Get Your Floor Refinished By The Pros

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<h1>Get Your Floor Refinished By The Pros</h1>

Get Your Floor Refinished By The Pros

Is it time to give your floors a fresh start? The surface may be covered with loads of scratches, that ruin the appeal of the installation. These are caused by anything from foot traffic and pet’s claws, to cases of moving furniture – such as with the chairs at the dining table. Not only are the scratches unsightly, but also, if they are deep, they will provide moisture with an access point to get to the bare wood, meaning that the floor will be at increased risks of water damage. Perhaps the wood floors have started greying out. This is usually caused by the wearing down of the polyurethane coats of protection that had been applied on the floor, causing the wood structure to begin oxidising. When left unattended to, the affected boards end up becoming black, requiring to be replaced. 

What of stains? Those numerous stains that form on the floor take away the appeal of the space, clashing with the rest of the decor. Granted, you can’t go refinishing the floor after every encounter with a permanent stain. However, after years have passed there will be simply too many patches of stains to ignore, which will trigger the need to have the floor sanded and refinished. There are also those who are simply looking to change up their style, by giving the wood floor a different colour. Here, all that is needed is simply sanding away the current finish, and applying the preferred wood stain and varnish. Whichever the reason, you want the task to be carried out to quality standards – thus the need for bringing in professionals for the task.

How You Benefit From Hiring Professional Floor Restoration Services


  • Get it done right


The last thing you want is for your expensive wood floor installation to get ruined because of a job that has been shoddily done by rookies. This is one of those home improvement projects where mistakes will be costly to rectify. For instance, if the task is rushed such that patches of old finish remain, then the new products that are to be applied won’t be able to properly bond with the wood floor. This means that the coats will have to be removed – calling for another round of floor sanding. On the other hand, there are those who go overboard, sanding too much into the wood. Remember that each wood floor can only be sanded for a limited number of times – which will be dictated by the thickness of the wear layer. Taking too much out of the wear layer in one instance thus means that the wood floor will have fewer chances to be restored in future, cutting down the life of the installation as the floorboards themselves will need to be replaced much sooner. However, when you hire professionals for the task, a team that is experienced, and with a track record of quality service delivery, you get to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken during the job, protecting your floor in the process. 


  • They have the machinery needed


Sure, you can rent sanders from your local dealership – but these units usually have less power and capacity compared to the heavy-duty industrial-grade machinery that the professionals use. The latter are much more expensive to purchase and maintain, thus the dealerships opt for the lower cost units that will be available to use for the DIYers – but in the process compromise on the efficiency needed for the task. The powerful tools used by the professional allows them to cover more floorspace in a fraction of the time that a DIYer would take. That way the floor restoration can be completed quickly and normalcy restored to the home. When hiring a company to carry out the floor restoration task, ensure that you go through its reviews and testimonials, to find out what other clients have had to say about their experience when they engaged the firm. Also look into their insurance coverage, since you still want to be protected in the event of an accident. 



Having the floor sanded and finished will make the routine cleaning a breeze. Worn out surfaces with scratches all over provide more area for dust particles and debris to stick. Failing to apply a finishing product, on the other hand, causes the wood to readily absorb spills, and they will be difficult to remove. However, a proper sanding allows the finish coats to be applied to bond well with the wood, and the finish products in turn increase the dirt and stain resistance of the floor. The dirt and grime that winds up on the surface can then be got rid of with a quick mop. 



What’s your style preference? From traditional and contemporary décor, to modern and trendy looks – there are wood stains that appeal to the numerous tastes out there. For wood floors, you don’t have to change the floorboards whenever you want to spruce up your space. Simply call in the floor sanding and restoration crew, and have a wood stain applied that will match your preference. Follow this with getting the finish products applied and polished to the desired gloss level. That way, it accentuates the space and brings out your personality. 



A worn out and dilapidated floor will definitely drag down the appeal of the space. Whether you’re a property manager or homeowner who has recently put the premises out on the market, you want to be able to impress the prospective buyers checking out the residential space. The floor is one of the largest structures in the household, and its state will have an impact on the perception that interested parties will develop – which is why it is vital to ensure that you have put your best foot forward. Here, the sanding and refinishing enables you to get rid of the imperfections that are on the surface of the structure, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the different rooms. This all contributes to increasing the home value, meaning that you will get higher returns for the real estate venture, and close the deal in a shorter time as well. 

Get Your Floor Refinished By The Pros

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