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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Lusk and the surrounding area. We provide commercial and domestic floor sanding services. Our company is highly regarded for high quality service at affordable quality. Our minimum order is 250€. All our varnishes and staining are from Bona brand. Our varnishes are high quality with short drying times and long lasting life. All our floor specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional . We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24 hours notice. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304313 and we will be with you in no time. Floor Sanding Lusk


Professional Floor Care Services- Floor Sanding Lusk

DIY floor sanding is loaded with pitfalls. What’s worse is that the damage is costly to repair. Being the first step of the floor restoration project, even those minor errors will become glaring anomalies once the finishing has been completed. The first mistake made is the assumption that it will be an easy job. Floor sanding is leagues beyond smoothening boards with sandpaper in wood shop class. For starters, it would take ages to complete it by hand, hence machines are needed. These are heavy and powerful pieces of equipment, and without the proper usage they could end up causing irrevocable damage to the flooring, some that may even require you to start planning for a reinstallation. Getting the right machinery for the task is quite a lengthy process, with lots of research going into it, and not to mention the actual costs of renting it from the store. Damage to the equipment while operating it is also a risk. For instance, a nail head popping out of the floor can ruin the sanding belt passing over it, which just piles onto the liabilities. Then there’s using the sandpaper. One needs to start with a coarse grit, working up to the fine ones. This is in order to ensure the existing finish gets adequately removed. Low quality sandpaper, or using inappropriate grit levels, can cause it to clog up with the finish, messing up the process. There are cases when DIYers get concerned about removing too much of the wood, that they end up leaving behind patches of the previous finish. When new coats are applied, they react differently to areas with bare wood, and those that have the previous finish still on the floor. You end up being forced to redo the sanding, taking up more of your time, energy and money. You don’t need to endure all this, and still risk getting low quality results. Get a thorough job done by calling in our floor sanding professionals. Floor Sanding Lusk

Benefits Of Hiring Quality Floor Sanding Services

You don’t want your interior space getting covered in dust. The particles generated during the sanding are a mixture of the wood tissue plus the floor treatment products that were used. Basically, it’s a cocktail of allergens, toxins and carcinogens, and a wide array of health ramifications can ensue. You don’t want your residential or commercial establishment being turned into a health hazard. What’s more, a monstrous cleaning program will have to follow. The dust all over, on your furniture, electrical fixtures, in your sinks and air conditioning units, on window sills and in closets, your cabinets, countertops and other surfaces around the establishment will need to be cleaned, which adds a huge chore smack in the middle of the floor restoration project, increasing the amount of time spent and workload involved. With our floor sanding services, you won’t have to worry about any of this. Our personnel use dustless systems to get the task done. Powerful suction provided by state-of-the-art vacuum systems, that are attached to the sanders through a system of hoses, ensures that the particles don’t get a chance to escape into the indoor environment, by picking them up the moment they are formed. This, in addition to the highly effective sanding processes, reduces the time taken for the floor restoration project. Floor Sanding Lusk

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