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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional dustless floor sanding services in Sutton and the surrounding area. We are open 24/7 but for late and weekend appointments we will require 24 hours notice. All our floor specialists are fully trained , efficient and very professional. Our company uses Bona varnishes & staining , a guarantee of quality and long lasting results. All our estimates are free and no obligation. We can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood floors and we can stain your floors in any color you want. For higher traffic areas we can use Bona Traffic , one of the hardest varnish ever invented. Our minimum order is 450€ vat included. From our website you can find out a lot of information about our services , our covered area and our latest projects. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 01444 0146 and one of our specialists will be with you within 24 hours. Floor Sanding Sutton

5 Reasons Why The Floor Sanding Process Should Be Left To The Professionals – Floor Sanding Sutton


  1. They know what they are doing – Floor Sanding Sutton

Floor sanding might appear simple but it is a labor intensive and skill dependent art. Professionals in the floor sanding industry usually undergo some form of training that allows them to understand the process. One of the many skills they possess that you do not is the ability to identify the problem. A good floor sanding professional should be able to tell what the problem is by simply looking at the wood, listening to it and sometimes even smelling it as with water damage. This is especially important as it determines the course to be taken with the restoration process which is truly something that should be left to the professionals.


  1. They know how to do it – Floor Sanding Sutton

In addition to knowing what needs to be done, professionals in the floor sanding business actually know how to do it. Sanding in particular can be very tricky and has the potential to go horribly wrong when done incorrectly. Professionals are trained on how to handle the specific equipment and tools involved for the best results. This comes in particularly handy when deciding the grit size to use on different types of wood and different stages of sanding. This is a skill that comes with training and practice and is therefore usually only found among professionals. Another very useful skill professionals in floor sanding have is their ability to think on their feet. Floor sanding does not always go according to plan and it is important to work with a crew able to find fast and feasible solutions on the go. Floor Sanding Sutton


  1. They have everything they need to do it – Floor Sanding Sutton

As much as floor sanding relies on skill and experience, the equipment used plays a major role in determining whether or not the project will be successful. Another great reason to leave it to the pros is the fact that they already have all the equipment needed. Should you decide to do it all by yourself, you would have to rent the tools from other companies which might end up costing you just as much if not more than hiring a crew. In addition to having the tools needed, they actually know how to use them. This ensures that the final results are nothing short of amazing whether it is water damage being fixed or a simple sand and coat project. Floor Sanding Sutton


  1. They are good at what they do – Floor Sanding Sutton

Experience and training have made professionals in the floor sanding business very good at what they do. What this means for you as the home owner is that great results are pretty much a guarantee should you choose to go with the professionals. This is evident in their ability not only to stick to the plans they have set but also in their flexibility in the face of unexpected challenges. Floor Sanding Sutton


  1. You deserve a break

Finally, working with professionals is way better than doing it yourself as it allows you to take a break. Truth be told, floor sanding is a long and very tiresome process. Going the DIY route can chomp off weeks from your vacation or days off from work at home, or cripple your business operations. It is especially more arduous if you don’t have the requisite skills, or efficient machinery. Relying on a professional crew to get the job done makes your life a whole lot easier as the home or business owner. Floor Sanding Sutton

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