happen, and you may find yourself in a situation where some repair works and renovation is needed. It may also be a situation where you want to change the look of the interior space- perhaps applying a different wood stain or polish, or achieve a different polish effect. This can be achieved without having to pull out the boards form the floor. Simply have a professional floor sanding carried out, during which the old treatments are removed, blemishes like scratches and cracks are repaired and filled, after which the floor is treated with products to achieve the desired effect. 


  • Wood is low-maintenance


Here, routine cleaning and care is a breeze. This is especially welcome news to those who don’t want to spend loads of time, money and energy in looking after the floor. This flooring does not attract as much dust and allergens as other installations- like when you’re dealing with carpeting. With wood, you can keep it looking new with a simple routine of vacuuming and weekly washing. A slightly damp mop will do, while working with a product that has been specially made for working on wood. Note that you should avoid using too much water. Wood is hygroscopic, and huge imbalances in moisture levels will affect its structure. This is why it is recommended that one uses a damp mop for the cleaning, not one that is drenched in water. 


  • Boosting real estate ventures


Since it’s in high demand, property buyers and tenants are forking out more money for residential and commercial spaces that have hardwood floors. The increased value of the property results in more return to the owners, who score more profit out of their ventures. Are you putting your property on the market? Ensure that the wood floor is in its optimal condition. With professional floor sanding and refinishing, you will portray the property in superb condition during the open houses and as you show the potential buyers and tenants around the space. 

Get A Professional For The Floor Sanding And Refinishing

After investing so much in your flooring, you don’t want it looking dull and tired, dragging down the rest of the décor. It is bound to happen, given the barrage of abuse that the floor handles on a daily basis. When times comes to revitalize the flooring getting rid of the current finish and applying new treatments to it, turn to the professionals for the task. There isn’t a fixed schedule with which you should do this. Rather, it will be necessitated by simply observing the state that the floor is in. For instance, when there are visible patches of wear, even when the bare wood has been exposed, it is a sign that the floor sanding is due. In other cases, there will be a considerable amount of scratches and dents that have been formed. A couple of scratches are normal- given the different types of footwear that people use, and issues like pets scratching the floor with their claws. However, when the surface is covered in so many scratches, it should be refinished. Allowing the issue to go unresolved will force you to spend much more on costly repairs. These cosmetic defects will later on put the structural integrity of the wood boards at risk. For instance, the scratches become dirt collection points, and if the scratches are deep- such that they get to the bare wood underneath, then the boards will be more susceptible to issues like water damage. Cracks and gouges are also tended to during the flor sanding and refinishing, where the appropriate filler products are used, mixed with the sanding dust in order for the resultant substance to have properties similar to the rest of the flooring. 

Why Hardwood Floors Are Popular

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