Get Your Floor Sanding The Dustless Way

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Get Your Floor Sanding The Dustless Way

Get Your Floor Sanding The Dustless Way

Due to the everyday wear and tear, the floor will inevitably get ruined. Sure, measures like treating it with protective finishes wards off these effects, as well as the routine cleaning. However, over time, the scratches, fading, deeply set stains, cracks, worn out sections and other kinds of imperfections will be hard to ignore. This will call for a round of floor sanding and refinishing. Here, the existing coats are removed, exposing the bare wood. New treatments are applied, from the wood stains to the lacquers or waxes, depending on the aesthetic and wear resistance requirements of the premises. 

The sanding process itself is pretty hectic. Lots of heavy machinery is involved, and it’s in fact one of the most taxing renovation projects to undertake, with plenty of room for error – which is why getting a professional is always recommended. One key problem also arises – the dust. Loads of dust are generated, which makes it a messy affair. Dustless floor sanding systems have been developed to particularly deal with this. 

Value Of Dustless Floor Sanding

First, while the process is called dustless in reality it is not completely dust-free. Efficient systems can remove 99% of the dust which would have otherwise ended up being released into the indoor airspace and surrounding surfaces. 

Unlike conventional sanders which come with a dust bag on the unit, the dustless systems work by having a suction system attached to the sander that picks up the particles immediately after they are formed, and then redirects them to a separate containment unit. The powerful suction is provided through a long vacuum hose that is attached to a vacuum motor. The sander is connected to this vacuum hose. The system captures and filters out the dust, while still maintaining the suction power of the vacuum. Some systems even have sensor-monitored dust suction. 

The systems used to evacuate the dust with this process are usually large. They can be mounted on a truck or trailer, or alternatively set up outside the building, with the hoses leading to the rooms that are being worked on. 

There are multiple benefits to using this approach, including:

  1. Results in a smoother finish 

Many of the problems that pop up in the hardwood floor finish are attributed to dust that has been left behind on the surface being worked on. These particles get trapped under the wet coats that are applied, ruining the final result. It can be frustrating to have worked on the floor for days, and wind up with a finish that is peeling, has blisters or one where the protective attributes have been compromised, weakening the treatment. With dustless floor sanding, the clean-up will be more thorough, preparing the surface for the treatments that are to follow  

  1. Safer for persons on the premises

Fine dust particles in the airspace can trigger reactions once inhaled. For people with dust sensitives or conditions like asthma, their health is at a greater risk of being jeopardised. Working with dustless floor sanding systems protects them, and it is also beneficial for premises with vulnerable populations – like households with kids, schools, as well as when carrying out the floor restoration in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and similar institutions.

  1. Speeds up the floor restoration

With conventional floor sanding, the loads of dust that are generated will call for a more intensive clean-up job, meaning that the overall restoration job will take longer. This also means more resources are taken up by the task. On the other hand, with the dustless floor sanding, the need for this is drastically reduced, which enables the rest of the processes to be carried out sooner. 

What About Sandless Refinishing?

While some websites and businesses use ‘dustless’ and ‘sandless’ interchangeably, these are actually different. Like you can tell from the name, there is no sanding involved with sandless refinishing. This means that the existing coats remain on the floor. The surface is just buffed, and an extra coat can be applied on top if the situation calls for it. This application also means that the colour of the floor remains the same, and imperfections like deep scratches, gaps, dents and the like are left behind. As such, it is not an approach to take when you’re dealing with extensive damage to the floor, or if you want to change the colour. It’s more of a temporary measure that helps the floor continue looking elegant. Eventually, a full round of sanding will be required, when the existing finish gets deteriorated.


Giving Your Floor The Care It Needs

While dustless floor sanding services are ideal, the level of quality of the project will be dependent on the contractor you hire for the task. Just like with any other niche in the floor care industry, there are different companies offering various levels of service. Going through the track record of the different local floor sanding companies will enable you to determine the most appropriate contractor to hire for the task. Here, look into aspects like the reviews and testimonials that have been posted about the firm by other residential or commercial clients who have worked with them. Check out their ratings on online business listings, and scout through their social media pages to see the kind of feedback that is in the comment sections of the posts they make. This is to give you an overall view of how they interact with their clients. Proof of previous jobs is also ideal, especially with the “Before/After” images that showcase previous projects they worked on. 

When it comes to the prices, note that every floor sanding job is unique. The size of the floor, the condition that is in, whether the refinishing will be included in the task, any repairs that need to be made on the surface – these all factor into the price that your project will cost. A visit by a representative of the company of your property to assess the floor will be needed. Getting quotes from different companies will help you gauge the reasonable price range for the service. Be wary of the particularly cheap companies, since this is a pointer to something being amiss with their service delivery. They may be relying on unskilled technicians, low-capacity machinery, or not have insurance for the task.

Get Your Floor Sanding The Dustless Way

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