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<h1>Floor Sanding Lucan | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Lucan

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Our company provides quality floor sanding services in Lucan and the surrounding area. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. We deal with both commercial and domestic flooring customers. Our minimum order is 450€.  From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding deals , our covered area and our latest projects. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. We are open 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24 hours notice. Dublin Floor Sanding uses only dustless floor sanding machines and all our varnishes and staining are from the Chimiver brand. All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014440146 and one of our specialists will be with you within 24 hours. Floor Sanding Lucan

Hire Professional Dublin Floor Sanding Services – Floor Sanding Lucan


Dust control is a vital component in the floor sanding process. The dust collection bags that usually come with the sanders intended for DIY projects are barely sufficient to deal with the loads of dust generated. In fact, the vacuuming system does not provide the same suction power that you get with the sanding gear used by the professionals, hence the items in your establishment end up getting blanketed in the particles. The last thing you want popping up in the middle of the floor restoration project is a mountain of a cleaning chore. However, the inconvenience is just a tip of the iceberg. The dust is an allergen by nature, and also contains toxins and carcinogens. The particles irritate your body systems- from the respiratory tract, to the eyes and skin, and there are those that permeate through to other organs in the digestive and reproductive systems. When it comes to the systems in the building, some such as the electrical units can get damaged, while the plumbing and HVAC units can end up getting clogged. The dust is also flammable. It is mixed with the compounds from the finished products that have been grinded off the surface, which can be easily oxidized. A spark can turn into a raging inferno in moments. Huge losses can as such result from insufficient dust control mechanisms Add to this the health risks to your family members at home and the persons in your business premises, plus the danger to the flooring itself due to blunders made during the DIY floor sanding process, and this leads to frustrations, consuming loads of time and resources. And there’s still the finishing process waiting to be carried out, since the floor shouldn’t be left bare. You want things to get started on the right track. Floor Sanding Lucan

Make this a reality by hiring floor sanding Dublin professionals. Floor Sanding Lucan

Benefits Of Specialist Dustless Floor Sanding Services


Our team comes fully equipped with quality floor sanding tools to deliver exceptional results. The machinery is well maintained and highly efficient, providing the power needed to get rid of the existing coats of treatment and surface finish, revealing the bare wood underneath, opening up its pores and forming a smooth, uniform surface. This enables the new products that are to be applied onto the floor to bond strongly with the wood, and the level nature enables evening out of the coats. Since the grooves and ridges on the surface will have been eliminated, this makes future cleaning tasks easier, as the rate at which dirt is collected will be reduced. In fact, with the finish coats having been applied, the dirt will be easy to spot, allowing for quick vacuuming or damp mopping to keep the floor elegant. The floor sanding Dublin team employs dustless processes, hence protecting the appliances, furnishings and other items in the establishment, plus the building’s occupants too, from the invasive dust that would have ended up covering the surfaces and filling the air space. Our services go across the scope, from the domestic environments like apartments and townhouses, to educational facilities such as classrooms, cafeterias, halls of residence in campuses, all through to commercial establishments like restaurants offices, gymnasium floors, and retail stores. Floor Sanding Lucan


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Floor Sanding Lucan

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