Floor sanding or new floors?

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Floor sanding or new floors?

Floors, just like carpets are some of the most diverse things inside a house. Proper for any kind of use, there are many types of floors you can consider, especially if you’re building a house from scratch.

However, if you’ve lived in a house long enough, or if you bought a house, but you don’t like the floors so much there are two things to consider : floor sanding or new floors.

Depending on how much money you have to spend, both solutions are perfect.

On one hand, new floors give you the advantage of having them the way you like it – you can even make them purple.

On the other hand, floor sanding is cheaper, and can really bring back to life some of the best floors there are.

Hardwood is perfect for this procedure. It is soft enough to be sanded, but strong enough to resist without breaking. Stone is just as good. Depending the kind of stone is used, it may require a little bit more work, but the result may just as well be fantastic. Travertine, marble, local lime stone, even a certain kind of pebble can be sanded, without special difficulty.

The advantage of floor sanding is, without a doubt, the cost. It can cost up to twenty times less than changing the floors altogether, but that is not the only advantage it has. Imagine all the mess you would have to handle if you would change the flooring! Not so enthusiastic now, about changing the floors, are we?

Also, the result are never dull. You can have a sparkly floor in just over 24 hours. I think it is pretty much all you can desire for your flooring, isn’t that right?

You can do the floor sanding on your own, but if you are not good with machinery, than I suggest you hire professional contractors. They are not expensive, and they will move much faster than you. Not to mention the lack of headaches you will have, by not dealing directly with hard floors. You can also read a lot more right here.