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Floor Sanding Dublin

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Professional floor sanding services in Milltown and the surrounding area. Using some of the best dustless floor sanding machines we can guarantee you top of the range quality and long lasting life. For commercial jobs we can provide safety statements and risk assessment. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Our company uses only Bona varnishes and staining. We are open 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24-48 hours notice. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. Most of our work comes from repeat customers. On our website you will find our photo gallery , our covered area and our latest projects. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 1800848700 and one of our specialists will be with you within 24 hours. Floor Sanding Milltown

Hiring Professional Floor Sanding And Restoration Services – Floor Sanding Milltown

Wood is a popular flooring choice, with all its beauty, different species and installation designs, plus its natural strength. However, this does not mean that it’s invincible. It comes under loads of abuse on a daily basis, whether it’s in homes, commercial establishments or public spaces, and this gradually causes the surface to wear down. Dirt and debris that is tracked in from the outside is abrasive, especially when it’s grinded against the floor underfoot. Overtime, the floor loses its elegance and appeal, necessitating it to be sanded and refinished. Wood is composed of a cellular structure, making it sensitive to environmental conditions. This is especially when it comes to temperature and humidity fluctuations. There are also the effects of the sun. The ultraviolet and infrared radiation causes the floor to either darken, or get bleached out, depending on the species of the wood. The finish coats that have been applied can also develop the dreaded yellow tint, which affects the decor that you had worked so hard to establish. Do you have a pet? Dogs and cats are notorious for the scratch marks that they leave behind because of their sharp claws. As they run around the establishment, they use the claws to dig into the surface and increase their traction, which enables them to move easily, but ruins the surface of your installation. Kids with their toy cars and drag races on the floor can also cause scratches. Luggage bags with wheels, heavy furniture and electrical appliances like refrigerators, all through to the ladies’ body weights magnified by the high-heeled stilettos, all put a strain on the surface. Add to this the occasional food and drink spills, and cases where the stains have set into the surface. You don’t want to live or work in an establishment with a dull and dilapidated flooring. Restore its elegance using specialized floor sanding and refinishing services. Floor Sanding Milltown

What Quality Floor Sanding Services Mean For You – Floor Sanding Milltown

You invested heavily in your wood floor installation, and you don’t want to risk ruining it with a DIY sanding project. Plenty of things can go wrong, ranging from creating scratches on the surface that are magnified by the finish coats to be applied, to taking away much more of the flooring than you intended to, which puts its structural integrity at risk. Chatter marks, drum marks and even dips on the surface, mistakes made during the DIY floor sanding are costly. A simple issue like turning the sander on or off when its sanding belt is in contact with the surface leaves behind divots. While going too slow brings the risk of eating too deep into the wood floor, going too fast means that there will be sections where the finish will not have been adequately removed. When the new coats are applied, they end up reacting differently to the sections with bare wood, and the areas that have patches of the previous coats. This means that the protection that was intended to be provided to the flooring won’t be achieved, and the result will also be unsightly. Failing to achieve a smooth surface during the floor sanding also affects the quality of the results, the only recourse being re sanding the floor and starting all over again. You don’t want to go through all these frustrations. Our floor sanding professionals will take the load off your back and deliver the results you desire in minimal time. Floor Sanding Milltown


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