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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional dustless floor sanding services in Co Wicklow and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Our company uses only top of the range floor varnishes and floor staining (bona) . We provide commercial floor sanding services and domestic floor sanding services. On the commercial floor sanding services side of the business we deal with many pubs , restaurants , schools , businesses , shops , etc. On the domestic floor sanding side of the business we deal with many landlords, estate agents and private customers. Most of our domestic floor sanding jobs come from repeat customers for referrals. We provide free estimates for all our floor sanding customers and our floor sanding prices are very affordable. We cover the whole Co Wicklow area but for areas +40 km outside Dublin we will charge extra for fuel. We are open 24/7 but we would require 1 week notice. We can also provide emergency floor sanding services but it will cost extra. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services in Wicklow please contact us at 014440146. Floor Sanding Wicklow


Taking Care Of Commercial Wood Flooring After Sanding And Restoration – Floor Sanding Wicklow


Once the sanding crew packs up, cleans up and clears out of your commercial space, it is your prerogative as the business owner to ensure that the floors are well maintained. For the most part, maintenance techniques used in the domestic setting work just as well in the commercial setting. However, there are a few practices unique and relevant to this particular environment. Without further ado, below is how you take care of your wood flooring after commercial floor sanding and restoration. Floor Sanding Wicklow


How To Take Care Of Commercial Wood Flooring – Floor Sanding Wicklow


  1. Wall to wall carpeting – Floor Sanding Wicklow

In offices, industries and other commercial settings, one of the best ways to protect your wooden flooring is by investing in wall to wall carpeting. This might take away from the aesthetics of wood flooring but it ensures that functionality is maintained and durability is pretty much assured.


  1. Floor protectors for office furniture – Floor Sanding Wicklow

If you want to take care of your office wooden floors without necessarily having to hide them behind bland carpeting, you may choose to invest in floor protectors. These are soft materials used to cup furniture stands in order to protect the floor from damage due to constant dragging. This particular tip works very well in office settings where there is a lot of furniture involved and people constantly moving in and out of their working stations.


  1. Fixing flooring problems immediately they are noticed – Floor Sanding Wicklow

Another very good way to ensure that the results of commercial sanding and restoration on your floor last for long is by getting problems fixed immediately they are noticed. In this case, things like board instability, faulty flooring units, cracks and even water damage should be urgently addressed. This is because if they are left unfixed, chances are that the problem will become progressively worse leaving you with a much bigger mess to deal with.


  1. Implementing water damage preventive measures – Floor Sanding Wicklow

Water damage is very common in commercial settings. It can be caused by a number of reasons including installation of wet carpeting, faulty plumbing and liquid spills left for long periods without cleaning. The resulting damage usually manifests as wood discoloration and in worse cases rotting with fungal invasion. Fortunately, there are many different steps that you as the business owner can take to ensure that your floor is protected from this damage. One such step is ensuring that the carpets are completely dry before being installed. It is also very important to fix any leaking pipes whether underneath the floorboards or elsewhere as these also provide the moisture that damages the wood.


  1. Regular cleaning – Floor Sanding Wicklow

With wooden flooring, you can never go wrong with regular cleaning. This is the case both in commercial and domestic settings. Frequent vacuuming and occasional wet washing prevents build-up of dust on the surface which with time damages the polish and the wood below.


  1. Refinish when due

Finally, in order to keep your floors looking nice and fresh after restoration it is important to keep up with your refinishing schedule. It takes anything from a few years to several decades before a commercial floor needs to be sanded and refinished. However, should you notice a problem in the finishing coats before then, it is not a crime to get professionals to work on it before the imperfections spread.


Conclusion – Floor Sanding Wicklow


At the end of the day, how well you take care of the floor will determine how long you get to enjoy the results you paid and waited so long for. The 6 tips highlighted above should go a long way to ensure that you take the best care possible of your flooring for long lasting results. Floor Sanding Wicklow



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