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Understanding Floor Sanding Services- Water Damage Repair – Floor Sanding Rathmines

When it comes to flooring, the combination of wood and water forms the perfect recipe for disaster. Exposure to water is one of the leading causes of damage as far as wooden floors are concerned. It can lead to anything from simple discoloration to full blown mold colonization. Whatever the case, the importance of getting the problem fixed could not possibly be emphasized enough. Below is information that should help you identify the problem and have it fixed promptly. There is also information on how professionals fix water damaged wooden floors to help you ensure that you get the very best services out there. Floor Sanding Rathmines


Tell-Tale Signs Of Water Damage On Wood Floors


  1. Discolored spots and streaks – Floor Sanding Rathmines

This is easier to visualize on light coloured wood boards. More often than not, they appear as dark streaks and spots along the edge of the floor. It is common when the water causing the damage is contaminated with dirt as the streaks are usually brown or black.


  1. Polish bubbling, chipping and flaking – Floor Sanding Rathmines

This is the case when the finishing layers are light and thin. The water damage in this case manifests as surface irregularities including bubbling, chipping and peeling. This is more commonly observed on walls adjacent to the floor affected.


  1. Floor board instability – Floor Sanding Rathmines

Water damage is a major cause of floor board instability. The most common manifestations in this case are cupping and buckling. Floor instability results in all sorts of bad things including tripping accidents, annoying creaks and unsightly lack of uniformity.


  1. Wood rotting – Floor Sanding Rathmines

When wood begins to rot as a result of water damage, it implies that the situation has gone unaddressed for a very long time. The wood appears dark and stripped with exposed grain. The wood in this case is also very weak and can easily crumble when force is applied.


  1. Actual mold or mildew – Floor Sanding Rathmines

Water offers the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive and these two are among the most important signs of this kind of damage on wood floors.


  1. Unusual odors – Floor Sanding Rathmines

Finally, a water damaged wooden floor will emit unusual musty odors. This may either be as a result of the wood rotting or because of the spores produced by the fungal overgrowths.


How it is fixed


– Floor sanding and refinishing

This is one of the most effective solutions especially when the water damage is not extensive. Floor sanding helps to strip away the affected layers of wood. This leaves you with healthy undamaged boards and panels. Once the floor sanding is complete, the professionals working on your floor will apply the finishing product. This helps protect the wood from further damage as a result of exposure to water. Floor Sanding Rathmines


– Sealing

This is more of a preventive measure than a repair measure when it comes to water damage on wood. Sealing products are applied between wood panels to seal the cracks preventing water seepage into deeper layers. Floor Sanding Rathmines


Replacement of damaged boards and panels

In some cases, simple floor sanding and refinishing will not do the trick. Here, the only solution is to take out the damaged floor boards and panels and replace them with new ones. This will cost you more but is the most effective way of dealing with serious water damage on wood floors. Floor Sanding Rathmines


– Repair at the source

Finally, it is important to remember to work on the source of the problem. With wooden flooring, damaged pipes running under the subfloor are the main culprits. More often than not, floor sanding businesses are not equipped to handle this. This means that you will have to go the extra mile and find a plumber to handle the issue. Despite the extra cost, it is a great way to ensure that the final results last for a long time. Floor Sanding Rathmines


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